If you’ve got a comment about a story, send us a letter to the editor at letters@padailypost.com.

Please include your first and last name (full name, not initials or maiden names), address and phone number for verification purposes. We won’t print the phone number or street address.

Limit your comments to 250 words or less. Longer letters will not reach the editor’s desk for consideration.

The purpose of a letter to the editor is for the author to give his or her opinion about something in the news.

In most cases, we reject letters that contain alleged facts that haven’t appeared in the Post previously. We don’t have the time or personnel to track down such facts. When it comes to letters, it’s best to simply give your opinions an issue in the news and not allege facts that are difficult or impossible to verify.

Moreover, if you claim in a letter that another person made an inaccurate statement, please provide proof of the inaccuracy.

Avoid generalizations. For instance if you write that “Everything that company does increases traffic,” then follow that claim with a fact that backs up that statement.

If the Post discovers it is the target of a letter-writing campaign, no letters resulting from that campaign will be published.

We don’t print letters where the author relates a conversation they’ve had with another person because we don’t have the time or personnel to verify the other person’s side of the conservation.

Letters that are essentially advertising will be rejected. The author is always free to buy an ad.

Letters on local topics always take priority. Letters on national topics appear if space is available.