It’s started — the media begins to descend upon Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford

At 4:20 today (Sept. 16), TV news trucks were parked outside of Ford's home in south Palo Alto. Post photo.
TV news crews arrived at Ford’s home in south Palo Alto soon after the Washington Post story broke. Unsuccessful at obtaining an interview with Ford, the TV crews started going door to door. Post photo.

By the Daily Post staff

TV trucks began to arrive this afternoon at the south Palo Alto home of Christine Blasey Ford, the professor who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct while both were in high school in 1982. The broadcast journalists weren’t able to get an interview at the Ford home, so they began to knock on the doors of neighbors.

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  1. Christine, the women of Santa Clara County have your back; we believe you. Your truth will recall this rapist from becoming part of the supreme court. As a professor of psychology you are well aware people rather close their eyes and ears than facing the reality in from of their face. You are acting as a decent person and as a representative of the psychology field. Don’t give up!



    • What evidence do you have that leads you to believe her? Our nation is on a dangerous path. Accusations are not the equivalent of evidence. Also- aren’t you the least bit skeptical about the timing of the accusation? Where is your sense of fairness?

      • Fairness would be before letting this man become a Supreme Court Justice, that any and all accusations of improper behaviour or conduct be heard and weighed. She herself has impeccable credentials and would not be doing this knowing that she would receive huge backlash. I would think any person willing to do the right thing, should be given the respect of being heard.. Before this Judge is confirmed.

        • Impeccable credentials? She apparently she has no memories of the house or the owners, but she remembers a teenage boy who may not have even been there. But we are in a culture war and no lie is too big if it helps preserve the fictitious “right” to murder unborn children.

        • Well, they were heard today and she is a liar. She lacks any credibility. Pretty sad when all your named witnesses REFUTE your statements.

    • Formerly a native of the SF Peninsula who voted for Clinton and Obama (and Pete McCloskey before Eshoo), it’s shocking how hateful people are of Trump, but worse, hateful of those who might disagree or want to even debate in normal conversation. They don’t care that Hillary Clinton stole and destroyed classified information, but if it had been Trump there would be an earthquake. The Constitution is more important than politics.

      The woman is not taking any risk as she worries about, because those from the hate centers of SF, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County are embracing her. But it’s not her they care about so much, it’s the thrill that they could possibly block Kavanaugh.

      In her fifteen-year-old mind (in therapy) she is now convinced of an assault (that other letter writers here are now calling a rape!), and just had to get it to Feinstein and Eshoo. But if it was so important to her to personally resolve,why didn’t she contact Kavanaugh in 2012? She was so determined to address this personal issue that became the center of her couple’s therapy? No, she didn’t contact him then, but when she doesn’t want him to become a Supreme Court Judge. Hate rules, especially in the local universities.

    • These unprovable allegations with zero proof and credibility are a combination of a high tech lynching and the weaponization of the ME/TOO movement. As a democrat , I was very concerned that my party promised to block the appointment before the candidate was nominated. I was pleased with the vigorous interrogation in the Senate Judiciary Committee- but this political stunt by Diane Feinstein has caused me to lose all respect for her and to question the integrity of the Democratic party. I will soon have the opportunity to change my voter registration from a D to an I. This disgusts me as an American and former Democrat,

    • RAPIST?! That’s a FAR stretch from Ford’s account. Getting your mouth held, and groped—while unpleasant—is a far cry from RAPE. It’s like “ALMOST” getting hit by a train–scary, adrenaline rush–maybe anxiety when approaching railroad tracks—but you take a deep breath, thank God it DIDN’T happen and continue to LIVE.
      If a Dr. of Psychiatry does not have the tools and training to deal with an “almost–but NOT” situation she has more mental problems that pre-date the event.

  2. I was there this afternoon to visit my granddaughters nearby. I was curious why the TV crews were there. They told me it is concerning Judge Kavanaugh. I guessed they wanted to take the pictures of concerned person. I requested them to respect privacy of the lady. I strongly condemn the news organizations hounding into privacy of the person and her family. My sympathies are with the Lady and her family. My son told me that some person posted her name, her phone number and address in Twitter. This needs to be condemned and Twitter remove the post.

  3. I believe Christine and I believed Anita Hill. The media firestorm is inevitable and I sympathize with anyone in this type of situation from not wanting to come forward. She deserves kudos for her bravery.

    • It’s all just a little too orchestrated. Why does this come up now, days away from Kavanaugh’s confirmation? It’s only so nobody can dispute it and the rumor/smear will be considered as truth when it hasn’t been vetted/challenged. This is a terrible way to run our country.

  4. This smells to high heaven.
    She was 15 he was 17 and alcohol was supposedly in play.
    What was she doing there? Was she drinking? How many people where present? What is there recollection? Why did she not mention his name in 2012 to her therapist? Why mention it now? Why did Fienstein not mention this incident during the interview before congress? Is this a last ditch effort by the democrats? She is or was going through couples therapy..why?
    I do not believe in coincidences and i find this highly suspect she comes forward now 30 years later. She was 15 he was 17 both minors. She is going to have her life ripped apart and rightly so. She is in my mind another unhinged angry liberal democrat. We will hear what she has to say but something tells me she will be apologizing for making false accusations. Its her word against two to four other people or more. She knows how to beat a polygraph no doubt. None the less, there is a reason why they are not allowed in court to determine truth.
    If the DOJ and the FBI can be tainted so can this idiot.
    They where 15 and 17 and it was over 30 years ago. Moreover the timing highly suspect. I thik she is a liar and disturbed. Who does this after 30 years?
    She has a pair I will give her that. She is going to need alot more therapy after this dust settles. Others present at the time are going to tell a different story.
    I smell a rat. She is a very angry person i think and has let Trumps election affect her judgement.

    Good luck to (Miss) Ford I presume.

    • As an abused person myself, people bury deeply what happened to them. They are ashamed; believe the abuse was their fault; and feel guilty it happened; no one will believe them anyway so why try. But, mainly, people just bury their feelings. I did that about a family member and just finally realized 50 years–50 years–later what happened. It is not unusual. She is not unhinged. She was traumatized. She is not an idiot. She is a woman who was assaulted.

      • I was not only abused physical but raped ,I am now a grandmother and believe me I remember everything down to there after shave. So I do not for one minute believe she has no recall. Oh did I mention one of my majors in college was abnormal behavior. This women is either a fraud or has some other motives.

  5. At this point Tim, I agree with you. I guess we will see how this all turns out. Remember, some people will do and say anything if the price is right. Good pick on a Clinical Psychologist though!!

  6. This is ridiculous! Just another pathetic stunt by Democrats to smear and ruin this man’s reputation. When this allegation proves to be false, I hope this twit gets sued.

  7. Good for her. Shame on those blaming the victim. For those of you asking why now, numerous reports have stated that once her story started to leak, she figured she should be the one telling the tale to avoid distortions.

    Simple enough, I salute her bravery since any thinking woman knows how bad the attacks are going to be. And how organized the effort was to destroy Anita Hill’s credibility while shielding Clarence Thomas decades ago.

    Don’t forget how the organized.

  8. Yesterday her attorney was on the news saying she will testify. Today they are saying she has not agreed to testify. What gives? Show up and let’s hear your story under oath.

  9. Palo Alto University?? I’ve lived in Palo Alto for years and have never heard of the school.
    It’s a crackpot school for nutty, troubled people, trying to find themselves. Blasey will be laughed out of any hearings.

  10. I’d investigate every inch of Blaseys troubled past. I would investigate her behavior in high school and college, any abortions, sexual diseases, marriage infidelities, taxes, financial dealings, associations, memberships, child rearing practices, her husband, siblings and parents, bankruptcies, drug addictions, alcohol abuse, political ties and more. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  11. If she was so interested in doing her “civic duty” that she let someone talk her into making the accusation she has made, why is she not willing to walk the walk and state her case as is required to complete her “civic duty?” I think she has been used to damage Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Nice try.

  12. I was sexually assaulted twice by 18 yr. Old when i was 7.i remember he was wearing jeans and a white t shirt the 1st time and green work clothes the 2nd time brown hair brown eyes 6ft tall.ronnie heilman.victims remember .i dont remember the house address but i remember him.when i was 16 babysitting the father drove me home.pulled into an isolated golf course access rd near midnite and assaulted me.


  14. She did pass a polygraph, but was asked only two questions….proves nothing. She is an angry person just like the millions of other angry persons with Trump being President. That’s what it all boils down to. IMO.

  15. The house looks like a complete dump – the house crazy people live in – not a house that was ‘extensively renovated’ back in 2012. Is she capable of even simple honesty?

  16. She lied about that during her home remodel she had a front door installed on her master bedroom that faces the street. She admitted that it looked odd because she now had two front doors but emotionally she needed a quick exit. This is one of her many lies. Google it: ‘This master end is a rental and the renter has a private entrance.’ Etc, etc

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