Ford supporters raise more than $700,000 on her behalf

Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last September. AP photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Two online fundraising campaigns have raised a total of $738,462 to cover the security and other personal expenses being incurred by Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto University professor accusing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school.

One Ford supporter in Los Altos, raised $528,475 from 11,590 donors before ending the campaign last week.

A second, which Georgetown University law professor Heidi Li Feldman started on Sept. 18, two days after Ford’s name emerged publicly, raised $209,985 in two days.

Feldman, who says she doesn’t know Ford, was inspired to raise funds for the family’s security expenses after hearing that they had been forced out of their home after receiving death threats.

“My immediate thought was, ‘Wow, that’s an expense that nobody plans for,’” Feldman told the Post. “I believe that when somebody is trying to legitimately participate in an important democratic process, they should be safe enough to participate without undue intimidation.”

Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday (Sept. 27) that since her name emerged publicly on Sept. 16, she and her family had been “visiting in various secure locales, at times separated and at times together, with the help of security guards.”

Feldman said she has been in touch with one of Ford’s lawyers and one of her family members, who said Ford had already begun incurring security expenses.

When Feldman offered them financial help with the security detail, they said that “with great gratitude and humility, these resources would be welcome.”

Feldman started with a goal of $10,000, then raised it to $50,000 as donations continued to pour in. She then did some casual online research about what private security might cost in the Bay Area, leading her to estimate that at $100 an hour for a single bodyguard, the Ford family could “quickly be spending $10,000 a week on security.”

That’s before accounting for the cost of temporary housing.

With that in mind, Feldman said she was “quite conservative in the amount of money I’ve raised.”

Scholarship campaign

Still, Feldman decided to stop accepting donations soon after passing the $200,000 mark. But seeing that supporters were still eager to contribute, she launched another campaign on Thursday.

The new fundraiser will go toward a professorship or scholarship honoring Ford as an educator and has raised $27,116 from 733 people.

“I thought that she was providing an educational service to the country,” Feldman said. “She was drawing upon her experience in educational and academic settings to be able to communicate very effectively about what had happened to her.”

GoFundMe spokeswoman Katherine Cichy told the New York Times that the company had verified the authenticity of the campaigns and guaranteed the funds raised would be transferred directly to the Ford family.

The company contacts fundraisers’ intended recipients directly to prevent scams and guarantees that it will refund donations in the case of campaign misuse.

‘A ray of light’

Feldman said that while she has received some negative online feedback that she has mostly ignored — including being called a “George Soros money whore” in a Twitter message — she has mostly been heartened by the amount of support people are showing for Ford.

“I’m extraordinarily moved and heartened not only on Dr. Blasey Ford’s behalf, but on behalf of all Americans, that people have wanted to donate both to keep Dr. Blasey physically safe and to honor her,” Feldman said. “I’m extremely moved, and that has been a ray of light in a trying time.”

Cichy said the funds could not be withdrawn or redirected to anyone but the Ford family and that with GoFundMe’s help, the campaign organizers would coordinate with the Ford family to transfer the funds.

Palo Alto to recognize Ford

Local leaders have continued to express support for Ford. Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss announced a special order of the day at City Council last night honoring Ford’s “act of bravery” in coming forward with the allegation against Kavanaugh.

“She told the world about what happened to her and set an example for all women and men,” Kniss said, commending Ford for having “inspired others to defend themselves and speak openly about their own experience.”


  1. Cindy Sheehan, today a nobody, but yesterday’s useful idiot that was used by the Democrats against a Republican President.

    Same as it ever was…..

  2. So we’re supposed to believe 11,000 people donated an average of $500? A load of bull. Where are the big money donations coming from? This woman lied under oath about never giving advice on taking a polygraph and her professional credentials. No one corroborates her story. When all is said and done she needs to be held responsible for her reprehensible attack on Judge Kavanaugh.

  3. What a shame that the Dems threw her under the bus for their own objectives. Her letter was supposed to be kept confidential. As we all know, nothing is confidential these days. Just goes to show how far left the Dems have veered. Even anonymous Survey Monkey questionnaires allow the creator to view the name of the reader.

    Thirty-six years ago in an incident in immature high school is too long ago. We all have regrets from our younger years.

    We need to teach our females safe behavior: Don’t go in a room alone with a male, don’t drink to blackout (common these days), don’t do Tinder (but everyone does), only drink an unopened beer. Unfortunate, but need to stay on defense; cannot hold a bone in front of a pitbull and expect it to walk past it.

  4. Christine Ford’s Friend and Former FBI Agent Pressured Alleged Witness Leland Keyser to Lie About Kavanaugh.

    The fourth alleged witness in Christine Blasey Ford’s story of alleged sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh denied the allegations in September.

    Leland Ingham Keyser says she has no recollection of EVER BEING AT A PARTY with Brett Kavanaugh and does not know him.

    Ms. Keyser is a lifelong friend of Christine Blasey Ford and was one of her best friends in high school.

    Leland Keyser is working with the Judiciary committee and has testified for the THIRD TIME now that she has NEVER been at a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

    Christine Ford’s friend Leland Keyser said on Friday she was pressured by Democrats to change her story on Brett Kavanaugh and lie to the US Senate.
    Now this
    Leland Keyser told the Wall Street Journal she was pressured by former FBI agent and Ford friend Monica McLean — and offered proof to FBI investigators.

    Via The Wall Street Journal:

    Leland Keyser, who Dr. Ford has said was present at the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted in the 1980s, told investigators that Monica McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a friend of Dr. Ford’s, had urged her to clarify her statement, the people said.

    […] On Thursday, a day after sending to the White House the report on its investigation into the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the FBI sent the White House and Senate an additional package of information that included text messages from Ms. McLean to Ms. Keyser, according to a person familiar with the matter.
    Monica McLean and Christine Ford

    The Conservative Treehouse reported on McLean and her attorney — a person with deep connections to the DOJ and FBI.

  5. Shocking…. I hope Dr. Ford is investigated and (if warrented) prosecuted. Just like that other Democrat operative, Jackson Cosko, who illegally publicized Senator’s home addresses. Criminals and liars need to be charged and convicted.

  6. When you starting tossing around million dollar figures for “clearing your conscience”, you’re foolish to not understand how & why some women suddenly “remember something”. Sad state of affairs. We’ve got creeper nasty men in this world, but with so many money grubbing and/or vindictive women also running amok, it’s sad that the already murky waters of truth are getting muddied even further.

  7. Her story was orchestrated to deceive the American People for the leftist cause. Her mannerisms and going back and forth to the little girl voice. Her studies and writings: Blasey-Ford has extensive academic experience in the study of clinical application of self-hypnosis for the purpose of altering personal memories. This may explain her professional ties to the CIA.
    She co-authored ‘Meditation with yoga, group therapy with hypnosis, and psychoeducation for long‐term depressed mood: a randomized pilot trial’, published (May 05 2008) in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. It is one of her 50 co-authored scientific publications. It is well understood by clinicians that anyone who is subject to hypnosis can suffer false memories. The New York Times ran a story ‘Hypnosis May Cause False Memories.’ She knew exactly how to play to a crowd. Changing her story after talking to her attorneys. Therapist wrote up her notes incorrectly and the list goes on and on. As a survivor of a violent attempted rape ( 40 years ago ), You do not conveniently forget how you got there ( no drugs, was not drunk ), but; YOU WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU ESCAPED….She used her studies and writings to ruin a decent person for her own personal crusade. Keep in mind, she is now the beneficiary of close to 1 Million Dollars, book deals, etc… She has no remorse, no conscience and has set back sexual assault to such lows that it will take a long time to recover.

  8. Can the Daily Post check out this tip? I understand that the voice Blasey Ford used to testify was fake and that she normally speaks in a darker, more adult voice. She used the “little girl” voice to help convince people of her uncorroborated story. Can the Daily Post find videos of her speaking in the past and compare them to her testimony before the Senate Committee?

  9. I wrote a letter to President Trump before I knew of her published writings. I believe that since this was such a delicate topic and her performance in presenting her testimony was remarkable, they did very little digging into her past, including activites that involved her democratic ties and donations. Many of us believe that a thorough investigation and detailed timeline of Dr Ford needs to be done ASAP. There are so many changes to her story and gaps, esp her original that said it happened in the mid 80’s that would have put Justice Kavanaugh at Yale. We need someone to start a petition that would be presented to the American Public, Demanding a very intensive investigation of Dr Ford. I am tired of hearing ” poor Dr Ford “. Her story is full of deceit and lies…Once the truth comes out, all the GoFundMe Funds need to be returned and given to a reputable organization ( not MeToo ). I would do anything to help expose her for what she is… The Democrats are still going after Kavanaugh, 13 complaints that were turned over to a judicial branch in Colorado since he was confirmed.

  10. I doubt the president read your letter. You’re crazy if you think this president or any president reads the letters from kooky members of the public. Judith, why don’t you join us in the real world.

  11. WE need someone who has the knowledge and contacts to start a petition into the false allegations made by Dr Ford. Somehow, they keep going after Kavanaugh. There is just to much information that apparently got suppressed. Maybe someone that has strong ties and is active in the Republican Party… PLEASE STAND UP AND HELP US EXPOSE THIS TRAVESTY that has divided so many of us… It is Time we stand up for the Truth !!!

  12. I feel sorry for Dr. Ford that none of the people she identified — not even her best friend, Leland — was able to corroborate her story of being assaulted by Kavanaugh. I think Dr. Ford, even with that silly voice, was sincere. It may have been that a false memory was planted into her brain during years of psychotherapy. The good thing about this controversy is that it exposed the Democrats for what they are. The Democrats ignored Dr. Ford’s desire for confidentiality and saved her allegation for weeks until they could spring it on Kavanaugh. The Democrats were so determined to stop Kavanaugh that they pushed aside the principle of due process and providing evidence to support an allegation. I think most people believe in due process, and would want that right if they were accused. The Democrats blew it, and just in time for the mid-term elections. This attempt to destroy Kavanaugh will backfire and ensure that Nancy Pelosi will not become Speaker of the House again. So while all of this was painful to watch, I think the outcome will be good.

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