A reader’s guide to local elections

If you’re catching up on the campaign for the Nov. 6 election, we’ve provided links to some of the stories and editorials that have appeared previously in the Post.

Palo Alto City Council

A look at where the candidates stand in the Palo Alto City Council race
Editorial: Post endorses Cormack, Filseth and DuBois
Cormack gets a big boost from Guardino PAC and landlords group
Wolbach switches sides, council decides to cap office growth
Debate on office space cap shows divisions on City Council
Wolbach, Cormack lead in fundraising, major donors listed
Wolbach calls out his critics
Pollster asking residents about council candidates and election issues
Filseth to run for re-election
DuBois to run for re-election
Wolbach to run for re-election
Former TV reporter, Pat Boone, running for council
Library champion Alison Cormack running for council
Councilmen call for more transparency in labor negotiations
Poll finds anemic support for new taxes, growing number say city is on the wrong track

Palo Alto School Board

Editorial: Dauber, Dharap for Palo Alto school board
Editorial: Yes on Measure Z, the school bond measure
School board member Collins targets Jordan over her dealings with Paly newspaper
Measure Z would bring improvements to elementary schools
School names, sex ed topics at Asian American school board forum
School board candidates debate, Jordan questioned about her criticism of student press
Jordan leads in fundraising for school board
District hired lawyer to deal with Jordan’s frequent emails to student newspaper
School board considers dumping rule requiring two meetings to ratify decisions
Godfrey won’t seek second term, Dauber will; Jordan and Dharap enter race
School board race attracts two candidates in their 20s
Special education advocate Stacey Ashlund running for school board
Kathy Jordan seeks school board seat

Palo Alto Measure F

Medical providers fear layoffs if Measure F passes but union says it promotes transparency
Editorial: No on Measure F, a disastrous idea
$1.8 million spent so far on Measure F

Palo Alto Measure E and hotel taxes in San Carlos, Los Altos and Belmont

Four cities go to voters for increases in hotel taxes
Editorial: No on Measure E, the hotel tax

Menlo Park City Council

Developers contribute to campaigns of incumbents Keith, Ohtaki
Candidate Drew Combs tells allies to stand down
Incumbent Peter Ohtaki’s two challengers want to shake things up in District 4
Incumbent Kirsten Keith faces challenger Drew Combs in Willows District 2
Schools, traffic are issues in three-way race for Belle Haven District 1 seat
Editorial: Taylor, Combs and Shepherd for City Council
0• Opinion: A candidate with ethics, integrity

Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Four candidates seek three seats
Editorial: The Post’s choices for fire board
Retiring board member Carpenter gives money to three challengers — not fellow board member Bernstein

Mountain View

Profiles of the candidates running for City Council
Editorial: Siegel, Showalter, Inks for Mountain View council
Vandal caught spray-painting, removing campaign signs in Mountain View
Police identify sign vandal, cite him
Unions favor Kamei, Showalter, Siegel while developers donate to Inks
Profiles of the candidates running for Mountain View Whisman school board
Four candidates seek three seats on the Mountain View Los Altos High School District board

Los Altos

Profiles of the five candidates running for City Council
Editorial: In Los Altos, no on Measure C, yes for Enander, Fligor
Watch the video of a thief stealing the “Yes on C” sign
Friday’s off plan didn’t go to City Council for a public hearing
Bullis battle plays out in school board race
Four candidates seek three seats on the Mountain View Los Altos High School District board

East Palo Alto

A look at the East Palo Alto City Council candidates
One candidate raises an unusual amount of money in council race
Candidates differ over RV influx
Tech tax to go to voters
Former and current council members told to repay reimbursements

Ravenswood School Board

Profiles of the nine candidates running for Ravenswood school board
Nine candidates enter race for Ravenswood school board

Redwood City

Soaring pension costs cause city to ask voters for a sales tax increase
Developer with project before council funds city’s sales tax increase campaign
Hale, Galisatus lead pack when it comes to fundraising in Redwood City council race
Two candidates lead the pack when it comes to donations
Vandal targets council candidates, scrawling ‘#gay’ on fence
Council candidate says mailer completely distorts her view on rent control

San Carlos

Council candidates give their ideas about combating traffic
Council candidates reveal their opinions about gun stores


Should voters pick their city clerk and city treasurer?
Three incumbents face one challenger in City Council race

Marijuana taxes

A look at Measure Q in Mountain View, Measure NN in San Carlos, Measure RR in Redwood City

Midpenininsula Regional Open Space District

Council rivals go head-to-head for seat on the Midpen board
Scharff puts $121,500 of his own money into Midpen race
Scharff and Holman to run for Hanko’s seat on open space board
Editorial: Holman best choice for Midpen board

El Camino Healthcare District

A look at the candidates seeking three seats on the healthcare district’s board

Measure W — San Mateo County

Editorial: No on Measure W, SamTrans bailout is ridiculous
Opinion: SamTrans has a lot of chutzpah rolling out expensive new buses before Measure W vote
SamTrans rolls out expensive new buses
Measure W devotes little money for grade separations
Measure W would fund SamTrans, transportation projects
County spent $1 million on effort that led to Measure W

San Mateo County

Four candidates vying for controversial harbor board
Controversial harbor board gets a controversial candidate
Lines drawn in races for Sequoia Healthcare District board

Santa Clara County Sheriff

Smith, Hirokawa in run-off for sheriff
Editorial: Re-elect Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith
Jail reform at the center of sheriff’s race
Sheriff’s candidates address policing issues at Stanford
Sheriff fires back at critics, says car-sex allegation is fiction
Cordell, Hirokawa say Sheriff Smith should resign
Hirokawa says Smith lied about staffing levels at Palo Alto courthouse before escape

State Ballot Propositions

Editorial: The Post’s view of the Nov. 6 ballot propositions
Prop 5 would end the moving penalty for seniors and the disabled
Prop 6 would repeal the gas tax
Prop 7: Is the time right for permanent daylight savings time in California?
Prop 8: A battle between unions and dialysis clinics
Opinion: Prop 8 goes too far, interferes with patient care
Prop 10 rent control measure prompts fierce fight
Prop 12 would make egg-laying hens cage-free by 2022

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  1. Please vote against all tax increases on the ballot, and vote Yes on Prop 6 to lower the gas price. California has the highest sales taxes, highest property taxes and highest income taxes. It’s a big reason why the cost of living here is so high. If you don’t mind higher taxes, think about your friends and neighbors who are struggling to get by. Think about them! Vote no on all taxes, please.

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