Voter guide to March 3 primary

Some of the stories the Post has printed about the candidates and issues on the ballot in the March 3 primary.

State Senate, District 13

Senate candidate Annie Oliva is focused on housing
Senate candidate Shelly Masur’s attention is on education
Senate candidate Sally Lieber hopes to return to Legislature
Senate candidate Alex Glew will take a different approach
Climate’s a priority for Senate candidate Josh Becker
Senate candidate Michael Brownrigg gives views on the issues
• Feb. 5, 2020 — Incumbent Jerry Hill endorses Becker
• Jan. 27, 2020 — Billionaire Reid Hoffman gives candidate Josh Becker a $500,000 boost
• Jan. 25, 2020 — Becker leads in fundraising for Senate race
• Jan. 24, 2020 — State pulled brokers license of Senate candidate Oliva
• Jan. 22, 2020 — Brownrigg’s mother dumps $460,000 into legislative race

Proposition 13, a statewide school bond issue

• Feb. 13, 2020 — The Prop. 13 on this ballot would deprive schools of fees from housing projects near transit

• Feb. 14, 2020 — Gov. Newsom pushed for provision in new Prop. 13 measure to cut fees developers pay to schools

Foothill-De Anza Community College District
Measures G (bonds) and H (parcel tax)

• Dec. 30, 2019 — Libertarian says college district is using the number 8 to influence Chinese voters
• Jan. 9, 2020 — College district defends putting ‘lucky’ number in tax measures
• Feb. 6, 2020 — College district adds teacher housing to bond measure

Mountain View Whisman
School District Measure T

• Jan. 22, 2020 — Passage of Measure T would reduce rent for many teachers
• Feb. 6, 2020 — Measure T will include money for teacher housing

Mountain View Measure D

• Feb. 6, 2020 — Measure D would allow for higher rent increases

Tax questions

March ballot will have several tax questions
Ballot may look like Alphabet Soup to many voters

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