Get Connected With ClickAway


When it comes to networking, the people at ClickAway are your experts in getting your home or small business connected. They are your local on-call IT professionals who can help install and repair your networks to make sure you have the connectivity you need and that all your devices are hooked in.

They also handle computer and mobile repairs. From cell phones to servers, they can make sure your devices are working properly and with your network.

Project manager Sal Farias says they handle every aspect of network setup and operation, from running cables and installation to troubleshooting all kinds of connectivity issues. They can extend network access around a home or business and make sure every device you need is part of the network, whether it’s a printer or a security camera. (They can also set up those security cams for you.)

“Most of the trouble we see are network connectivity issues,” said Farias. The WiFi’s not working or a printer’s not working.”

Sometimes that means a network has to be improved or expanded so that every spot can have access. For instance, in a home, they can make sure a basement or an upstairs bedroom gets a good signal, too.

“We would come in and either set up a wireless access point or run cables and install another router,” Farias said.

They can also secure your network against cyber threats.

For businesses, they offer voice cabling, data cabling, coax cabling, cabling for video surveillance, and server setup, configuration and repair. Whether your business has five computers or 50, they’ll make sure your network is dependable and secure. Internet down? Or email not working? Just give them a call and they can come fix the problem.

Whether you need new systems set up or existing ones repaired, ClickAway’s friendly and professional technicians will come to your home or small business. (Relax with a cup of coffee while they climb under the house or through the attic getting cables all set up.) ClickAway serves Peninsula residents from their Los Altos office and the company also has locations in Sunnyvale, Campbell, San Jose, Santa Cruz and Watsonville.

For more information or to get an on-site inspection and estimate, call them at (650) 964-9500.