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Attention public relations people:

1. The Post does not abide by embargoes. If you send us any information, we may decide to publish that information immediately. Embargoes have been widely abused in the Bay Area by the public relations industry and large media outlets. PR people will negotiate a deal with a large media outlet to give them an exclusive in return for front-page play. Then the PR agency tells the other news outlets that the material is “embargoed” until the big media outlet can run its exclusive. Because this happens so frequently, the Post has decided it will not abide by any embargoes. The Post’s policy on embargoes will continue until the ethics of the PR industry improves.

2. Please do not ask for free copies of previous stories. All of our stories are located in the archives behind a pay wall. We believe PR people should pay to retrieve these stories just like any member of the public. A reminder: The print edition of the Post is free and available in the mornings at 1,000 Mid-Peninsula locations.