Christine Blasey Ford and her family forced to leave their home due to harassment, death threats

Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford and her family have been forced to leave their south Palo Alto home because of “vicious harassment and even death threats,” her attorneys said today (Sept. 18) in a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley.

Ford is the Palo Alto University psychology professor who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in the early 1980s when both were in high school.

“In the 36 hours since her name became public, Dr. Ford has received a stunning amount of support from her community and from fellow citizens across our country,” Ford’s attorneys, Debra S. Katz and Lisa J. Banks, said in the letter to Grassley. “At the same time, however, her worst fears have materialized. She has been the target of vicious harassment and even death threats.

“As a result of these kind of threats, her family was forced to relocate out of their home. Her email has been hacked, and she has been impersonated online,” Katz and Banks said in their letter.

Two hours after Ford’s story first appeared on The Washington Post website Sunday, TV trucks arrived in the neighborhood. Unable to get an interview with Ford, they started interviewing neighbors.

Ford’s attorneys said in the letter that they wanted an FBI investigation of the incident before she testifies in front of the committee in Washington.

Grassley said an FBI investigation wouldn’t have bearing on Ford’s testimony so “there is no reason for further delay.”

Grassley said the committee offered Ford “the opportunity to share her story” in a public or a private hearing, or staff interviews, “whichever makes her most comfortable. The invitation for Monday (Sept. 24) still stands.”

Republicans are suggesting that Ford will have one chance to testify, and one chance only.

“Monday is her opportunity,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said yesterday, a line that was echoed by other Republicans throughout the day.

McConnell expressed confidence that Kavanaugh would be confirmed. “I’m not concerned about tanking the nomination,” he said.

The furious jockeying over Ford’s testimony underscores the political potency so close to an election that will decide control of both the House and Senate, not to mention the confirmation of a conservative justice likely to serve on the high court for decades.

Democrats complain that Ford was not consulted before the hearing was announced. They also want more witnesses besides Kavanaugh and Ford, hoping to avoid what they said would turn into a “he-said-she-said” moment.

The lawyers for Ford predicted the hearing, as now scheduled, “would include interrogation by senators who appear to have made up their minds” that she is “mistaken” and mixed up.

But Democrats also said yesterday they were planning to attend the hearing even if Ford did not show up.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said he had “a lot of questions” for Kavanaugh. “A simple denial is not the end of questioning.”

— From staff and wire reports


  1. Isn’t the media at fault here for bringing so much attention to Christine Blasey Ford and where she lives? It seems like they needlessly exposed her and her family to a lot of unnecessary attention. This is really an invasion of her privacy by the media .

      • I agree. Here’s a thought: why was such a young girl drinking? where was her abusive parents for neglecting their poor, darling baby-girl? Hmm? So. Their little under-age girl, drinking, partying without parental supervision, then going to a young boy’s room? Really? And notice all those supposed kids watched? That’s gross……..

        Where was her parents? Hmm? Spoiled. A rotten woman that obviously had everything given to her her entire life…..

        She deserves the treatment she gets, as does many women who come forth after 20 or more years………

    • Someone commented on the go fund me site for her. Said she doesn’t need a go fund me that she is well off. They have a go fund me set up for Kavanaugh. Go Wikipedia check out all the books, schooling etc. For someone who couldn’t concentrate in school. Wake up America. Quit feeling sorry for her. This is a set up. I am a victim of a sex assault. I am normal.

  2. How can you possibly determine that Dr Ford’s story is fabricated, based on the limited amount of information currently available? If she was a Republican, would there be the same rush to judgement? I very much doubt it.

    • Karen Frey — How can you possibly determine that Dr. Ford’s story is the TRUTH, based on the limited amount of information currently available?

    • On the day of the hearings I read her wiki page this and it said her father Ralph Blasey II and her brother Ralph BlaseyIII as well as the grandfather Nicholas Deak were all well-known CIA operatives. The companies they run are covers for such operations , for example one is a custodial service (get it- they have private after hour access to many places). It also said one of her positions has been recruiting interns for the cia. She has degrees up the wazoo in psychology-
      I checked her wiki today: all of this is gone. No info on these very significant relatives. You can look the relatives names up separately but they no longer refer to her or the shady companies they run…….. you can google the info and find it because people got to it, but wiki no longer has it

  3. Regarding the tactic and timing,

    res ipsa loquitur “the thing speaks for itself” and it stinks!
    Hired lawyers, took lie detector test and scrubbed her social media.
    Seems highly contrived and political. Wonder who paid?

  4. The timing of this accusation and the lack of remembered details have created a lot of questions regarding the validity of her claim. While it is possible she is a true victim it is also possible that given her known political actions, the fact her family has had legal interaction with the Kavanaugh family…and unfortunately the number of false claims in spirit of the #metoo climate, well it really makes me question if this is truly a political hit or not. Sadly she is either a victim of sexual assault or she is being used by her political party and will be toss away when she isn’t useful anymore and forgotten.

  5. No one is fooled by this accusation as to the nature or timing. Dr Ford is mistaken and/or totally delusional. Speaking as a Dr myself, she is being very self destructive and damaging to the world. This is a total conspiracy and will backfire, whatever her et al intentions. Judge Kavanaugh is the best man I know.

  6. Christine Ford is being used as a tool for the Democratic Party. She foolishly agreed to perpetrate a lie. She has ruined her life and the lives of her children.

  7. This incident involving Christine and Brett in high school is probably just the tip of the iceberg. The FBI should investigate Brett’s activities in earlier grades, going right back to kindergarten! Preschool if necessary! The Democrats need to find more dirt!

    • i agree those democracta are using her to go against kavangh. those demo said they wouldnt vote for him before all these things came up. it makes you wonder.the fbi should investagate her in high school and her year book. and her parents lets her go to parties at 15 and drink ? thats another question in doubt. even if she didnt tell her parent about the accuser how does this teenager come home drunk at her age. it makes you wonder about this case.

  8. It would have been more fair to all concerned if Ford had gone public with her accusations earlier. He would have had a chance to defend himself during the Judiciary Committee hearings and people wouldn’t think this was a political trick orchestrated by the Democrats. Waiting this long hurts Ford’s reputation and makes people question her motives. She may be telling the truth but waiting like this makes her decision to come forward now appear to be a political calculation. And I don’t buy her claim that she decided to come forward late last week when Feinstein first mentioned the letter. She didn’t hire a DC lawyer and take a polygraph in two days. And it’s curious that she scrubbed her social media accounts just before going public. I’ve got to wonder if she said anything on those accounts that would have caused people to question her sincerity.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty. Dr. Ford should have filed a complaint, even a judicial complaint when she decided to blame another for her decades old memory. She has unfairly harmed an entire family.

    • What could you possibly know, I was 4 years old when my baby setters husband put me on his bed, spread my legs and told me to tell him if it hurt, to scared to move or make a sound until I let out a grown from pain… it took me 25 years to figure out all the details, then went on to be molested from 10 years of age to 15 years of age by a family member. Do not be so quick to judge until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes!! It scared my life as if you would take a knife and cut me wide open, the scar will never go away……….

  10. The reason you should report a crime immediately is so there would have been a police record of it. Can anyone accuse a man of this conduct that happened over 30 years ago with no evidence. Did it affect you financially? Emotionally? You delicate rose.

  11. This is such a joke! Dianne Feinstein knew about this months ago and sat on it. Dems are playing games because they are desperate. If this is the new normal, then no one is safe. This man’s life is being ruined based on something that is vaguely remembered from over 30 year ago. How can the FBI investigate something that is hardly remembered? They were juveniles? Aren’t juveniles protected just because of the fact that they’re juveniles? I was assaulted in high school and believe me, I told people about it. I can tell you exactly what happened, and where it happened. She can’t remember anything but Kavanaugh, no date, no address, no witnesses… Wow!! She can make an accusation and that’s enough???? Where are the other women he assaulted?? This is totalitarianism on the part of Dems. Sickening…

    • Carol, I typically find little reasoning in adding or replying to comments, but your comment is so darn spot on the mark that this refreshing feeling stirred me to make sure to let you know! Thank you for that! For 36 years this had obviously little to no real significance to her. Then we take this current victim creationism trend the Demo-cats rely upon; taking the easy road towards any real genuine political fight. Sometimes I dunno if I feel I live in Italy or Russia politically since a teen here in Kalifornia? Eshoo and Feinstein (and Brown, Newsome, K. Harris) won a great battle for little people and women, but now they have tarnished and destroyed that integrity long ago at any cost. How easily some political people forget the day they’re sworn in, and who they are solely beholden to; us The People: and that means ALL of us. Not using those same people a political tools 36 years later for pure unproven foley and destroying not one but two families at any cost — and for what? Disgusting we do not have better term limits. But who am I kidding, our state is so broken it elected an old fool (Brown) twice. And as the pendulum swings, these old coots somehow forgetting that it things ALWAYS swing the other way – in time. Meanwhile, I will have the popcorn ready. Thanks again Carol – awesome clarity so much appreciated!

  12. I know her personally. She’s a close friend of 20 years. I trust her, her competence, her character.

    It’s weird to be able to have such certainty about a major sociopolitical issue like the (youthful) sexual criminality of a Supreme Court nominee, where I would normally instead have a feeling like, “Well, the evidence makes it seem very plausible, but how the hell can you know?”

    Most people commenting here are very certain, belligerently certain, but don’t know much. It’s easy to array a selection of facts before yourself that fit your urge for what you want to be true. I think one could argue that that kind of thinking may be more corrosive to humanity than anything else going on in this conflict.

    If your feelings are never wrong, you might take a closer look at that.

    • Hi @Ray,

      You said, “Well, the evidence makes it seem very plausible, but how the hell can you know?”

      To which evidence do you refer? From what I have seen, there is no evidence.

    • It is unfair to Judge Kavanaugh. She didn’t have to prove anything. She is being hailed a hero. Well she’s not. She has proved nothing. Only that she can’t remember anything. I know exactly what i did on the day my grandmother died 20 years ago. She cant remember and its only been months. She lied saying she afraid to fly yet she flys all the time. Like some have said he is guilty until proven innocent sad to say. All you men better look out because all a woman has to do to send you to jail or ruin your life is said you did something to her. She doesn’t have to prove it. Even if no one remembers the incident or not including her best friend. This has been a disgrace to this man and our country and its going to get worse.

      • i agree with you most postive. the men in this country better be aware any women can say what this ford woman has said and then you could have charges against you. men stand up for your self and tell that mazie democrapt senator she better hopes she doesnt have sons or a husband because lady you are so wrong. stand up men i have sons and godforbid if that happen ed to my sons i would fight tooth and nail to defend him vote republican this is a chade this is what the demo want. they hate trump so much and try to impeach him for what you demo should respect the president and his office. go after your own party ellis and bill clinton need to be intvestagate but those demo say nothing. vote republican. i was a democract until i hear this charade i will never vote for that party again.there disgraceful

  13. She wants privacy, then why did you do what you did? I also question your real motives behind this? And I wonder why you don’t have the support of your parents and siblings? I heard you want to move to New Zealand if he is confirmed, well start packing, becasue the only place that will except you will probably be San Francisco, or Chicago or NYC. BTW, I don’t believe you

  14. She wants privacy, then why did you do what you did? I also question your real motives behind this? And I wonder why you don’t have the support of your parents and siblings? I heard you want to move to New Zealand if he is confirmed, well start packing, because the only place that will except you will probably be San Francisco, or Chicago or NYC. BTW, I don’t believe you

  15. Ford will do very well after this. She’ll become a well-compensated speaker, touring the world. There will be a multimillion dollar book deal. And then the movie.

  16. Watching her testimony proved that abusive use of alcohol and drugs when young can do serious damage to one’s brain. Her answers were vague and filled with emotional pablum. She was not pressed and when mildly pressed she came across with more vague answers.
    The blather she is a hero and credible is a joke.
    Expose this woman’s history and show what a fraud she is.

  17. Her answers were vague and filled with emotional pablum. She was not pressed and when mildly pressed she came across with more vague answers.
    The blather she is a hero and credible is a joke.
    Expose this woman’s history and show what a fraud she is.
    Investigate Senator Feinstein also.

    • agree check feinstein background she is the one person that leaked this story. flake be a man and vote for this kavanagh. dont worry about what woman said to you. kavangh didnt do anything to this woman that came after you on the elavator you should walked away like some republican senators did. wake up flake vote for kavanagh.

  18. It’s all just a control and refocus tactic. I cannot believe our Senate made such a big deal about this so long after the fact when Clinton received sexual gratification while he was on the job in the oval office!! I wish Hoover was still in charge of the FBI. He would have the dirt on every body. There needs to be an investigation about what was in the envelope Sheila Jackson Lee handed to Ford’s attorney on camera.

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