Becker leads in fundraising for state Senate race

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Menlo Park entrepreneur Josh Becker has raised over $900,000 in his bid to replace termed out state Sen. Jerry Hill, far out-raising his five other competitors.

Yesterday was the deadline for candidates in the Senate District 13 race, which spans from Brisbane to Sunnyvale, to submit their financial forms from the end of 2018 and until Jan. 18.

Becker has raised $905,812 since beginning his campaign in 2018.

His donors have included a variety of people, including venture capitalists, local officials and unions. Some of Becker’s most recent donors include: California Teamsters Union ($4,700), Google Policy Advisor Jacob Helberg ($4,700), Brooke Byers a VC at Kleiner Perkins ($4,700), Assemblyman Ash Kalra ($2,500), state Sen. Harry Stern, who represents Simi Valley ($2,500), former Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt ($250) Palo Alto Councilman Eric Filseth ($250), Palo Alto High School teacher Esther Wojcicki ($500) and Foothill DeAnza Community College Board member Gilbert Wong ($250).


Burlingame councilman Michael Brownrigg has raised $692,271.33 since 2018, not counting loans to himself or his mother’s $460,000 independent expenditure committee.

Brownrigg’s most recent contributors include local officials and others. Contributors included: Hillsborough company ANP Holdings ($4,700), Beverly Hills spine surgeon Jiefu Wang ($5,000), Portola Valley resident Karen Fisher ($3,272), local attorney Mark Hudak ($1,000), Hillsborough councilwoman Shawn Christianson ($400), Burlingame car dealer Kent Putnam ($4,925), Visa Attorney Howard Wettan ($5,000), Menlo Park planning commissioner Henry Riggs ($350) and Palo Alto councilman Eric Filseth ($250).


Redwood City councilwoman Shelly Masur has raised $426,051.17 between 2018 and Jan. 2020. Many of her donors are either local elected officials or unions.

Recent contributors include: Belmont councilman Charles Stone ($2,091), Northern California Carpenters Regional Council ($9,300), Redwood City School Board member Alissa MacAvoy ($2,250), the California Federation of Teachers ($9,300), Assemblyman Marc Berman ($4,700), San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener ($2,000), Redwood City Councilwoman Gisele Hale ($1,600), Sheriff Carlos Bolanos ($1,000) and Palo Alto School Board member Jennifer DiBrienza ($600).


Millbrae councilwoman Annie Oliva, a Realtor, has raised $370,789 since entering the campaign in 2019. Many of her donors appear to be Realtors.

Her contributors include: Duggan’s Serra Mortuary ($250), Millbrae councilman Wayne Lee ($1,088), Menlo Park businessman John Worthing ($2,500), the California Association of Mortgage Professionals ($1,000), Compass Real Estate agent Alisa Ruiz-Johnson ($5,700) and California Real Estate PAC ($9,300).


Former assemblywoman Sally Lieber has raised $151,084 in cash since 2018.

Recent donors include: Mountain View councilwoman Alison Hicks ($200), San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Nancy Reyering ($1,300), former candidate for Palo Alto School Board Stacey Ashlund ($100), Pacifica councilman John Keener ($1,955.02), Portola Valley resident Robert Pierce ($1,500) and Redwood City couple Johanna and Chris Rasmussen ($400 collectively).


Los Altan and the lone Republican in the race, Alex Glew, only filed financial statements from Jan. 1 to Jan. 18. During that time he gave himself a $1,500 loan.

All six are running to replace Jerry Hill in the senate. The top two vote-getters in the March 3 primary will proceed to the Nov. 3 election.

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  1. Oliva’s mailer and the one for her from realtors say little. She has no chance. Masur is for high tech’s high-density housing bill: SB 50. Forget her. Glew is a Republican who should make the top-2 runoff in this large field – but then has no chance in the fall. So that leaves Becker, Lieber and Brownrigg.

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