Who is Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto professor accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct?

Christine Blasey Ford

Daily Post Editor

Christine Blasey Ford is a professor at Palo Alto University who teaches in a consortium with Stanford, training graduate students in clinical psychology. Her work has been widely published in academic journals.

Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook photo from Holton-Arms School.

An archive of her LinkedIn reveals that she has been a visiting professor at Pepperdine University, a research psychologist for Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry, and a professor at the Stanford School Of Medicine Collaborative Clinical Psychology Program.

Ford received her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She then received a Master’s Degree in psychology at Pepperdine University, followed by a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology: Research Design at the USC. Finally, she received a Master’s in Education from Stanford.

In the early 1980s, she attended Holton-Arms School, an all-girls school in Bethesda, Md., located seven miles away from Georgetown Preparatory School, where Brett Kavanaugh was a student.

Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh stem from the summer of 1982, when she was 15 and he was 17. (More about her allegations here.)

In 2001, she married Russell Ford and they live in Palo Alto’s Greenmeadow neighborhood.

Ford told The Washington Post that she didn’t tell anyone about the Kavanaugh incident in detail until 2012 when she was in couples therapy with her husband.

She turned over the therapist’s notes from the time to The Washington Post, which it used in its story yesterday.

The notes don’t name Kavanaugh, and they say four boys were involved, not two. Ford said this was the therapist’s error — there were four boys at the party, she said, but only two in the room.

When Kavanaugh’s name made President Trump’s short-list of Supreme Court nominees in July, Ford sent a letter her Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto. Eshoo sent the letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and would be questioning Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing.

At that time, Ford was insisting on confidentiality, fearing retaliation and public attacks.

She also figured that even if she did go public, it wouldn’t stop Kavanaugh’s nomination anyway.

“Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter?” she told The Washington Post.

• Update, Tuesday (Sept. 18), 8 p.m.: Ford and her family forced to leave their Palo Alto home due to death threats and harassment



  1. Another looser with fame for a day. Something does not add up, ages, date of occurrence.First it was two then four – clinical error. Oh yes. Did not think it would matter that Kavanaugh would still be selected. Then why bring it up? Make good cocktail talk with the other professors. 30 years. High school 15 vs 17? Took a lie detector and, lie detectors are always 100% right. You can just throw things out there
    and even if they are not true you get an A. Now what about the female, what was she doing with 4 boys?

    • So.. any girl should know if she hangs out with 4 boys then she is asking for trouble?
      Good to know — now Palo Alto high schools can warn the high school kids about Jim Stevens and anyone he is raising!!

      • Completely agree. And I am absolutely sure that something in her background will come back and bite her in the ass! And it is well deserved. It is obvious what is going on here with her alleged impropriety from Kavanagh when she so coincidently brings it up now. Give me a break!

            • One wonders if she deliberately stated she was not raped. Had she said she was raped, she would have had to go through a more stringent explanation.
              At the time, had she reported this to the police, my guess is that nothing would have been done because they were minors. Why didn’t she speak out or send a letter when he was being questioned 10 years ago for his current position ? Why is she doing it now, when as she said, nothing would be done about ? That’s right the statute of limitations no longer applies. No way to clear this up!

              • So far, there has been no specifics. Where was the pool party at? Who else was there that can vouch for this party occurring? What date did it occur? If she is unable to recall any verifiable information, then how do we know she has recalled the correct person? They didn’t go to the same school together and Kavanaugh’s high school girlfriend has been on the air stating she has no idea who this lady is or where this alleged party location is. I’m not saying she is wrong but there ought to be verifiable specifics.

              • I am a 61 year old women. Almost every woman I know has been assaulted sexually in one way or another. Relatively few women are raped but many women are attacked. Many women experience an attempted rape. We don’t talk about it we don’t report it because people don’t believe us nobody cares we are the ones that get blamed. For example, morons will say “why is a woman alone with four men?”

                If you were a 14-year-old boy and four other boys raped you or tried to rape you, would it be your fault. Men must understand that women are no more interested in having sex with random men than they are. Rape is rape. If your son was at a party and got into an argument about sports and somebody took out a 2 x 4 and broke his head, would you say that he was stupid for arguing sports? Violence against women is simply wrong. Please raise your sons accordingly.

                Dr Ford escaped without being raped and so she didn’t say anything. That is completely typical. Please remember that she was just a young teenager at the time and was scared out of her wits.

                We are not talking about a criminal complaint against Cavanaugh. The statute of limitations has expired. We are talking about whether he is fit to be on the Supreme Court. And we are trying to avoid attacking the victim.

                • Yes , your passage is correct . As a man I have never even given thought to pushing myself on a girl / woman . But this story stinks to the highest point and it is surely political. So the Dems have a fish on the line and lets reel him in. If they ever get in power again God help them . This woman needs to testify Monday . If not , Kavanaugh should be voted in. Period. If the discover he is a predator later , take him out. But I dont see it . This guy is not a predator . Something else would come up. This guys record is spotless. Show me a pattern of abuse.

                  • what bothers me, is now that he is not admitting to it, and LYING! I do believe it happened. Is there a pattern of abuse, perhaps not. But he is not coming to the table and dealing with what he has done, and that is equally as bad or worse.

                    I don’t want a LIAR on the supreme court. Sorry…….

                    • I am a woman and have been in similar situations. There is NO WAY I wouldn’t remember where and when a thing like that happened to me. What if Ms. Ford is the LIAR here and Judge Kavanaugh the victim? How do we know she is not trying to pin this incident on him when, if it indeed occurred at all, it may have involved someone else? Her private school has also been notorious for endless lude partying and binge drinking. The fact that she is a woman doesn’t make her a purveyor of truth, and certainly does not mean she should be believed simply by virtue of being a woman. Reference: HRC. Why is it always Democrats who resort to these kinds of demonization and dirty political assassinations? And why is it that the likes of democrats Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein remain saintly figures regardless of the despicable scum that they were/are?

                    • He has categorically denied it. Perhaps something did happen to her, but it was not him. Perhaps he can prove that he could not have been wherever he was supposed to be. He is a lawyer who is not going to reveal his hand until the accusation is made under oath. Then he will put his statement under oath, and people will have to decide.

                    • What are you talking about? Judge Kavanaugh is awaiting his chance to clear his name, which by the way, will be easy. He’s an upstanding man, as exhibited by his impeccable career. He’s been investigated by the FBI 6 times and has glowing credentials. This woman can’t recall anything…Time, date, how she got there, how she got home, where she was. And yet, you believe someone without any evidence. Shame on you! God, I hope you’re not raising kids.

                    • Erin McCann… One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution (victim) must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt (high threshold), each essential element of the crime charged. The 14th amendment to the US Constitution guarantees to every person, aliens included, “equal protection under the law.”
                      With that being said, Erin McCann, you’ve already convicted Judge Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion. Were you there at the supposed party at the time? NO! Neither was I or anyone else responding to this article! Period!
                      The timing of this story coming out and lack of specific details in her story stinks to high heaven. According to the victim, she has had to relive this alleged traumatic “attempted rape attempt” ever since it happened, but conveniently does not remember where it happened, when it happened, whose home the party was at, how she got there, how she got home, etc. Furthermore, it was not an attemopt rape as she describes it. Under law, it was an assault. To be a sexual assault, there has to be touching of skin of a private part (i.e., breast, vagina, etc.). According to her description, a sexual assault or attempt rape did NOT occur by legal definition.
                      Additionally, if it was such a traumatic event, why does she not remember important details about it? Ridiculous. I can remember going to parties when I was a teenager 45 years ago. I can remember EXACTLY where I was, whom I was with, what I did at the gathering, how I got there and how I got home, etc. and none of which were “traumatic events,” just having fun and a good time with my friends.
                      Also, everyone (4 different people) that she does name as being at the “party” dismisses her account of the incident and the event that she describes and alleges as had happened, especially Mark Judge who allegedly was in the room at the time with young Kavanaugh.
                      Her very liberal activist attorney said she passed a polygraph. So what. Anyone can pass a polygraph. I want to know what questions were asked and how the questions were constructed. I’d also like to know what “type” of polygraph was given (voice stress analysis or screening polygraph) and was she (victim) provided with the questions prior to the polygraph examination. Did her attorney review the questions or was she involved in the construction and wording of the polygraph questions. Why is her attorney afraid to talk about the polygraph and show the results of the polygraph. Why won’t she state what questions were asked? What is she hiding?
                      I am willing to bet that Blasey-Ford will not show at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday (09/27/18) and that her activist liberal democratic attorney and others involved in this orchestrated, pre-planned and vicious effort to smear Judge Kavanaugh’s exceptional reputation will have yet another excuse as to “why” Blasey-Ford cannot testify.
                      Mark my words and watch what plays out during this week. Republicans need to stand strong and resist the resistance from the leftist liberal Democrats.
                      The Democrats have vowed to do “anything” to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. ANYTHING… Think about that for a little while…
                      I do agree that the FBI should conduct an investigation, but it should be an investigation into everyone involved in this carefully coordinated smear campaign including the alleged victim and all others connected to her and this false allegation.

                    • You obviously have limited education and logic is a weak spot in your brain! You must be one of the nonthinking democratic socialists!

                    • you are a blind idiot if you watched her today and still believe this circus!She couldn’t answer one question! She doesnt even remember anything? simple questions, she was asked simple things! Did you pay for your own polygraph test? “I don’t know” What day did you take it? “I don’t know” She said I don’t know to everything she was asked! she is clueless. She has a history of mental illness and is in current counseling, but this is allowed! Shame on you too.

                    • The problem I have, as a woman, is that anyone who has been legitimately sexually victimized can remember in great detail the who, what, when and where of the situation. It’s very traumatic and becomes ingrained in your memory. She’s fuzzy on everything. I have two immediate family members who were sexually abused and the level of detail they remember makes Blasey-Ford’s ‘recollections’ suspect.

                      Erin, how can you say you are bothered that he’s not admitting it – not “coming to the table and dealing with what he has done”? How are you able to deduce from such limited and fuzzy recollections his guilt to such certainty? What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” and “beyond a reasonable doubt”? The man is not going to admit to something he didn’t do. Plain and simple.

                      It infuriates me because this circus takes away from the legitimate voices of woman who speak out against actual abuses suffered by them and dilutes the importance of the issue of sexual restraint and control, on the part of both sexes along with the importance of understanding consent.

                      We should all be dismayed at the kill-him-at-all-costs energy that is being displayed by our ‘leaders’. If any one of us were being accused – of any crime – we would want cooler heads to prevail and listen to the reasonableness of the facts being presented against us and we wouldn’t want to be approached with minds made up against us before facts were even presented. We should all be very afraid that this has been the stance taken by those who lead us. That wouldn’t be just, no matter what we were being accused of. We would want wisdom and discretion and an ability to discern. That’s what we should hope for the Judge as well if we value a fair and just system of justice for all of us.


                    • How can you call a person a liar when there is no proof it ever happened? By Ford’s own admission of her EXTREMELY faulty memory, so faulty that she can’t remember who she gave what information to just two months ago, I can only conclude that she has mixed up the incident from 38 years ago. It also seems to me that if the two boys she accuses of attempted rape and possible murder frightened her so bad why would she give a friendly greeting to one of her potential rapists when meeting him face to face 6 weeks after the incident? That just doesn’t jive. Yes I can believe the Democrats would do any and everything they can to derail the agenda we elected President Trump to fulfill, what concerns me is that you are joining in with them. Please explain what you think will be gained by an FBI investigation that cannot bring any more information to light than is already known and when does the resistance stop and the cooperation start.

                    • Why would you expect him to admit doing something he’s certain he didn’t do? Take the same set of circumstances we’re seeing here, only substitute your Dad, brother or son for Kavanaugh. The accuser’s letter was held for weeks until after hearings and only then disclosed as a “fait accompli.” Democrat Senators stumbled over one another on the way to the nearest podium and before any testimony or evidence has been offered, they express their full belief of, and support for, the accuser and demanding your Dad,brother or son withdraw. “There’s no presumption of innocence” they say! Assume someone wrote about your Dad, brother or son as you write about Kavanaugh here. Most importantly, assume the hearings were conducted by a politically driven group full of known partisan liars motivated by nothing but a desire for power, and facts be damned. Would facts, equity, evidence and/or motives matter to you if it was your Dad, brother or son? I bet I know the answer.

                    • I agree with remembering details about being attacked. I was at age 12 I am 72 now. To this day I can give you the exact address of where it happened. How strange Prof. Ford could not recall how she got there or home; where or when. Yet she testified that she remembers that she only had ONE beer! 2017 she participated in a Women’s March protesting President Trump. FISHY!

                    • Please remember that nothing she said adds up. No corraboration. No proof. No legitimate anything.
                      I’m a woman..I get it.. trust me but I’m afraid that this is all just crap.What makes you think that he is lying and that she is not?

                  • One of my issues is the Dems sitting on this for close to 2 months. Senator Feinstein interviewed Kavanaugh for hours and never said a word. Why didn’t the Dems try to get to the bottom of this at that time? It is all politics. And how long is a person supposed to be held liable for actions of 36 years ago? If and I do mean if this happened can he not be forgiven? Was Kavanaugh born knowing he was going to be a nominee for the Supreme Court and at birth said: “gotta be on my best behavior at all times.”? Are we ever forgiven for our transgressions? Should our lives be destroyed by one accusation? I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. I guess that does not hold up in the justice system any longer. He has to prove his innocence instead of her proving her accusations. Then she wants him to testify 1st. How can he defend himself if he testifies first? This man is an upstanding man in the community. He gives back to his community continually by working with Catholic charities feeding the hungry several times a week. (OOPPPPPS he is a Catholic. He is gonna overturn ROE V WADE!!!!!) Come on this is all bull crap. The country has gone mad.

                  • It appears to be all about the money that she has raised so she can retire, so far $700,000 to date, she will make well over a million, with speaking engagements forever, at over $50,000 a pop.

                • I am slightly older and I have been raped. I remember every detail. She claims she didn’t
                  know how she got there or home. Nowhere, until July, did she mention his name. She named 2 other males who claim not to have been at her party. The girlfriend at the times states that was not in his character. I am not saying she wasn’t assaulted, I just don’t think it was him based on his friends. It is not a he said, she said. Ford says she has never seen him since. You always have to remember the Duke rape case where lives were ruined for lies.

                  • Everybody remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they learned JFK was shot. In contrast to the fake liberal psychology claims that details of traumatic events are not remebered, the reverse is true. You remember things far better because you replay that event in your mind over and ovef. The reason Dr. Ford cannot remember details is that there are none to remember. The lying brain is limited in its capacity to invent the detail, in contrast with a real event which the brain records autonomously witjout conscious effort.
                    Here are some questions about detail that I would ask her to catch her out.
                    1. Had you been swimming that day?
                    2. When and where did you dry your swimsuit or did you always carry a spare for parties?

                • You are the first to make any sense !!! Thank you! This is a life long position! Let’s get to the truth. No rush is needed. Investigate and go from there you Republicans ! How rediculous to rush this thru! For what? Politics ?? Much more than that here at st stake! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!

                  • Pamela Naccache, you conveniently avoid mention of the fact that there would have been PLENTY of time for a full investigation had Dr Ford’s letter not been held by Feinstein past the close of the confirmation hearings in what I and others believe (and Democrats know but won’t admit was) an obvious effort to delay confirmation past the midterm elections.

                  • Raped? What an outrageous and totally bogus insinuation by Ford who describes herself fully clothed, and! wearing a one-piece bathing suit, none of which was removed! The worst thing that happened – if anything ever really happened at all!- was having her mouth covered which she claims made her believe she was going to be killed??? Is this woman mentally unstable? Who could possibly make a deduction like that ? What she describes as the main event is nothing more than boys’ horseplay, when a friend jumped on top of both of them, and laughing hystericallly – as is easily imagineable in such a scenario -they all rolled off the bed and onto the floor. The boys didn’t notice her at all. She was perfectly free to get up and walk out. Calling this a sexual assault and/or claiming to be traumatized by it for the rest of your life makes you a verifiable “nut case” or a hardcore feminist liar with a serious agenda to ruin Kavanaugh. For Senators to listen to this ridiculous non-event from 35 years ago and act like it is worth anyone’s time to even listen to- – much less utter the phony words, “You are so brave to share your story” ? Our reality has become the tale of the Emperor’s Clothes! What a farce!

                • The victim is Justice Kavanaugh. He is the most qualified person for the supreme court. Ms. Ford knew what she was doing when sending that letter under anonymous. She did not have the spine to come forward, because she knows this is not true. She needs to show up on Monday, not when she feels like it. She knew this was going to happen.

                • MAYBE we would have believed her if she was not so political but she is.
                  She is not a victim, and the judge has been gone through 6 FBI investigations that have cleared him up. Do you know what are those investigations about? JUST THAT! They are looking for a past that has any sexual misconduct, drinking and drug abuse, and bad conduct. You are political as well! I bet you are Leftist and you are against our President. I bet you think that white men are to be blamed for everything.
                  This lady forgets everything! Women or men who have gone through a bad experience REMEMBER it all their lives. If you don’t know that, you know nothing.
                  Democrats hate to lose; want power; hate America; and in the end, waste our time and money on stupid investigations such as this one and Russia Collusion.
                  Use your eyes and ears, and your common sense! not your political bias

                • I, too am a 61 year old female and think Ms. Ford is full of it. She isn’t even sure if Cavanaugh was there…wherever there was, which she can’t remember. If a boy ever kissed you, do you consider that an attack, too? You are pathetic!

                • The cornhole failed to erase a tweet in which she called out for someone to come forward to claim rape against Gorsuch.

                  She’s a Communist. A lying Commie.

                • Polly, you are right, Rape is rape. I blame her mother, she should have told her daughter to not go to a party alone with four men, she did not really know that well. And then, she drinks at the party!! Your analogy of the boys raping boys, well, if the boys were known to be Gay, then, yes. Like Booker mentioned, the idea is there, “Liquor will get her, (or him), to bed much quicker.” Of the four, reported as being there, has said that this incident did not happen, I have to say that it is all in her imagination or a criminal intent on her part to ruin a man’s life. For that, she should be sent to prison. Women of late are finding it easy to come forward and state that they were raped, etc for a variety of reasons. I think they need to redefine the difference between rape and prostitution.

                • Ford has stated she wants to warn people about Kavanaugh. Why didn’t she feel that same duty to warn her close female friend that there were two crazed rapists in the house who might inadvertently kill her? She ran right out the door without warning her friend who is now the only female left in the house with two guys intending to rape and possibly inadvertently kill? If Kavanaugh & Judge were stumbling drunk rapists, why didn’t they then go after Ford’s female friend after Ford left? Why doesn’t Ford’s female friend recall a gathering where Ford disappeared from the gathering? Her friend says she doesn’t know Kavanaugh nor has she any recollection of ever being at a gathering, with or without Ford present. Understandable that Ford didn’t tell her parents, but the reason she gave for that is flimsy. She didn’t want them to know she had been at a place with drinking. Duh. Her father was a CIA operative and Ford’s yearbook revealed goals at their parties was to get drunk and pass out by playing drinking games with guys. Her story doesn’t ring true, nor does her letter to Feinstein reflect someone with a PhD who writes research papers. Per another PhD, it contains grammatical and syntax errors inconsistent with someone of Ford’s education and job description. It seems that Ford has possibly been hijacked by Democratic operatives who have already made it clear that they will stop at nothing to prevent Kavanaugh from being affirmed. Maybe she Ford does have a story to tell, but the inconsistencies, timing and the way testifying is being handled makes her not credible. By the way, someone attempted assault on me when I was in the 10th grade. I jumped out of the car and walked home in the dark. I didn’t tell my parents, but I did warn my girlfriends about this person. Did I think nobody would believe me? I wasn’t worried about whether anybody would believe me. I was worried about my friends’ safety!!!

                • If you can’t see this a a political ploy then the conversation with you is over. 10 years ago she thought about it and did nothing? Now that it is Supreme Court she comes forward. Can you say Soros? Smoke and mirrors and I bet she doesn’t show because the damage is done. She set women back years!
                  opinion– she is a liar.

                • You have got to look at facts…she can’t remember what she did 2 weeks ago but yet clearly remembers it was Brett, who was not someone she even knew or he can definitely say he knew her. And, she doesn’t remember how she got out of the house, and her friend never said, hey where did you go? Why? It never happened. Sorry, but, I too was actually raped, in Europe, hitchhiking, not smart but for her to be claiming this high level of dysfunction from that long ago, sorry just doesn’t add up. She needs a forensic interview by a qualified professional. Also, if you listened closely she said she answered a LOT of questions on the lie detector test, but only two questions were submitted that she passed on. Hope FBI is able to get the full, underlying test she was given, my guess is she failed miserably so they tried to narrow it to two questions about her statement. Fishy.

                • not every man is like that. It would never even enter my husbands mind. I do know that she had no business out wandering around at 15 and getting stinking drunk. where were the parents or guardians. She cant recall if it really was Kavanaugh, everything is vague and was too long ago. there is no way to tell for sure so why in heavens name ruin someone who obviously has spent his live trying to live up to the word of God and has done nothing but work towards the greater good for people including his own family. with the work that Ford does it would be very easy for her to make people feel sorry for her. too little too late.

                • Polly Gregor, All women are not victims so Stop the B.S. about it. She doesn’t know the 1st damn thing about what happened to her other than what she was told to say.

              • There is no statute of limitation is there and if you know anything about sexual assault you can go decades without excepting it and reporting it she just spoke to her therapist in 2012 I am hoping that her going to the FBI regarding the death threats will make it mandatory for them to research the incident that is causing the death threats that’s my understanding of how this is working so we may get the investigation

                • The limitation here seems to be her memory. If this incident really occurred, she would remember something? If she was blindly drunk to the point of black out and memory shutdown then her mother and herself are to blame at the age of 15.

          • No, a girl + 4 boys + alcohol should not ‘expect to be raped,’ but she would be a fool for not being smart about what could happen.

            Teenaged boys are preoccupied with sex, and booze makes it worse. Every teenaged girl should know that, and keep that in mind.

            • You know a lot has been said about this whole matter. We have an empty house, Mom and Dad gone. Four Boys, she knows them, but is not friends with any of them, yet accepts invite to a party. let me give you a different scenario, equally unprovable. A 15 year old girl hears that some boys are going to have a party that weekend, (Kavanaugh not there), she approaches one of the boys and asks if she can attend. He says sure, if she is not a prude, ie, he wants her to get Real Friendly. (She is known to like booze). At the party, she goes upstairs to get friendly. (Bathroom was just a story, as nearly all houses have a bathroom on the main floor). She realizes she is now expected to get friendly with two boys, and even drunk does not like the idea, so refuses and after a little scuffle, she locks herself in the bathroom. The four boys send her packing when she comes out, but many years later, she sees an opportunity to use that incident to her own agenda, that of hurting the president…..As I said, Unprovable, but actually more believable when it comes to the idea that one girl goes to a party with four boys she does not know that well.

          • Swine? So its A-Ok to attack the good standing of a respected man but how dare anyone find fault in a 36+ year old drunken groping incident? And why a 15 year old was drunk & alone with two (or 4) young men that was older than her? No one is excusing anything because a rape did not occur.

            • Are all you people living under a rock – most people, men or women back in the day told no one of rape, attempted rape or escaping dangerous situations for the same reasons as now – look at your foolish comments – who is this idiot that groped people and thought it not offensive – oh yes Trump – grab them by the pussy –

          • And a teen ager, revving up for a party only drinking ONE beer, but can’t remember how she got there or how she got home or whose how she was at??? NAWW…Don’t think so. And she lied about…couldn’t come to testify becasue she was afraid of flying…She is a world traveler who flies EVERYWHERE! She was on vacation to Delaware from CA when the Committee asked her to come answer questions.

            • I say follow the money! All the way to the democratic party. IF the Dems pull this off we as a nation are going to hell in a hand basket! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

            • totally agree. I listened to Asia Argento rail on and on about metoo then it got brought out about her affair with a 17 year old and then poof it went away. There cannot be a double standard. I do not support someone just because they are the same gender as i am. That is not the issue. The issue is truth plain and simple.

          • Women can usually tell when another is lying. Stormy Daniels for one. Such a victim, my my! And this one? She has the morals of an alley cat, by her own admission, from HS. She’s expunged her yearbook comments to hide ~ what? She’s sketchy on detail, has an axe to grind because of her family losing property in a foreclosure presided over by Brett’s Mother who is/was a Judge. Let me count the reasons. This “broad” has set victim’s rights back decades by her disgusting actions. Real abuse victims need protection, not to have their rights stomped on by someone who blatantly is a radical feminist. Take also into account that her attorney is funded by George Soros.

            • The foreclosure case was ruled in favor of her parent and Soros gives some money not much to the GOGA she is vice Chairwoman man of. You swallowed some fake news.

            • Women can usually tell when another is stupid; YOU ARE STUPID!

              I BELIEVE CHRISTINE!
              I BELIEVE STORMY. She is hones; she has never denied what she has done for a living!

          • So a women should always believe another women just because she’s a women ..?? In this day and age thanks to Obama how can we be sure it’s a women making the claim . maybe he just identifies as a women . how about the army Cl who was just awarded 14 million dollar for a false alligation of rape that cost him his promotion tho general ? Or the guy who just got released from prison after serving what 10 years for a rape that never happened ??? So acting like a women should always be believed no matter what is the second most idiotic thing I’ve read today .

          • Typical come back when you have no come back. You believe her simply because A. She’s a woman or because of your blind hatred for Trump. Which is it?

        • Funny: many years and investigations (and denials from the “victim”) yet bill clinton accuser is BELIEVED!!! Even though much less credible. Much of a hypocrite?

          • Really? Clintons rape victim denied it happened? When? She speaks out about it every day yet no one listens. You’re the hypocrite

            • There can be no consent when there is that much of a power discrepancy between the participants. It’s bad enough when the average boss pressures his or her employee to have sex. What equality is there between the President of the United States and an intern? (Full disclosure: I did not think Clinton should have been impeached for Lewinsky.)

        • BAck in the day you did not go to a party if you were the only girl? Why does she wait until now, why did her husband say that it did not happen the way she said it, he was there at the session.Brett has been investigated 6 times by the FBI. They do not play during these checks!The Dems are at it again.They do not want him on the Surpreme court.He says he goes by the constution. God Bless

        • Oh Elsa, all your biases are showing! First of all, it’s pretty telling when a man has to point out to you how traumatic a sexual assault might be. I work in sex crimes investigations and it is very common for females and males not to report having been sexually assaulted for a multitude of reasons. Further, it is even more common for an assault not to be reported for many years, if at all, when there is a differential of power and/or a fear of some sort of reprisal. She is alleged to have been 15 years if age at the time and he is alleged to have been 17.

          Further, to assume that Dr. Ford will have something in her background “come back to bite her in the ass” is just that, an assumption.

          When we assume and don’t seek to gather more information necessary in making an informed judgement, we close ourselves off to knowledge, growth and information necessary to our system of justice.

          Let us hope that the “break” you so deservedly ask for is given and that you spend it gathering information so that you’re able to make an intelligent argument based in fact and/or credible information. Baseless statements and assumptions suggests that you are ill informed and biased and can’t think for yourself.

        • I agree. I am hearing she has serious skeletons in her closet, maybe this FBI investigation will uncover…but watch how her attorneys will not make her available to delay all further. Take the vote! I have a psychiatrist friend who says her testimony was not 100% at all, if she was in the field she is saying she is there is all kinds of assistance for this kind of trauma which she has never attempted to take advantage of…really??

      • Anyone that age , 15-17, is getting ready for college – especially attending *elite* prep-school ! Anyone in there “Freshman” year at college could claim, “sexual abuse,” if they belonged to a fraternity! These allegations are NOTHING, compared to,“RUSH WEEK” and “HAZING” parties!

      • She took polygraph and is telling the truth. Kavanaugh’s attempted Rape of Ford is very serious. He also shows a history of lies. It’s just too bad, they can’t find an ethical and honest person for this position.

        • Did you see the lie detector? I am curious what questions were asked, how they were phraised, and exactly how she answered? Please send me either a copy of the test or the link where I can read it. I am sure you would not have claimed you know what the test said, and the results, unless you had seen it. Thanks

          • I’ve taken many lie detectors and past them all with an “UNDETERMINABLE” rating which leads to passing the test. This means the operator can’t tell whether your lying or telling the truth, so he/she has to pass you. A well-read psych professional would know how to do the same thing. I learned to do this when I was passed by on a job at 18, because the flawed lie-detector equipment claimed I lied about my age, which I did not. I proved my age with a drivers lic. and the employer hired me after all. I found out that if you have to go to the bathroom, have an itch or irritation, if a question brings back a stimulating memory, lots of things will cause a false reading. So to beat the system, you just calm yourself, ease your mind, slow your breathing, and quietly and calmly answer, yes or no. Most courts will not allow lie detector test to be submitted as evidence for these reasons.

              • I do NOT put much confidence in lie detector tests. Nor does the court as they are NOT admissible. The reason being they can be beaten. Someone with her background would know what medication to take BEFORE the test to flatten her emotional responses. People who are pathological liars often can pass the test when they believe the lies they are telling. If you know how lie detector tests work, as I am sure she does, she would know that certain drugs mute the effect that shows up with you lie on the test. I disagree with you that the event she described was a “very serious attempted rape”. I spent 30 years working with victims of D.V. and sexual assault. I worked with over 500 victims of sexual assault/sexual abuse and men and women who were courageous enough to report their assault, endured going through the system, endured being called all sorts of names, laughed at, called liars, and sometimes had to face a jury that brought back a NOT GuILTY verdict, even when the jury believed her but felt there wa not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. They are the ones who should be held up and hero’s, not the people who were sexually harassed and waited 35 years to tell because they didn’t want it to affect their chances of being a movie star.
                Consider this, if she had NO intention of “coming out”, no intention of being identified, why did she hire a lawyer and take a lie detector test in August ?

                • If a person BELIEVES the subject or a lie detection test, even if 100% wrong, they will pass the test. Someone who teaches a college course of how to ID a memory of any potential sexual abuse may just have convinced herself of once being a victim. I have seen the damage this course has done to young women. Consider mental health.

          • But CNN said so…..lol … these liberal Democrats have 1 mission, to create doubt and stop the confirmation, stop the wall, stop anything with Trump’s name on it. It is disgusting and I wish Democrats would act more like grown ups… we struggled through 8 years of Obama without crying.

        • He passed a paragragraph and said he did nothing of the kind at any time in his life, so he is telling the truth. Could the incident be true and she be mistaken about the boys’ identities?

        • Polygraphs are easily defeated and this one had nothing to do with the event in question to start with. The questions asked had to do with a conversation. Kavanaugh has a reputation of high ethics and honesty and you are the liar. He has passed 6 FBI background checks, the real ones not the nonsense used to purchase a firearm. There has been a steady stream of men and women coming forth to testify FOR Judge Kavanaugh and his integrity. At least 65 women alone, including a couple he dated in high school. This is just another example of the low lifes in the Democratic Party. Feinstein is dispicable and this attempt to destroy this fine man is absolutely disgusting.

          • Kavanaugh would have raped her if Mark Judge had not knocked him off his footing. He’s a criminal in a black robe as many as them are. I believe the Senate will reject him, that Flake, Collins, and Murkowski will all vote NO as they should.

        • She took a polygraph which revealed only that she believes what she said at best, polygraphs are no longer considered evidence in court, they are totally unreliable at detecting lies. This is a well-known fact, and as a psychologist Christine Blasey knows this, which is likely why she agreed to take the test.

        • Why would she take a lie detector test if she wanted to remain anonymous? This is a hit job with vengence stirred in, and those who believe it are fools. Better yet, send me $10,000 and I’ll return to you $100,000.

        • A history of lies? I have not heard of any of them on any news program. Perhaps you can enlighten me so that I can also condemn Kavanaugh prematurely.

        • are you kidding or are you just a Hillary’s supporter? she took a polygraph in the office of her Soros’ paid attorney. It’s not an FBI or police polygraph.

          • 1) the polygraph test was administered by a retired fbi officer.

            2) does anyone have concrete information that she was the only female at the “party”?

            3) did she attend KNOWING that the makeup of the “party” would be four guys and her?

            4) how DID she get to and from the party? SOMEONE had to have driven her.

            are yuou beginning to see that there is a lot here for the fbi to investigate?

            5) why has mark judge refused to testify? you would think that he would have gone to the nearest polygraph examiner to deny that kavanaugh was involved.

            6) why does he spell hid name with a “K” could he perhaps be a kommunist?

            7) if kavanaugh HAD sucessfully removed her clothes and had sex with her, it would have been statutory rape whther she had consented or not (because she had not yet reached the “age of consent”.

            8) didn’t kavanaugh learn ANYTHING from watergate? the coverup is ALWAYS worse than the crime. oh – he is maybe too young to remember nixon.

            9) just guessing here but i am guessing that the other two boys played some part in helping her get home – what is THEIR recollection.

            10) the other two boys may have been the “connection”, since she and kavanaugh were not classmates. again, something to investigate.

            11) the fbi can certainly begin with a list of homes that had swimming pools in the area in that year (1982). assuming that the parents were not at home, that house must have been well known by other students at one or both schools as a “good place to party”.

            12) this should not be rushed. if kavanaugh had not categorically denied that the event took place, maybe a different story, but if he is deliberately lying at this point in life, he is disqualified.

      • My daughter had lots of friends who were boys and they were true friends. So if you think a teen age girl should expect she will get attacked if she is with boys then you need a shrink.

        • If someone with an otherwise spotless record like Cavanaugh is capable of such actions, then your daughter’s wholesome friends who are boys are as well. Expecting and being preparing for the unexpected are two different things.

        • If a 15 year old girl goes to an unchaperoned pool party with herself and four boys drinking beer (she admitted she also drank; even one beer will alter the perceptions of a 15 year old) at a location she doesn’t remember brought there by (who?) and left (how?) reporting an event her named witness says never happened, maybe she wasn’t attacked by anyone, or maybe if she was it wasn’t Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh’s history says he didn’t do anything like this, ever.

          • What history? A history of sucking up to Republican politicians? Kavanaugh’s real history is unknown to all but a few. In high school he was a drunken wannabe rapist. Don’t let those black robes fool you.

            • “In high school he was a drunken wannabe rapist.” Yeah hear that judge “grabandfall” ? not even a real rapist. Ha what a loser. Bad enough being a rapist, but a wannabe is just a loser version of a rapist. I like cutting down people because its helps me think I am better than other folks without being better than other folks.

      • Do you remember what a typical HS boy acts like? Now put 4 together with 1 girl. Chances are nothing horrible happens, but the odds that something will greatly increase. She’s not asking for trouble, but she needs to recognize (that is if she had the time, often someone will not) a bad situation. Yes, that is good to know.

      • If you had a 15 y/o daughter would you let her attend a “party” at night, in someone’s home, with 4 boys and no parental supervision? In all likelihood this woman got drunk and was acting a fool.

      • Beg your pardon? Not if the boys had good parenting and taught to respect female’s and NEVER force themselves on them. I received excellent parenting by an angelic mother and much of my respect for women was because of the love for my mother. Young men that young girls are not safe to be around are masoginist in the making.

      • I think what you are doing is disgusting. I was attacked when I was 12 years old. I am now 67. I did not carry this with me as you say you did. Your field is psychology. If this really happened you should of been able to deal with this. I sincerely doubt this happened to you. Amazing how you basically live in Diane Feinstein’s back yard. How much did they pay you? You democrats will do anything to get what you want. Just think what you are doing to his little girls!!! Shame on you.

      • BAck in the day you did not go to a party if you were the only girl? Why does she wait until now, why did her husband say that it did not happen the way she said it, he was there at the session.Brett has been investigated 6 times by the FBI. They do not play during these checks!The Dems are at it again.They do not want him on the Surpreme court.He says he goes by the constution. God Bless

      • Mrs. Ford is a very sick woman, she needs help. How many people allow their 14 yr. old daughter go to beer parties. She is a confused woman and should not be teaching. She should be hospitalized.

    • The lie detector test was a scam. It was VERY craftily worded. The poly didn’t confirm the incident, but it confirmed if the written account that Debra Katz wrote was faithful to an undocumented verbal conversation she had. It does not focus on the event or details thereof. Basically, the poly confirms only “does the letter that Attorney Katz wrote match the story you told her?” That means is Katz was told a lie, she wrote a lie in a letter. It doesn’t address truth or facts.

      • @ CT Don’t know how you know the question during the polygraph. That said, I was wondering what the words/content of the questions were as well. That’s why I think she should be given a second polygraph test. If the accuser isn’t open to a new polygraph, that would speak volumes.

        • WP report didn’t exactly state the question, but said the test results indicated “a statement summarizing her allegations was accurate.” So it seems the question was about the summary, not the allegations.

      • No you need to step back! Do any of you idiots have a 15 year old daughter and or had one? If you can answer yes would you have given her permission to leave her school and go out to a party with 4 boys? I had a 15 year old and I can say hell no! So with that in mind this bitch is lying simply to sell her next book (its already in print) so give it a rest! Nothing but morons

    • She took a lie detector with the FBI and passed and it was documented by her therapist 6 years ago. Some people dont want there deepest pains out there for every one to know.

      • The therapist notes and the current story don’t match up real well and the polygraph was not with the FBI. It was conducted by a former FBI agent.

        And other people deliver those deepest pains to the tender mercies of a US Senator with a request for anonymity. Does she regularly ask Micheal Moore to guard her dinner? What did she expect?

      • First, polygraphs are very unreliable. Second, the questions asked were about a conversation she had not the actual event in question. Those notes don’t reflect the current accusation but of course she blames the therapist for getting it wrong. THis woman has absolutely nothing to stand on and given the number of false accusations being brought by Leftist females lately, I wouldn’t believe one about anything.

      • This is a bold face lie, the FBI never polygraphed her, no crime was ever reported, they wouldn’t investigate anyway, it would be local LE, so put a friggin sock in your mouth.

    • I was repeatedly sexually molested when I was FOUR YEARS OLD by an older adult male who was a “friend” of the family. His older brother watched each incident. When I was about 12, I went into SEVERE AND SUICIDAL DEPRESSION and that was the first time I told both my parents. 12 YEARS OLD! My parents were so shocked they didn’t know what to do. I don’t blame them. This occured over 50 years ago. This man is now a prominent dentist in California. His brother is a prominent doctor in California. I have told a few psychiatrists over the years and told my partner but only one or two other people in this World know about what happened. If he had been nominated for the US Supreme Court, you better DAMN well believe I would come forward with my story! So yes the story is very believable!

      • So it’s ok for people like this to be doctors, just not a Supreme Court Justices. So you told your parents and they did nothing. That may be the real reason for your problems. You have about the same creditability as liberal Democratic Professor Blasey-Ford!

      • Some of the most troubling testimony is based on her therapist notes. When she and her husband were receiving marriage counseling. Some would say anything just to get through these sessions with the intent of satisfying the therapist. I would like to know more about her “student teacher relationships? Who, What Where, How and When did this affect her marriage?

      • Yep. I was date-raped 35 years ago. I was single and I was also four months pregnant at the time. Also 25, so should have been old enough to know better, but that’s for another time. My point is: at the time, my whole focus for that awful time was getting out of there. He slapped me—a memory which shocked me all over again—but I don’t think he knew about Elly. At the time, I made a distinction between ‘entitlement’ rape and ‘real’ rape. He’d paid for dinner, and I knew what kind of a girl I was even if he didn’t. But you see #MeToo allowed me to see that I was WRONG. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Sorry, I’ve been holding this in since 1981. August, more or less. I suppose I have chosen to be sheltered from ‘blame the victim’ types, and I don’t typically read comment threads because they so rarely add value. But, as it happens, in 1981 I was getting raped in Palo Alto, on Alma down in south Palo Alto, in fact, at about the same time that Dr Ford was getting her education at a prep school on the other side of the country. I was there, then in Europe, then at Paly (‘75) for my senior year. So you might say I’m familiar with the whole territory. At any rate, should we have more ‘she asked for it’ nonsense, a review of the facts might be in order. We’ll wait.

      • Why would you wait till then? I hate to do this, but not coming forward and allowing him to practice dentistry for 50 years hasn’t done society any favors. I really don’t blame you for not going public. It’s just the idea that you won’t unless it is to stop a person attaining something of supreme courtesque importance.

        The real message here should be that all people need to come forward as soon as possible. No more 30 -50 year gotcha stories at the most politically opportune time. It’s starting to wear thin.

      • “repeatedly sexually molested” is the key phrase here. It is heinous that this happened to you, but it is catagegorically different from what Christine Blasey says happened to her. And I was a teenager, I can’t imagine a girl in the culture she lived in not blabbing about the incident nonstop to her friends about it. It just isn’t plausable that she didn’t. The story from a girl of 15 thirty-five years later who was drinking at the time just isn’t plausable; it’s like a woman at a biker bar saying she didn’t know they served alcohol at the place.

    • Obviously; you run your morality code similar to Trump. If you have a wife or
      daughter being attacked & attempted to be raped, who would be the loser for today?
      Kavanaugh may likely swim through the slime and bring his smelly/tainted
      sexual assault persona to earn a Judges chair next to Clarence Thomas

      • Sorry, but her whole story sounds off. We don’t know she ever was a victim. So it seems rather mean to throw off on a man who has so many women providing a positive character witnesss.
        How can he possibly prove that something didn’t happen? No one can do that.

      • If she would have named her accusers to therapist maybe her story would be more believable.The fact that she didn’t speaks volumes to her memory.

    • Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University. I find it very interesting that she has decided to step forward after all of these years! Really! He went to an all boys school, how and where did she make contact with him to have this alleged abuse take place. No, I think it is another Democrat Scheme, to muddy the waters of a very good man who has all of the credials to be our next Supreme Court Justice. Sadly, this is what we are seeing today, since President Trump has been elected. Lies, inuendos of this or that, people in colusion with the Russians (but oh, we had Russian Collusion with Hillary Clinton. All of her crimes have been erased by the left). I don’t believe this woman or her claims! Look at all of the women who have come out and support Kavanaugh, that they never experienced anything but a man that supports women and shows them nothing but respect! When all of this is over and Kavanaugh is confirmed, I hope this woman’s career will be put on notice. Oh, that won’t happen because she is a California Leftist who wants to destroy!

      • Your ignorance is horrific and your judgementalism is disqualifying. At least hear the story before reaching a conclusion.
        Some of us remember the destructive process Anita Hill was put through. No woman would put herself in that position unless she had a sincere conviction of her memory. Judge Kavanaugh’s memory may be less reliable when he had been so drunk.
        The fact that the woman was still suffering from the event in 2012 indicated that it was a very traumatic experience for her.
        Communication between neighboring boys and girls school’s would have been the norm.

        • “Your ignorance is horrific and your judgementalism is disqualifying. At least hear the story before reaching a conclusion.”

          Anita Hill wanted anonymity as well. Again, Senate democrats had something else in mind. They put her in that uncomfortable position. You are ignorant about whether Cavanaugh was drunk, or that he was even present. That didn’t stop you from making assumptions and being judgmental. I have no problem with accepting the event was very traumatic for her. The problem is there’s no video, the other 2 people in this event deny the whole story. Metoo or no metoo….a story is not enough.

        • Anita Hill’s former fiance testified that Hill was a habitual liar and that her story was false. We have heard Christine Blasey’s stories, all of them, different as they are, and both science and the fact that she somehow went to an otherwise all-boy pool-party beer-bash at 15, drinking illegally by her own admission, without her absentee parent’s knowledge casts enough doubt on her stories, and all of this is from her story, which you said hasn’t been heard. We also have two other versions of the events, which is “it never happened” from two people she says were there. This is politics, not reality.

      • According to Blasey, that’s “stumbling drunk teenage boys” which to someone not looking for some action or enjoying the flirting with sexual misconduct should have had her out of there long before anything could take place, if it did. She was drinking she says, and if you put a beer or two into any 15 year old girl I know, she’s tipsy. Maybe she liked being there.

    • To ask “why was 1 girl alone with 4 boys” is to prove that women are the prey in this male world. One day I hope to live in a world where a girl can hang with 4 friends without fear or judgement. This can only happen when each occurrence of assault or harassment has meaningful consequences. Whether it’s the sophomoric behavior of Al Franken or the predatory behavior of Weinstein and Spacey or the single act of a drunk.

    • That’s my bone of contention, i.e., what was she doing with 4 boys drinking? Let’s get drunk and play CLUE? Libtards will lie because they think it’s for America’s greater good.

      They’re unhinged…Period.

    • No, her story makes sense completely. She never said there were 4 boys in the room. She said there were 4 boys at the party. She has no control over what the therapist wrote. However, her story has been consistent. She brought up the story because it matters who will become a Supreme court judge. She wants the public to know what happened to her. This is a serious crime that allegedly happened… although you don’t seem to agree. Also, lie detector does matter. If she had failed, somebody like you would certainly use that to dismiss her allegation I am certain. Furthermore, just because a female went to a party where there are boys, does not mean she is looking to get sexually abused.

      • And she never said how many girls were at the party. That part should not be guessed–just because she didn’t mention how many girls, doesn’t mean there were no girls.

      • If she failed you would never have heard about it. What you heard is only what she said, and a memory rolling around in the head of a liberal anti-male (pusssyhat-wearing) anti-Trump activist might bear as much resemblance to reality as the game telephone bears to communication. Polygraphs are not considered evidence by the psychology community, something Blasey must know, and only prove, if anything, that she believes she is telling the truth, with remarkable inconsistency. Polygraphs cannot tell if you’re lying, only if you believe you are.

      • Not when she was younger come on. She opened up a go fund me page a couple of days ago she knows she can clean up money wise because everyone will feel sorry for her and give her money. Check it out.

    • An educated woman with something to say and she is ‘annihilated’. The vote should be postponed if there is an inkling of truth to her words. He has the right to be heard, legally, and under oath. She has the right to be heard, legally, and under oath.

      We, Americans, have the right to know the whole story, regardless of individual opinions. Very simple, very logical and very fair to all. Allow them both their say.

      • Postpone the hearing if there is “an inkling of truth”? Such as that he atteded the party but everything else she testifies to are lies? Good idea! Chuck Schumer loves your death by delay tactic.

      • The woman is a con. Go to her go fund me page. She states that her husband will personally handle all the money that comes thru their page. She is no victim.

    • She took polygraph and is telling the truth. Kavanaugh’s attempted Rape of Ford is very serious. He also shows a history of lies. It’s just too bad, they can’t find an ethical and honest person for this position.

    • She took polygraph and is telling the truth. Kavanaugh’s attempted Rape of Ford is very serious. He also shows a history of lies. It’s just too bad, they can’t find an ethical and honest person for this position.

    • How many times are we gonna fall for these smear campaigns? I’m sure between now and next Monday, there will be more “accusers” as the smear machine revs up.

      This is why americans hate politicians.

    • Spoken like a man with no daughters or sisters, and probably very few friends. Empathy deficit disorder must be a thing amongst conservatives.

    • The article clearly states that Dr. Ford corrected her therapist’s notes re the number of boys. There were four at the party, but she was ambushed and forced into a bedroom by only two, Kavanaugh and Judge.

    • Sounds like a average party, ….. 20 guys and 4 girls show up?!?! I guess you’d have better odds if you were a Rich millionaire and hire Hookers and under age girls!?! I never attended a Party drinking or other wise that the girls out numbered the guys. FAVORITE PAST-TIME; Girls shop, … Guys drink Beer … I’ve been to Parties, and get-to-gathers that young girls didn’t have to worry about being attacked or raped!! What the hell is wrong with you people!?!

    • Why did she hire a lawyer and take a lie detector case is she did not intend to come forward? No matter, the presumption of innocence remains with the accused, and if she does not appear before the Senate Committee next week, the vote should proceed. If the Dems want more witch hunting shot at Kavanagh, let them have it then, then vote Wednesday.

    • When you got a few dozen women accusing Bill Cosby or Weinstein or some tv exec, the point of “ me too” is well made. But when you got one woman complaining about a high school sophomore tried to get to second base without first obtaining permission decades AGO, I think credibility is a BIG question and the woman’s movement is hurt big time.

    • Before feminism wrecked the morals of the nation, good girls never went anywhere with 4 boys. Good luck trying that today, they will call you all kinds of names.

      • I won’t call you names. But I will critique the ignorance represented by your statement. Robert White, which morals? Keeping women in their place? Women should be barefooted and pregnant and have dinner ready by 5:30 pm? Or slavery? That “moral of the nation”? I think dudes fought against that one during the Civil War. Or perhaps infiltrating other nations and destroying their resources and stability? Oh, wait, no…that is still going strong. I mean how far back are you going? Genocide? Like settlers handing out smallpox infected blankets to native Americans or just rounding them up and slaughtering them in mass groups? That was for the nation’s “Manifest Destiny” as justified through “Christian” beliefs. Hmm… I’m not sure what you are referring to. But, I would say that the only “moral of the nation” that the feminist movement did attempt to destroy was inequality. But it, unfortunately, seems that inequality is still alive and well if you think it’s assumed that women shouldn’t have the freedom to engage in social situations with an intact sense of safety. Christian morals, by the way, were the justification for most of the other “morals” I described in this passage. So I suggest you look at that “divine” book and how humans have interpreted it throughout the ages (e.g. the Crusades) before you assert that women burning bras, getting promotions, and using birth control pills “wrecked the morals of our nation.” Or at least please acknowledge that your morals do not represent mine. It’s my country too. Thank ya!


    • Obviously you are the loser. What if it was your sister, wife, or mother who had that experience in high school. Would your perspective be more or less insensitive???

    • My thought exactly. Why put herself in that situation
      She’s just wanting on tv. Probably a midlife crisis type deal!!!! She’s Such a joke!

      • I think she has no reason to make this up and that Kavanaugh was one of those boys who knew he could probably get away with rape but waited until he was drunk before he tried. This criminal act of his disqualifies him from being a Supreme Court Judge.

    • Mrs. Ford’s accusation is a total lie. It is so sad. The highly educated couple (both husband and wife) and the Democratic Party have no morality in their souls. How could they want to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s life and his family in order to stop him from being the Supreme Court Justice?

    • Apparently, no one today can remember back to 2006 when the members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were falsely accused by a stripper of gang raping her in their little bath room!!! It was a huge lie but everyone bought her lies and she ruined the reputation of the University, the town, the students, and the town’s prosecutor!

    • The polygraph test, which is long been proven Unreliable and so much so that its not even allowed to be presented in US Courts. But think about, an astout highly esucated PSYCHOLOGIST passed a Polygraph. Well case closed! a psychologist could pass a polygraph, what a feat! That in itself draws negative attention from me



      • Shakespeare wrote half a millenium ago:
        ” Oh, what a tangled web we weave”
        They knew even that, once someone tells a false story and begins to ne questioned on, they have to invent the peripheral details they are being asked about on-the-fly and this uses a completely different area if the brain than the hippocampal memory. A competent lie detector test can detect the difference. Since they didn’t have time to practice those details to ensure they were self consistent, they end up getting caught out.
        So the safest answer to wuestions straying from the practised lie is “I don’t remember”. Christine Ford was very good at that.

    • Yep that was some real technical polygraph she took at a MD hotel. Two whole questions was this side bar style side show. For all her lies and actually middle school demeanor she displayed today. She should loose her tenure, Lying under oath, didn’t know who paid for what polygraph, then find out she’s got a go fund me page. Well now Church Lady, how interesting. Who set that up as she admitted she didn’t know how it works. I would have asked who was paying her hired lawyers who kept coaching her and why did they pay that polog.

      She did herself no good, nor did her handlers. She was the demon cratic’s sheep being let out to torture. How deplorable. Oh, and here’s the clincher, She claims she can’t fly. She claims the committee never told her they would even come to her in CA. Yet when being deposed she responded again and again that she fly’s all around the world. Yet she had told them last week has a fear of flying. Amazing how airline records have told a far different story. Liar with zero credibility. That’s why a tenured educator as she cannot be trusted to train our leaders of the future.

      Do you really feel you can trust your child in her teaching environment after the display you saw today?

    • She has changed her story so many times, hard to believe her. And was it really an assault or her being a sexually active girl that Brett Kavanaugh didn’t pay any real attention too, and she is still upset about that. Her best friend even stated that Brett was never at any of their parties. But one of their friends that dr.Ford did not mention, looked just like Brett and could be twins back then and he was very much attracted to Christine and after a couple of party’s they attended with him, Christine seemed frightened of him, not telling anyone of their circle of friends why. So no she doesn’t believe Cavanaugh had done this but their other friend that looked like Brett.

    • After hearing her testimony she is apparently mentally unstable & comes from a very privileged upbringing! She is either a very good actress or a very naive person. she has major issues it’s very apparent by her behavior and caffeine addiction and has to be on some type of Medication, does anybody else agree with that?

    • I agree. She is a Democrat, contributes to the DNC, held onto info for 36 years, gives info to Feinstein, thinks Feinstein will keep her name out of it, ( had she wanted it to be anonymous would that had not been an agreement before giving out the information)? I mean she’s suppose to be a smart professor, right? Can’t remember where, when, two or four. Her best friend doesn’t recall this incident as the other guy( Judge) did not. Many women that knew Kavanaugh then ( I believe 36) came forward to say this was not the Kavanaugh they knew then. She could not even remember when she testified answers to simple questions that had nothing to do with the event in question.

      She is definitely lying (1) She is a Democrat. (2) She is a contributor to the DNC, (3) does not know when, where, who, how many, (4) cannot keep up with simple questions not pertaining to assault, ie, Go Fund Me, will you be responsible for your lawyers fee, etc.

      She is undermining those women who have been assaulted.She is ruining a man’s reputation and his family is going through hell because Ford was paid to LIE! She is also against pro-life. Abortion is her game! Folks this is serious business! If Kavanaugh is not voted in, America as we know it is over. Let your voices be heard! Make a noise louder than the Liberal Radical students. Time to speak up and out loud and clear that we are Americans and we want our voices heard. We will not let anti Americans that want power, wealth and control take our rights away!!!!

      • I can’t believe that Kavanaugh’s mother, a respected judge too, would not have instilled in him a knowledge of respectful and legal treatment of the opposite sex.
        I am so convinced Ford manufactured this whole story I think she needs serious jailtime. I hope the FBI catches her out.

    • Jim I agree with you I was raised in the East Bay Berkeley area and I graduated in 1979 so I’m a few years older however I to associated with lots of boys they were my buddies but in certain family gatherings and other social affairs I was in compromising situations with a boy or boys and basically I just got the hell out of there as fast as I could my parents always warned me to be cautious around boys according to my parents I’m a good looking girl my parents always cautioned need to be very careful now but I want to know is how can she remember so positively the top of the stairs being pushed into the bedroom the wrestling on the bed the falling through the floor the running to the bathroom but she can’t broaden that memory to what the rest of the house look like whose house it was where everybody else was why alone upstairs with the boys I mean if she was standing at the top of the stairs when they came and knocked her in the bedroom why didn’t she just run down the stairs and wait until the boys were done doing whatever they were going to do or run downstairs to get a girlfriend to come up with her so she can’t remember what why who where how but she can’t remember it was Cavenaugh and judge and it could have been two boys it could have been for boys I just I don’t buy any of this and with her being in the field she’s in I’m thinking she got caught up in one of her students stories or a dream State issue or something I don’t buy any of it I’ve been in those situations at that time of my life it was a long time ago and she’s moved on a successful life what made you think you had to do this now what in God’s name does this have to do with him in the position he’s running for barring the last 40 Years of his life style

    • Yeah! If Dr. Ford was so scared why would she leave her best friend (the only other girl) behind in the house with 4 boys (two of whom she says tried to rape her). A girl wouldn’t leave her best friend behind with alleged rapists.

    • Also, polygraph was only 2 questions which had nothing to do with Kavanaugh. She also stated that Dianne Feinstein told her to get a lawyer prior to this hearing. Feinstein is behind every bit of this along with the best of the democrats. One was caught giving the boat rape incident to a news media and they had to cover it up. Michael Aventti went too far with the gang rapes. That is just so far fetched. Grassley is having one of them that testified before the judiciary investigated now.

    • Judge Kavanaugh’s calendar put them outside the area where she said the assault occurred the only time he was with PJ and Judge. He was with 5 other athletes after their workout. It was the only time on his calendar he was with them in town. He was out of town all but two weekends that summer. He could tell you where he was at and who he was with every day of summer of 1982. She couldn’t put her self at any of the locations he was at because she didn’t know where he was at. She was not a regular in his social circles. Case closed. She enjoyed testifying too much. I think she leaked like a sieve. High functioning Sociopath.

    • Let’s forget a moment about who is lying or not lying. Let’s just examine the story told by Dr. Ford. She can’t remember what day this occurred. She can’t remember the location of the house it was supposed to happen in. She can’t remember how she got to the party or how she got home. She was 15 and drinking beer. She states that she was pushed from behind into a bedroom and thrown onto the bed. She somehow escapes, but can’t remember how. She locks herself in a bathroom across the hall and waits for the boys to go downstairs, before she escapes. That would mean that she would have to get past all 4 boys to leave. She abandoned her best friend to the mercy of 4 boys she stated tried to moleste and possibly kill her. She never mentioned this to her best friend that she abandoned at the party in the following days. Do you expect us to believe that her best friend would not ask her why she left or where she went or how she got home? When questioned, her best friend has absolutely no recollection of this party or something happening to her. Her best friend does not even know Brett Kavanaugh. No one supports her story, not even her friends. Her husband did not even show up to support his wife, how curious. Yet, you want us to believe this fairy tale just because a “WOMAN” suddenly remembers this 36 years later? If a man brought this story forward, he would be laughed out of the hearing room.
      Possibly, Dr. Ford did attended a pool party where she was molested, but not with Brett Kavanuagh. Several questions you need to ask. 1. What was a 15 year old girl doing attending parties where beer was being consumed with no parents involved. 2. Why did Dr. Ford go upstairs, to find a bathroom, I don’t buy that. More than likely, she went upstairs willingly at the invitation of a boy. It sounds like when they got on the bed and things started getting hot and heavy, she got scared and wanted out. It sounds to me like she started crying and the boy let her go and she ran out of the room with the boys laughing at her for crying and running away. I did notice that not once did she say that she began crying, how odd. It would seem to me that vulnerable 15 year old girls cry in these type of situations. The bed horseplay may have gone from consensual to non-consensual. However, she said the boy stopped, therefore, what crime was committed. I find it amazing that people can listen to delusional stories like Dr. Ford told and not see it on its face as delusional. Dr. Ford does a MAJOR disservice to women’s causes with this obvious fairy tale concerning Brett Kavanaugh.

    • She was recruited by the democratic party to stop Bret Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Justice. She is knowledgeable at how to act and how to be a victim. She is a very smart women who can act really good!! Kudos on that one!! She is not a victim but fabulous at portraying one. The Republicans are so stupid and need to learn how to play the game like the Democrats!! Kavanaugh will ultimately get the position and I do hope the Demos realize that they opened up a can of worms that is so sad and pathetic and will ultimately cause them to never regain power!!!

  2. So I would have to say way it not told sooner?? I could say it was she that instigated it and who is to say I’m wrong. Besides when a guy is 18-19 etc and some young lady show’s more leg or breast than should be shown it is’nt right “but” who’s fault is it really??

  3. Now that new information has come out, and the accuser has spoken, we must investigate! Very serious, and yet also very sad. Whom to believe? #Metoo

    • Even my Democratic friends says this is so stupid.

      Everyone was fooling around when they were 16 or 18!

      (And this assumes it is true and not just an Anti Trump motive)

    • This woman is a perfect example of a weak human. Me Too Shmee Too. Give me a break. She has harbored these horrible feelings for 30 years? Couldn’t have normal relationships with men? She went into the right profession. Clinical psychologist. Really someone I’d want to go to for advice. NOT!!! Get over it lady and grow up. The women I know ptu this cry baby to shame. Hey Doc, learn how to deal with real problems

      • Your lack of empathy is abominable. Clearly you have never experienced such trauma. Victims of PTSD want to forget the event not live it again and again by retelling their story. Is emotionally draining. A normal defende mechanism is to bury the memories in order to be able to cope and continuing their lives..you can image this is even more painful for a teenager with a not so strong sense of self. Those wounds never leave you and seeing your attacker get away with it to go and destroy other lives is trigger enough to come forward after all those years. Educate yourselves about these topics before running to judgment. This should be apolitical.

      • Classic Trump infighting 101– When you have done something wrong; attack the accuser
        Look at her because I’m not going to stop my assault ever!

      • Wow – you write like you know everything, but you have no idea what a clinal research psychologist does do you? For one, she is NOT a therapist, she does not provide clinical services. You claim she is “… a perfect example of weak human.” Could you give your perfect example of a strong human? Les Moonves? Bill O’Reilly? If she has had trouble with male relationships, I can see how a bad encounter as a teen would have some effect on that, don’t you? You are actually probably an idiot so I am sure this is wasted on you – but here is Dr. Blasey’s Google Scholar profile. My bet is you cannot not even comprehend the titles of more than a few of the articles she has co-authored research on child and human development; I think you will see that Dr. Blasey’s work has indeed addressed REAL PROBLEMS: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=J2T7HxgAAAAJ&hl=en

        • Yes but she is a left wing college professor. I mean come on a convicted criminal is more believable. Sorry, but the left lies so constantly you can’t take anything they say as truth. They have dug their own grave with the socialist, feminist, white privilege, baby killing, racist, bigoted, safe space, black lives matter, LGBTQ-IXCNQTOPMZA4$GKPO fluid gender, wage gap, UFO, Sasquatch, Communist agenda’s

        • thank you for linking her google scholar page! I wish people could understand how substantial her research background is– she has an impressive body of work… not a random wackadoo…

    • #metoo You people are week and love the attention. I was abused as a child and did not dwell on it I just got my life together. You should too. All you are attention hounds. Get a life and leave people alone. You had plenty of time to mention your abuse but you wait years for your convenience to ruin other men’s lives. Get a life losers

  4. I believe her. It didn’t take a polygraph to know that she was telling the truth. Thank you, Christine, for your bravery and standing up for what’s right!

  5. She’s nothing more than a Demo operative playing a role in a “dirty tricks” drama we’ve seen before when Republican presidents nominate somebody to the court. Of course the Washington Post is involved. They probably know this is a put up job and are doing it to derail Trump, whom they despise. I hope Trump doesn’t buckle to this fake pressure and pushes Kavanaugh to the finish line.

  6. She’s a clinical pyschologist but now she is going to question the notes of her therapist that she shared this traumatic event with 30 years ago. So she is stating to us, that she can’t remember every detail of the evening because she was only 15 but even though the notes of her therapist of the time states that she told her that there were 4 boys she now knows for a fact that that there were only two and Kavanaugh was definitely the one on top of her!! And I don’t see in any of her details of the evening where he was going to kill her like she states. I also find it funny that when she shared this incident with her husband she just knew that one day he would be a Supreme Court Judge. Boy she really does have ESP powers!!

    • She said that she didn’t share the traumatic event until 2012… only 6 years ago in couples therapy. She was married in 2001 so that was 11 years into her marriage and obviously her marriage was in trouble if she and her husband were in couples therapy. Mentioning this in couples therapy is in no way evidence that it was Kavanaugh and could be anyone and could even be an excuse for her behavior that had created problems in her marriage. It does not serve as any evidence of anything.

      She says that the supposed event of 1982 caused her problems in relationships for many years. She married at age 34 and many of my family members and friends… especially with careers… did not marry until in their 30s so that has not the least bit uncommon in the past 40+ years. What is quite common and has been for decades are the smut and smear tactics used by Democrats with allegations that cannot possibly be substantiated because they know it’s difficult to disprove something that never happened. The fact that Feinstein kept this letter secret since July… saving it until the week before the Senate confirmation vote makes it look even more like a smut and smear plot to be used ONLY if the they couldn’t find a way to sabotage Kavanaugh’s confirmation through the confirmation hearings.

      Isn’t amazing how Democrats have forgotten Tawana Brawley, Crystal Gain Mangum and others who have made false allegations that harmed innocent young men. Sure there are men who are guilty of sexual misconduct but there are also women who lie and make false allegations, too. With current political correctness the women are to be believed without evidence and the men are condemned and destroyed in the court of public opinion. Do they want to get replace our judicial system and try everyone in the court of public opinion instead?

      • So, did Christine “Spartacus” survive her marriage therapy? Did you say she had four children after marrying at age 34? That would make the oldest age 14-15, assuming none of them were born out-of-wedlock. Where is hubby? What kinds of problems may Christine be encountering raising four children and holding down positions with four employers? What does her tenure at UNC, a known party school, tell us about the woman?


      • I agree. She is the one that was seeking help for something that happened years ago. Why would she not tell her parents? Why would she not confide in a friend? Why would she not tell her husband? What caused her to go to a therapist with her husband? Why was Kavanaugh’s name not mentioned even then? Why could she not remember how she got there? How could she not remember what happened until now? She is trained. She is training and teaching others. My gut says it never happened not with him, not with anyone. And I do believe it is to get back about the foreclosure and the all the connections to the Democratic party at the university helps the judge, not her. Clearing her computer comments helps the judge not her. If someone did that to me in high school, I would remember everything to this day. I would know how I got there, who did what, who I told, every detail would still be with me. And I am not trained.

        • Your just plain stupid . Don’t you know about limitations of time. if she was raped she should of reported it at the time it happened, then if it really did throw the book at him, but it did not and she did not and 35 years later when she probably has to find an excuse for her now husband what she was doing with another teenage boy she comes up with this. She is the one that should be charged and go to jail

      • It’s rediculas. On days before an important piont in a mans life some stupid teenager who probably was drinking and being permissible is playing around with another teenager comes out and makes an most likely embellished accusation. It’s descusting. All these women now coming out to cause headaches for all the problems they can . If he raped her and she reported it at the time it happened, then ok throw the book at him, but 35 years later, when she was and he was a teenager, and days before this important piont, reeks of disgusting efforts that women are doing. The poor young men today, you can’t even ask a girl on a date before someone accuses of upsetting them. I’m pissed off. This women will get back what she deserves and someone will probably start investigate her and her misdoings over life. I hope she runs for public office and I hope the university she works for looks into her background and finds something she did that is considered Improper.

      • Even she says she was not raped. I keep hearing she is so believable, but it has been 36 years. If sexually harassing women is his MO, exactly where are all the other women he did this to? Come on. We are supposed to believe that someone who would try to do something like this would never graduate to actually following through? This does not pass the smell test. I am trying to figure out if this never happened, or is they were making out and he tried to get to second base (because he would be the only guy in history to try to get to second base at the age of 17). This isn’t believable.

  7. Well she showed poor judgement.going into a home with no adults and alcohol being served and most likely drugs. This is stuff movies are made of. If this is the case ….why is she teaching at the college….who wants a college professor with poor judgement teaching young students.

    • And by that reasoning, anyone who was a teenager in a house with no adults and alcohol has poor judgment and should therefore DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED TO BECOME A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. Good point K.U.Miller!

  8. Christine, the women of Santa Clara County have your back; we believe you. Your truth will recall this rapist from becoming part of the supreme court. As a professor of psychology you are well aware people rather close their eyes and ears than facing the reality in front of their face. You are acting as a decent person and as a representative of the psychology field. Don’t give up!



    • Rapist? After about a million pages of legal documents and scouring his personal life, we now hear that 35 years ago a 17 year old boy may have gotten drunk and fumbled around with a 15 tear old girl. I guess you have a more upright candidate in mind.

      • You are obviously a man. Yes, sure minimize it. That is why he had 65 statements ready to go once this came out. Angry white men really need to work on becoming more evolved

  9. I wonder how much she was paid to write this letter. I don’t get why something that happened between kids 15 and 17 waits 35 years to come out if it so ruined her life. Give me a break. Talk to most girls that age . We all had some kind of sexual encounter. Stupid! I don’t believe a word this woman spouts.

  10. Wow. Some nasty comments. Suggesting that Ford made this up for political reasons is just so crazy. Think about it with regard to women in your life, or yourself if female. NO reasonable WOMAN brings this kind of attention on herself for political purposes. This kind of behavior has happened to many many women. It actually only seems to be definitely socially unacceptable as a result of #METOO. We should all be very concerned that speaking out about personal safety and sexual assault is met with such derision.

  11. I probably wouldn’t have said anything after all these years, but I can’t speak for other women; you do what you think is right. She now has to put up with hateful men (and women) blaming her and harassing her. How does that make other women of sexual assault feel? They’re more likely to remain quiet.

  12. She can’t remember the address of the house or even the owner of the house. She can’t remember the day of the week, much less the date it all happened. The one witness to the event disputes her claim. She did not file any police report at the time. She didn’t tell anyone else at the time.

    This is a prime example of a woman who hurts all the valid incidents of sexual assault by lying about an assault that clearly never took place.

    And to top it all off, the Democrats had months to vet this story and are exploiting this woman for their own political purposes. Even more tragic is that Dr. Ford is doing herself no favors by taking part in this charade.

  13. I probably wouldn’t have said anything after all these years, but I can’t speak for other women; you do what you think is right. She now has to put up with hateful men (and women) blaming her and harassing her. How does that make other women of sexual assault feel? They’re more likely to remain quiet.

  14. What did the Democrats pay you for this fabricated story?
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    This is right out of the HOUSE OF CARDS Script!

  15. Leave Ford out of this, she is being used, and I pity her. She will get paid by a book deal, but a what price to her and her family. Feinstein is the problem. She is in the process of ruining a person’s reputation. She knew of this since July. F. had an ethical and moral obligation to make it known, if not to the public at least to the members of the committee. Why did she not do it? She knew it would not stand the light of day, or she did not believe it. She is using Ford to attempt to gain herself support with the base, and delay the confirmation.

    F. is setting back the women’s cause by decades. She and other Democrats will use their own to maintain power.

  16. With the exception of the mouth being covered and the threat of ripping her close off (all made up) while screaming for help this is nothing more than dry humping which is very common for teenagers. It’s ironic and, and it is true in my experiences that many psychologists are unstable in their personal life and use other people’s problems to right themselves. I think she made up a lie to save her marriage. Why was a polygraph taken in 2012 to confirm what the analist wrote down was true? Someone thought she was lying and why? How is her marriage now? She’s a crafty [erson and sees an opening.

  17. Reading the comments thus far, I’m amazed (but shouldn’t be) that few seem to comprehend that the real issue revolves around Judge Kananaugh’s emphatic and categorical denial that this incident ever happened. We will eventually find out if this is true or not, because, unlike the Anita Hill debacle, there was, allegedly, an eyewitness, and marginal participant, Mark Judge (not to mention all the people Mr. Judge may have contemporaneously told about it). Once again, we may witness the sad repetitive lesson that it’s not the actual incident that brings down those under scrutiny, but the lies and cover-ups.

  18. I know Christine Blasey Ford is lying because I was falsely accused of rape / sexual assault by a narcisistic female once with whom I had stupidly had on a consensual relationship for months. She used the same wording, claiming that I “told her not to scream” on the day we broke up (narcisist discard phase). I wondered why this particular lie? I figured out It was to preemptively counter the fact that the sex was mutual, consensual.

  19. Does anyone risk a life long career and good reputation for a lie? How stupid all these reactions are. Someone wrote all girls experience some sexual encounter in their young life. That is true to a great majority but is not a reason not to tell sooner or later if that person applies for the highest office if not trustworthy. I experienced an encounter too that was traimatising I waited for his wedding-day to show up in church to say I was having an objection. That was a big scandal in my town but a payback moment for me.

  20. You are obviously a man. Yes, sure minimize it. That is why he had 65 statements ready to go once this came out. Angry white men really need to work on becoming more evolved

    • Why not have a hundred or a thousand letters.. Oh, I I know, a movie of the incident. And, where are the pictures. Can we not just wait?. I can see him now going to 65 gals and say”can you please write a litter saying I did not grab this girl thirty years ago?” Thank you You are the reason, that people feel free to say and do anything right or wrong… . A million dollars says she is a dummycrat. I am not of either party, I do not follow blindly anyone.

      • She is a democrat. Her parents were also in a foreclosure in which Brett’s mother, Martha Kavanaugh was the judge as they lost. No coincidence I’m sure.

  21. The fact that this was all detailed 30 years after the event to a therapist probably is an indication the woman has mental issues.

    What kind of 15 year old girl goes into a bedroom with two boys?

  22. There are many reasons not to confirm Kavanaugh, This is another one and it’s the tie-breaker. We have a loser in the White House who by his own admission likes to “grab women by the pussy” without their consent. That’s because no real woman would give him the time of day. The last thing we need is a loser on the Supreme Court who even as a teen did his holy best to rape a vulnerable young woman. That’s called privilege. That’s called the swamp, and Kavanaugh is part of it. That’s also called a felony. No Kavanaugh, No Way.

    • THIS IS ALL SO OBVIOUS, B.S ! The “timing,” all around the, CHRISTINE / DEBRA , nuptials! “ALL, FOR THE CAUSE !” Right Ladies ? Hell! Sounds like CHRISTINE could’a KICKED, NERDY BOOKWORM, KAVANAUGH’S BUTT ! .. Just say’n …!

  23. this is not surprising for a California dem university prof activist. the dems have no creds, no morals, definitely no love for country. the American people better wake up and vote these clowns out at the midterm because our country is at stake! I have been around for 63 years and have never been so frightened for our country!

  24. WHOA..,WHOA.., WHOA ! Ms.Christine Blasey Ford, CERTAINLY didn’t mention, “RAPE”..to her, atty., fiancé, Ms.Debra Katz ! In fact, where’s the POLICE REPORT ? Christine said, “She feared for her life !” THAT’S WHEN THE POLICE ARE CALLED ! PERIOD!

  25. One has to wonder what the four men she accuses would be saying about her if she were the supreme court nominee. Interesting how hysterical people get when it’s politically convenient.

  26. All these females have to do to be believed is to “Prove” it. Videos, witnesses, evidence all types, etc. Accusations mean nothing other than to slander a person, by the way being a civil crime, and ruin their name. Make them prove it, ever word and action. Proof, Proof and more Proof.

  27. I was assaulted at 4 years old. My sister witnessed part of the incident. At four I remember, who, what, when where and all the other details. I remember what the bedspread looked like. If her only memory is of Kavanaugh and his very public long-time friend, and not where this took place, when or other very identifying details of the incident, I absolutely question it. As someone else pointed out, what questions where on the lie detector test? I heard it wasn’t expressly asking about the attack, but simply asking what she had told her therapist. People lie to counselors and therapists.

    • Neither do you, but I know that most 15 year old sex assault victims who claim to be sober remember how they got to the location, where they were and how they left. She doesn’t. Probably because it didn’t happen and she didn’t know how to make up that part of the story without having it easily discredited. Polygraphs are junk pseudo science and aren’t even admissible in court in most states as a result. Her “lie detector” questions are very telling to me. She carefully did not have them ask her if Kavanaugh groped or assaulted her. They merely asked if she told a story about an assault of these prep school boys to her therapist. Why not ask the $100,000 question? I don’t know her story, but I know bull**** generally when I see it. Look at how she presented it, when they decided to release it. Real victims laugh at this sort of thing. P.S. I’m a real victim.

  28. She’s a well-respected professor, affiliated with Stanford in some way and she has several degrees. She took a polygraph test regarding her story and passed it. She’s credible. YOU are not. You are part of the rape culture that supports men who deny their actions. Why aren’t we asking Professor and attorney Anita Hill about the way these accusations have been weaponized against the victim.

    • well-respected professor <- even more suspect
      affiliated with stanford <- can't be found in the faculty directory
      several degrees <- most degrees aren't worth the paper they are printed on
      polygraph <- shows belief, not truth
      credible <- dubious, therapist notes contradict her

    • Your comments suggest you think you are an intellectual elitist. Putting down someone for their grammar is typical of the intellectual elitis class who believe they are superior to us lesser creatures. Until you and your comrades take over and start your eugenics program to weed us and our children out, like the Nazi’s, you should try to be more careful who you reveal your true nature to.

  29. I see Ruthie seems to be on the right track. However–

    Fiend-steen held on to the “anonymous” letter so as to jam up the timeline to put the R’s on the skids. Anyone who thinks this scenario is somehow legit… is drinkin’ COMMIE KOOLAID!

    This is the new “political weapon”–impossible to verify sexual abuse. But… ya gotta get some COMMIE BABE to write a letter to WHICH EVER COMMIE needs ammunition, and then have them leak it out to the “public”.

    In this case, the “COMMIE BABE” source happens to be a PhD Psycho-Babbler from a CA college. And it seems she repressed all the “horrors” of the “incident”?

    Now, as a Dr. of Psycho-Babbling, she should have LONG AGO been able to un-repress the “horrors” and got her crap straightened out (even lay-peeps know that a wannabe shrink has to pass the “legit-test” to even get the “PhD letters”.)

    35 years later, she magically decides to, anonymously(?) BTW, put the screws to Kavanaugh for his “non-rape”? And after some number of sessions with her “shrink”?

    I got a more rational scenario: she’s bein’ shrunk due to her pathologic lying. (That’s how she can pass a “lie-detector”–pathologic liars “BELIEVE” their lies are “REAL”!)

    Keep in mind–this is an “HIGH SCHOOL INCIDENT” we’re talkin’ about! More than likely, she tried hittin’ on HIM… and he shot her down. She just could not get past the rejection… proceeded to create an anti-Kavanaugh “reality”… and then, like an answer to her prayers, Brett shows up on TV and triggers her to rush out for satisfaction of her Kavanaugh-induced demented state of denial.

    Convenient–pure and simple. Oh; and did I mention… she’s a PhD Psycho-Babblin’ COMMIE from a California COMMIE College? Why, yes–yes, I believe I did.

    This COMMIE BABE is the exact reason I avoid any of them like the plague!!!

  30. Graham….I don’t mean to gender you, but you sound like a dude. If so, GTFO with you telling me about the rape culture. I am a woman. You don’t walk in my shoes or any other woman’s shoes. This professor is not very well respected by her students, the most important measure of a professors success. Her parents had mortgage default in 1996. Do you know who the judge was? Martha Kavanaugh. Eventually they settled with the bank and the motion was dismissed. Being a professor doesn’t make you automatically credible. Like, being a federal judge isn’t just as credible? She doesn’t claim to be raped. They were both minors. It is a he said – she said, except it is actually a he said, he said – she said, since 2 males said this didn’t happen. I’m not promoting a rape culture. I’m sick and tired of women in the #metoo movement falsely ruining guys lives. This guy isn’t Harvey Weinstein or Bill Clinton. He has never had multiple allegations like typical predators surface, and her story has many holes. Full stop.

  31. Ruthie and Bruce B NAILED IT!

    Ms. Ford has no credibility. Feinstein should be charged with a crime for withholding information about the judicial nominee.

    Even if Ms. Fords claims are true, they aren’t serious, can’t be proven beyond any kind of doubt, probably aren’t crimes, and Kavanaugh has an outstanding record as a judge and as a good citizen.

    Time for the Republicans to confirm him. This week.

  32. I agree Jack. Confirm him. In the mean time, we have to watch a hearing while a bunch of democrat predators in Congress with their own multi-million dollar sex harassment tax-payer funded slush fund get to act like boy-scouts and demean Kavanaugh. What a ****show.

  33. Well Ruthie that’s really interesting! I hope to hear more on that if Martha Kavanaugh did indeed preside in a case of mortgage default involving Ford’s family. I am very moderate in my politics, lean more democratic and am sensitive to the Metoo movement, but THIS seems more like a very evil political and economic opportunistic ploy. Absolutely no other dirt can be found on this man and then there is the timing of it all. I just don’t buy why she says she didn’t come forward earlier. She is a doctor of psychology. She should have been an example of truth knowing that her story would help others.

    • Dropping the “e” from judgement is an American corruption. It was dropped in English English too, but csne back. When in doubt, look at the French from which it came – JUGEMENT

  34. The woman waited 35 years to come forward. She did it solely to cause great damage to this man, & President Trump. She doesn’t even know all the details, but is willing to
    ruin a man’s life. Senator Feinstein had this info 2 months ago. Shame on her.

    • “She doesn’t even know all the details”

      Don’t worry, not a problem, she will keep making them up as she goes along. Personally i can’t wait to hear the answer as to why no police report has been filed even now.

  35. Reading through some of these comments makes me long for the day when women will all be in power roles and men the minority “asking for it”. Just wait guys, that day may be coming sooner than you know, and women will make all of your current misogynistic fears look small compared to reality.

    Thank you Mrs. Ford for coming forward with your story. Hopefully your honesty has averted (at least temporarily) another tragedy about to befall American women.

    • Notice how you fail to point out any actual evidence, corroboration, or anything else that supports Ford’s story, because there isn’t any. The only alleged witnesses say the party never even happened and Ford’s own therapist’s notes from 30 years after the incident no less, contradict her story. Instead of making any actual argument, you fall back on your obvious hatred of men as though it’s an argument. It isn’t. Ford and her story are not going to even remotely hold up under the pressure of a hearing where she is pressed for details she doesn’t have, so you better prepare yourself now. It’s all going to collapse.

    • Evolution takes care of everything. Those who have a healthy attitude to sex and leave more well-nurtured offspring will be the future najority

  36. Astrologer. Anyone know Christine Blasey Ford’s Birth date?
    Based on the stars, it does not look good for Judge Kavanaugh on September 24, 2018.
    I need Christines birth date to see if this is going any where at all.
    The stars don’t lie.

  37. Someone should investigate every inch of Blasey’s past. Her behavior in high school and college, her grades, abortions, sexual diseases, finances, financial dealings, taxes, politics, marriage, infidelities, job performance, resume inconsistencies, parenting skills, her siblings, parents and background, associations and more. Let’s shine a light on her and see if she passes the smell test.

    • Understood. You’re upset that Kavanaugh might not get a lifetime SCOTUS appointment. But that is no reason for you to engage in misogyny. If what you suggest was done with every female accuser of sexual assault, no one would ever come forward.

      • I hate to break the bad news, but her weak story which has already been contradicted by every witness she has named and her own therapist’s notes is not going to hold up under the intense pressure of a Senate hearing. Not even close, which is why her lawyers have done nothing but stall and make ridiculous demands for absurd conditions nobody testifying before congress gets in order to keep her out of the hot seat. Two to one she never testifies and instead just keeps making demands that the judiciary committee won’t agree to to get out of it just as she has been all along.

  38. She “suddenly remembers?”. I was rapped at the age of 8. You DON’T forget sexual assault. The other boy said it didn’t happen. Those liberals will try anything. The right to kill babies will not be taken away from you!!!!!

      • It’s more like what she doesn’t remember, like the definite year it supposedly happened, exactly where it happened, how she got to where it happened, how she got home from where it happened etc. The only details she has given have been contradicted by the witnesses she claim were there who in turn claim no party even occurred. Her own therapists notes which plainly say that she indicated four boys were in the room not two also contradict her. She and her story will never hold up to the pressure of a hearing which is why her lawyers have done nothing but stall and try to put ridiculous conditions on her appearance. Kavanaugh isn’t stalling or putting any conditions on his appearance. He is eager to testify with no conditions at all, so why isn’t she? If she wants to get her story out, now’s her chance UNDER OATH AND UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY.

    • Hey, Lisa. I was too. I am sorry you were raped as a child. In my case, because it was systematic, I did forget a lot of it. I can only recall bits and pieces. This a typical protective mechanism of the human psyche. Please educate yourself on the wider human experience related to how the brain processes trauma, or (if you don’t want to do that) please don’t speak on behalf of all victims. You being able to remember all of it is actually atypical. And, technically, I don’t think she suddenly remembered. She just finally got up the courage to say something. But it makes sense that her memory is a little spotty. I am sorry you can’t see beyond politics to have any empathy for a fellow woman. I am not saying she is correct. I am just saying she has a right to be heard. Side note: I am reassured that my right to abortion will not be taken away. Thank you for that reassuring statement followed by 5 exclamation points! Although, I am pretty positive that taking away that right will be #1 on Kavanaugh’s to do list if appointed.

  39. Understood. You’re upset that Kavanaugh might not get a lifetime SCOTUS appointment. But that is no reason for you to engage in misogyny. If what you suggest was done with every female accuser of sexual assault, no one would ever come forward.

  40. We know, by their actions, that Democrats do not believe in the God of the Bible. To Democrats, slander, gossip, lies, rumor, and backbiting are merely tools, weapons of choice. That they should destroy a good man’s reputation is insignificant to their amoral mindset. That they insult, accuse, and attack half the voters with their ugly words is just one of the ugly hateful arrows in their quiver. They love hate. They love lies. They worship evil. These verses will mean nothing to them in this life. They will mean something to them in the next. 1 Peter 2:1 1Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.
    Titus 3:2 2…to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.

  41. I am wondering why wait for 36 years before coming out into the open. Is this just to ruin Kavanaugh ? The motive now is to stop his nomination. If there is no nomination will she come out or leave it alone as it was ? I wonder.

  42. Everyone sees this for what it is, a pathetic attempt by liberals to prevent a conservative judge on the Sup. Ct., even if it means lying and tearing down a good, honest, brilliant person. Everything in me tells me Blasey Ford is lying or mistaken -waiting so long, speaking freely about the alleged traumatic experience to multiple friends, marching against the President, changing details in her story, the timing of disclosure now… Democrats have been horrid since Trump surprisingly won, their hysterics and keep pushing independents like me further away.

  43. I had a repressed memory until recently of Christine and Chuck shumer and nancy Pelosi holding me down while Bobby Mueller repeatedly raped me and others. They should all resign their positions. I also have the others as witnesses to the events.

  44. Toxic misogynist vitriol like most of the comments here is exactly why Ford should be taken seriously; no sane person would ever intentionally invite this kind of hatred and inevitable backlash by coming forward with her incredibly personal and embarrassing experience.

    There are more coming. Quote me on that.

  45. you are not going to turn Brett’s good name into a “Bork” or a “Lewinsky” or a
    “Omarosa” or a “Twana”.Occupy Wallstreet-Black Lives Matter How do you feel if the press said– Liberals are a bunch of “Bill Cosbys” Democrats are “Harvey Weinsteins”. all the BS in the press comes from Liberals and finally they have Trump who is fighting back and they cant deal with it— he can out catch phrase all of you –you are bunch of Americaphobic Bill Cosbys!!

  46. Should a serial womanizer and sexual predator be allowed to nominate anyone to a Supreme Court position? It is too bad women are the losers in these cases. Anita Hill was attacked by an all male committee. Why are women not believed in these situations. Finally, why can’t comments speak up for justice to be served and cut the character assasinations out of conversations. Dr. Ford is certainly courageous to want to be raked over the coals by biased men. God be with Ford and Kavanaugh

    • Why are women not believed in these situations? You can start with the fact that Ford said nothing for 36 years, still has not filed a police report, won’t even commit to the year the incident supposedly happened, saying only that she thinks it was 1982 after first claiming just that it was the “early 1980’s” and has had her account contradicted strongly by both witnesses she claims were there and her own therapist’s notes. In conclusion, there is no evidence that anything she says is true and the evidence that it is not is piling up. How’s that for an answer?

      • The obvious reason why she won’t commit to a date is to deny the possibility to Kavanaugh of coming up with an iron clad alibi. Little did she know that his meticulous to the point of OCD calendar-keeping would provide an alibi for ALL possible dates.

  47. Christine Blasey Ford is just another wack job liberal that wants to obstruct anything that President Trump wants to do. For traitors like her they need to be indicted, convicted and face a firing squad.

  48. Don’t believe her. She is a party stalwart, like many in Palo ALto who could care less about the rule of law or anything that doesn’t line up with their POV. Confirm him and democrats can confirm someone else after 2020. Politics in this country have become disgusting… It is sick.

  49. Christine Ford…what you are doing is disgusting. I was attacked when I was 12 years old. I am now 67. I did not carry this with me as you say you did. Your field is psychology. If this really happened you should of been able to deal with this. I sincerely doubt this happened to you. Amazing how you basically live in Diane Feinstein’s back yard. How much did they pay you? You democrats will do anything to get what you want. Lie, Cheat and Steal if necessary. Just think what you are doing to his little girls!!! Shame on you.

  50. Christine Blasey Ford is a fraud. When she refused to testify unless a (long) FBI investigation took place, that sealed it for me. She is a Democrat party activist. No surprise that she attended that Democrat Women’s March.

  51. I am an 88 yr.old woman and when I was 10 yrs. Old I was sexually assaulted I did not tell anyone until last year,and I remember everything about it ,even what I was wearing.Traumatic incidents you do not forget,and you can’t even Emagine the damage to my lifr. I believe her,and I know she will have the courage to go to the hearing and let the world know the truth and all women will respect her and support her.You are a hero putting country and women first.I applaud you,and am grateful to you. God bless you and your fsmily. Pat

    • Then why doesn’t she definitively remember the date it happened, first simply claiming it was in the early 1980’s and now claiming she thinks it was 1982? Why doesn’t she remember where the party was exactly beyond the county and general vicinity or how she got there or how she got home? She doesn’t remember anything definitively other than the details of the actual assault and even that is contradicted by her own therapists notes. Why is everybody she claims was there who has given a statement claiming the party didn’t even happen, including one person who wasn’t even alleged to have been in the room where the inc incident occurred? How many people besides her have to be wrong before people like you put away your biases and at least concede the possibility it’s really her who is wrong?

  52. I found it odd that she does not remember who the other girl at the party was, where the party was at and when. Why so vague? Because she is lying. Being so vague makes it harder to be caught.

    • “I found it odd that she does not remember who the other girl at the party was, where the party was at and when. ”

      Because she’s 0 for 2 so far with both witnesses she claims were there denying not only knowledge of the alleged incident by knowledge of even the party itself. She and her lawyers clearly decided going for 0 for 3 by naming a third person was not a good idea. That nonsense she is giving about most people only having a beer is nonsense too. I went to lots of parties at that age and can’t remember one with no parents around where anybody had only one beer. That flat out didn’t happen.

  53. First of all, we don’t know if it was allegedly 1982 or not because Ford only says she thinks it was 1982. That’s after claiming in her original letter to Feinstein that it was just sometime in the “early 1980’s”. Second the therapists notes are not “from the time”, they are from 2012, 30 years after the year Ford now thinks the incident occurred in. Eye witnesses, including victims, have been proven completely unreliable with regard to events that happened relatively recently. 30 years ago, all bets are off entirely, even assuming the best of intentions. Also, no police report has ever been filed, not even now and the state of MD reportedly imposes no statute of limitations on felonies, so, why, even now that she has finally come forward, has no report been made? Finally, two different witnesses reportedly named by Ford, Patrick Smyth and Mark Judge both deny not only knowledge of the incident but any knowledge of the party itself. That leaves no corroboration or evidence of any kind to substantiate Ford’s story. Add the denials of Judge and Smyth to Kavanaugh’s denial and the substantial inconsistencies with the therapist’s notes and that makes at least four different people who have to be substantially or completely wrong in order for Ford to be right. So, how many people have to all be wrong in order for Ford to be right before one has to seriously question if it’s really just Ford that’s wrong?

  54. I was assaulted when I was the same age on a public street at nite. The only thing that saved me was my neighbor stepping out of his house. I remember his clothes, but he was behind me. After 64 years I still remember.

  55. I thinks this is a clear mental health issue such a Borderline PD or Bipolar. Their perception can be very different and most of the time has nothing to do with the reality. I am not sure if the substance abuse was the issue as well.She was already in family therapy since 2012 and I don’t think it was related to the judge. It’s seems she has been traped in her feelings and emotions and trying to find who is responsible for that.

    • Richard C Manley, do you have a reading problem? Just about every opinion on Christine Blasey Ford is expressed on this thread — people who agree with her and people who don’t. (And what is the Post’s opinion on Ford?)

  56. One of my issues is the Dems sitting on this for close to 2 months. Senator Feinstein interviewed Kavanaugh for hours and never said a word. Why didn’t the Dems try to get to the bottom of this at that time? It is all politics. And how long is a person supposed to be held liable for actions of 36 years ago? If and I do mean if this happened can he not be forgiven? Was Kavanaugh born knowing he was going to be a nominee for the Supreme Court and at birth said: “gotta be on my best behavior at all times.”? Are we ever forgiven for our transgressions? Should our lives be destroyed by one accusation? I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. I guess that does not hold up in the justice system any longer. He has to prove his innocence instead of her proving her accusations. Then she wants him to testify 1st. How can he defend himself if he testifies first? This man is an upstanding man in the community. He gives back to his community continually by working with Catholic charities feeding the hungry several times a week. (OOPPPPPS he is a Catholic. He is gonna overturn ROE V WADE!!!!!) Come on this is all bull crap. The country has gone mad.

    • regarding this “democrats have been sitting on this for two months” thing:

      1) ford did not want eshoo or feinstein to reveal her name

      2) my understanding is that as soon as this was brought to feinstein, feinstein went to stanford university to enlist them as a kind of “middle man”. so, that is not “sitting on it”.

      3) feinstein may have had her doubts about the story, since ford did not remember many details and ford did have a reason to hate kavanaugh (mother ruling against her parents in a foreclosure proceeding). so, that is probably why feinstein got the university involved (she is running for re-election and may have not wanted to proceed without more “proof” – a “mistake” here could end her senatorial career and would she really risk that if the story were as obviously bogus as many frothers in these comments believe?).

      4) but one thing keeps nagging at me. why would an educated career woman come up with a story that also puts mark judge in the room? since she forgot other details (and seems to have been drunk), wouldn’t it have been easier for her to make the accusation if she just puts the two of them in the room (and “forgets” judge)?

      5) why is judge staying silent? he could easily take a couple of lie detector tests and put this all to rest. unless it happened.

      6) i spent a formative summer (age 17) in the wealthy chicago suburbs of wilmette and winnetka, visiting a friend from school (i had no idea his dad was one of the wealthiest guys in town). anyway, a friend of my friend had wealthy parents (big house with a pool) and they also had a summer home in wisconsin. they went up there and he stayed and turned the house into party central. everyone in those two towns knew that house. hundreds of kids there all the time – i kept thinking that he was going to get KILLED when his parents returned but he was totally unconcerned. my point is that a LOT of people at those schools must have known that there was a house in those maryland suburbs WITH a pool and no restrictions on drinking (or, apparently, using the bedrooms) and it really should not be at all hard to find people who knew who was involved. it will be interesting to see if kavanaugh remembers being at a house with no rules in the summer of his 17th year. if he was drunk enough, he may not actually remember the incident, but if he was partying that summer at a house with a pool and no parents and liquor flowing, well, he probably did try “something”. i believe he has already referred to “makeout sessions”, so, i doubt that he was holed up in his room all summer reading the constitution. bring me the head of mark judge.

  57. 1) the polygraph test was administered by a retired fbi officer.

    2) does anyone have concrete information that she was the only female at the “party”?

    3) did she attend KNOWING that the makeup of the “party” would be four guys and her?

    4) how DID she get to and from the party? SOMEONE had to have driven her.

    are yuou beginning to see that there is a lot here for the fbi to investigate?

    5) why has mark judge refused to testify? you would think that he would have gone to the nearest polygraph examiner to deny that kavanaugh was involved.

    6) why does he spell hid name with a “K” could he perhaps be a kommunist?

    7) if kavanaugh HAD sucessfully removed her clothes and had sex with her, it would have been statutory rape whther she had consented or not (because she had not yet reached the “age of consent”.

    8) didn’t kavanaugh learn ANYTHING from watergate? the coverup is ALWAYS worse than the crime. oh – he is maybe too young to remember nixon.

    9) just guessing here but i am guessing that the other two boys played some part in helping her get home – what is THEIR recollection.

    10) the other two boys may have been the “connection”, since she and kavanaugh were not classmates. again, something to investigate.

    11) the fbi can certainly begin with a list of homes that had swimming pools in the area in that year (1982). assuming that the parents were not at home, that house must have been well known by other students at one or both schools as a “good place to party”.

    12) this should not be rushed. if kavanaugh had not categorically denied that the event took place, maybe a different story, but if he is deliberately lying at this point in life, he is disqualified.

    13) is mark judge related to mike judge?

  58. #1. If polygraphs were legal, we wouldn’t have to use courts or jurors.
    #2. I can understand being afraid, but for 35 years. I don’t buy it.
    #3. She didn’t worry about all the court cases adjudicated until now. ( Very gullible).
    #4. If this is a memory after many years than there is a chance of some error.
    #5. Although this didn’t happen to anyone else but Mrs.Ford, none of the people named remembered anything.
    #6. A Leopard never changes his spots! So if it supposedly happened to her it would have already happened again.
    #7. What if he were your son and someone blamed him for something he doesn’t honestly remember or never took place.
    #8. If the evidence does not support the accusations, you cannot just take someone’s word. That is just ludicrous.
    #9.If this is all about politics you should never vote Democrat again. They truly have done nothing for society. I switched after finding out about all of the lies about Benghazi and the Russian collusion.
    #10. I know many people who can fool the polygraph machine. So you have to really decide if 65 women have known him since high school and still vouch for his character. Let me see 65 -1. Common sense.

    • may i take #7 first?

      #7. What if he were your son and someone blamed him for something he doesn’t honestly remember or never took place.

      interesting that you pose two possibilities (although the rest of your “i hate democrats” reply is hardly unbiased).

      i think he may “not honestly remember” a lot of things he did that summer.

      she also has some gaps in her story – can’t remember where the house was or how she got there or home.

      but one thing that she does clearly remember is that mark judge was also in the room. judge now claims to have no memory of the night in question.

      he does not say that it did not happen, just that he has no memory of it (this must have been around the time of iran-contra, when reagan consistently said he “had no recollection” of details in that investigation).

      it is not lying or perjury if you say you “have no memory” of an event.

      if mark judge is not either brought in to testify or interviewed by the fbi, then this is a sham coverup.

      regarding the “65 women”, of course he is going to put them forward and many of them probably owe their career advancement to kavanaugh.

      but what about the women who followed the advice of the yale law professors who encouraged prospective law clerks interviewing with kavanaugh to dress in a way he likes and the quote from the tiger mom that “it’s no accident that all of kavanaugh’s female clerks look like models”?

      and what about kavanaugh’s ties to former judge kozinski, where everyone in the world knew that he was a bad apple (save kavanaugh, who was mentored by him and then mentored his son)?

      this is going to turn out to be a glimpse into the 80’s world of connected prep schoolers in the suburbs and the boys club that existed at that time and produced people like kozinski and kavanaugh.

      “fortunately, what happened at georgetown prep stays behind the walls of georgetown prep”.

      maybe then, but perhaps not forever.

  59. Just one question: has she or her husband made any unusually large, out of character purchases since 2011? That would be the year before the couples therapy she got it documented what happened. Anybody asking this question?

  60. Ford told The Washington Post that she didn’t tell anyone about the Kavanaugh incident in detail until 2012 when she was in couples therapy with her husband.

    She turned over the therapist’s notes from the time to The Washington Post, which it used in its story yesterday.

    The notes don’t name Kavanaugh, and they say four boys were involved, not two. Ford said this was the therapist’s error — there were four boys at the party, she said, but only two in the room.

    Therapists don’t make mistakes, their notes can be reviewed by psychatrists. They question things they don’t understand of the individual. If the therapist put down 4 boys were in the room, at some point in the session, she made the comment that 4 boys were in the room.

    • Well, at least ONE of those who continue to believe Kavanaugh (“this never happened”) and are looking to poke holes in Ford’s story has the guts to return to these comments and try one last time.

      The question, of course, is what “room” we are talking about. She was in a room (first) with four boys and apparently, a “Leland” (which may be a girl – I am surprised that no one has yet focused on this).

      She then goes upstairs to use the bathroom and two of the boys follow her and push her into a bedroom.

      If the evidence (therapist notes) actually has her saying that there were four boys in the BEDroom, then you have a point (but if you comb your hair just right, maybe no one will notice).

      I wonder if “Leland” is a secret weapon, just as Mark Judge COULD be a secret weapon for Kavanaugh – except that he has NOT said “it didn’t happen” – only that he does not recollect it.

      I can’ wait for a Senator to ask Kavanaugh if he is aware of a fictional character named “Bart O’Cavanaugh” (I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know if that fictionalized name is spelled in the traditional way – with a “C” – or in the alternative way – with a “K”).

      Kavanaugh apparently has said that he was a virgin all through high school and into college. Sounds like a petty repressed guy to me.

      At this point, I am afraid that he may take his own life before testifying. I would prefer that he appear, withdraw his name from nomination, leave the room and try to explain to his family that he is still “innocent”.

  61. Read this article http://www8.nationalacademies.org/onpinews/newsitem.aspx?RecordID=10420 Polygraph and Lie Detection about the how ineffective Polygraph and Lie Detection. Interesting that so many on the Committee to Review the Scientific Evidence on the Polygraph that reviewed the research paper have the same field of study as Christine Blasey, Biostatistics and in one case Biostatistic and Epidemiology. Very Unlikely that Christine Blasey, PhD had no knowledge of polygraphs.

  62. So, you are saying that the party did occur and Kavanaugh is lying – disqualified.

    Unless you specify how she was “used”.

    Most “popular boys” are not virgins through high school.

    Glad you had the guts to post, but historically, you will look back at this and wonder how Fox News ever convinced you that Hillary was “evil”.

    Maybe you read David Brock’s book as “fact” rather than propaganda.

  63. I’m having trouble figuring out the WHY? of Ford’s accusations 30 or 35 years ago….were there any connections between the two families? I’m a woman, and I would think memories of a day such at that, would be etched in my memory. Was it a normal, routine day, were summer vacation days spent at the Country Club pool? Who invited me to the “party,” was that a normal happening. How did I get from “my home,” to the “pool,” to the “party,” and back to “my home?” Who else was invited to the “party, were there any of my girlfriends there,” where was the “party,” were the “home owners” present??? Latchkey kids? There are more questions….this is just a sample.

  64. Although I believe her and I think Jeff Flake does also, there are some things that puzzle me too, primarily the recollection of “Leland” (and the texted “apology” Ford said she received from her). Also, I’m not sure that SHE was certain that Judge was working at the Safeway that summer – they seem like some pretty privileged kids for him to have had a job at 17 that I had at 16 (and was looked down upon for having it by the wealthier kids where I grew up). Also, I think Ford testified that she said “Hello” to Judge when she went into the Safeway – instead of simply ignoring him.

    That said, the testimony should have answered almost all of your above questions.

    The parents wee never mentioned as being home, so, I presumed they were not present.

    “Parties” WERE a fairly regular occurrence.

    She did testify that she (and, I think, Leland) had been at 4-5 parties that Kavanaugh attended earlier that summer.

    I can understand her not remembering how she got TO the party and she testified that it was an “unremarkable” party compared to others that I think she said “PJ and Leland (who might have been dating) had thrown”, indicating to me that this house may have been a party central – which makes it odd that she can’t identify the house – unless she thinks she is protecting the parents by being vague. Or, unless I misheard and “PJ and Leland” threw parties at different (perhaps rotating – when different parents were out of town) venues.

    But when a day is so transformative for a 15 year old girl, you can’t possibly remember everything, so, you probably have the more essential memories (having her mouth covered, worrying that she might accidentally die this way) crowding out the memories of lesser or more mundane memories.

    But I WOULD think she would remember ho she got home and I thought the Republican’s questioner (who seemed pretty incompetent to me) was getting here when h brought he maps out – but she never got back o that.

    The other thing that makes no sense is that she had only one beer – but there was not a timeline produced to indicate how long she was AT the house before leaving.

  65. Loves beer. Never blacked out.

    Loved beer. Constantly training for sports.

    Attended 5-Star basketball camp. Loved beer.

    I remember back around that time when I met four young Japanese baseball players who were on an exchange program playing in the minor leagues in California, learning “how we do it here”.

    They spoke no english but an older guy was kind of mentoring them and he spoke english. He was 40ish – they we all around 20. One lit up a cigarette. I was incredulous. I asked the mentor, “How can they expect to be taken seriously as possible future pros if they engage in behavior that could even in the slightest way affect their conditioning, especially knowing hat baseball is “a game of inches”?

    He shrugged and said, “In Japan, everyone smokes. Pitchers in a game smoke behind the dugout during the half inning that their team was at bat”.

    I was a high school athlete (#1 in my state in my weight class two straight years). Got offered a college wrestling scholarship but turned it down because I just did not want to continue sacrificing. It was only then that I had my first drink – I never began smoking. As a serious athlete, I would NEVER have smoked or drank whether in-season or out of season.

    Might have been different if I lived in Japan, but Kavanaugh makes a case for himself as a supremely serious athlete in high school. But he loved beer. That doesn’t really add up. As does the repeated assertion that he never had sex in high school or for many years after (lied in the yearbook, i guess)

    I had plenty of sex in and out of wrestling season.

    He may be telling he truth, but it seems like he has some things backward.

    I’m thinking that after “too many beers”, he became a different person, even kind of walking blacked-out. Did things he never could have morally done when not drinking.

    To another culture:

    One of my college teachers was the first white woman to be allowed to accompany he Huichol Indians on their annual trek down from the mountains to gather peyote for the upcoming year.

    They ran down the mountain about 15 miles, filled their sacks and turned and ran back, the whole way back weeping and wailing that “Everyone will be so sad that we have no peyote for this year”.

    But they were carrying the filled sacks.

    Now he is talking about sports again, his incredible dedication.

    But he loved beer. Still does.

    Does not compute.

  66. One thing I think we can all agree upon:

    In high school, Brett Kavanaugh was a dedicated athlete.

    Captain of the basketball team, yes.

    Seemingly even more involved with the football team (cornerback/wide receiver).

    He might well have grown up watching Bobby Chandler, an absolutely average sized guy, haul in pass after pass in the NFL and thought, “He’s no bigger than I am – I could play in the NFL” (may even have known Chandler’s history – that he was recruited on a swimming scholarship to USC, then “discovered” by an assistant football coach).

    Kavanaugh even says he ran track in the spring to get faster for football”.

    Truly dedicated.

    But what kind of a dedicated athlete punishes himself to get better physically and then cavalierly throws part of that away by drinking beer all summer.

    No serious athletes I knew – unless they were such incredible physical specimen that they thought they would always be head and shoulders above other competitors.

    I don’t know what you would call his personality type, especially since he IS going through a personal crisis in view of America.

    And he HAS to be the first team captain I’ve ever heard of who remained a virgin (even if he suggested otherwise in his yearbook) through high school and beyond.

    A very confusing, combative and conflicted personality.

    I am amazed that no one has mentioned Kozinski – Kavanaugh’s mentor (and mentor to HIS son) who made it a long time before the floodgates of HIS sexual improprieties opened – and Kavanaugh alone claimed “no knowledge” despite their extremely close relationship.

  67. I wonder if Christine Ford were accused of misconduct at her job in Palo Alto, would she challenge an accuser who offered no evidence and no corroboration? Would she roll over and not insist on due process?

  68. As a survivor of a really brutal sexual assault from many decades ago, I cannot automatically believe Ford. No one
    asked her about the potential pitfalls of retrieved memory. She should be familiar with it given her expertise in the field. What about all the people sentenced based on such memories and then vindicated in our recent history? How can she be so sure? I remember most everything 4 decades later. What’s fuzzy clarifies after a few minutes of recollection. I told the police, my parents and friends at the time.

    Her evasiveness on the stand, not “understanding” Fletcher’s query about familiarity with “forensic interview” for sex assault victims, and the convenient laps of memory suggests to me that she may have weaponized what memories she claims and pinned them on the highest value target, namely Judge Kavanaugh.

  69. Wow. I watched the whole hearing. Ford is s fake. She acted like a young girl acting cutesy to get her father to give her what she wants. No real tears. Cutesy body language, disgusting! And nothing but her word. By the way, with her education in psychology, and psycho-analysis, she knows EXACTLY how to act to get people to sympathize and believe her. However, she OBVIOUSLY LIED ABOUT HER FEAR OF FLYING. Ie, she can’t be trusted about any of it if she lied about THAT!!!

  70. Judge Kavanaugh is telling the truth. He did not assault her! I believe that she was has been sexually assaulted somewhere at sometime. I have talked to many sexual assault victims, one on one, and in groups of people. I can tell who was sexually assaulted when i start talking about the subject. After the seminar many come up to me and tell me that they had been sexually assaulted. I already knew that they were!

  71. If Kavanaugh TRULY had the kind of character Dr. Ford is describing, ALL LIBERALS would DEFINITELY want him in as a FAKE REPUBLICAN JUDGE!!!!!!! So WHAT is the CLEAR ANSWER to this reduclious, expensive, painful, SITUATION???????

  72. think what we need to realize is that (a) This cannot be verified, so it is useless to even consider an FBI investigation, (b), we are hearing about woman having these experiences all the time, especially with people who have a reputation with politics. And (c), what liberals will do to tear down anyone who disagrees with them in any way possible. I definitely understand that it isn’t a joke when woman are a victim of these circumstances, but don’t you think it is about time to stop with all of this?

    • I would like to see two things:

      1) how many of the interviewed people supposedly at the party said “The event did not happen” and how many said “I have no recollection”.

      In his answers, Kavanaugh (who clearly said, “It did not happen”) said under oath that Smyth, Judge and “Leland” all said it did not happen. Did he speak the truth? Because there is a HUGE difference between REMEMBERING that it “did not happen” and SAYING “I don’t remember”. It could easily be said that “No one backed Kavanaugh’s statement” (that it did not happen).

      #2 WHAT is the story with Leland? She seems more like the female in the movie about Jack Ruby who was basically being controlled by sinister forces (who eventually killed her).

      Ford’s cryptic “Leland apologized in a text” (presumably for saying she did not remember) combined with the equally cryptic assessment of Leland’s mental or physical state (“she is having problems and felt she had to leave it to her lawyer”) SHOULD have brought a MAJOR focus on her from the FBI.

      If you go back through Kavanaugh’s testimony, there are seven instances where he points out that “Leland was Ford’s best friend” (and SHE said it did not happen – well, not exactly).

      It sounded like Kavanaugh KNEW he had that cat in the bag.

      From the other end, I wondered how no one could determine what happened between Ford and Leland AFTER the night in question.

      After all, “Leland” (and PJ) are THROWING the party. Leland is the only other girl there. Ford sneaks out. Doesn’t Leland wonder where she has gone or if she got home safely? Wouldn’t she have called her that night or the next morning? Heard about the attack or NOT heard?

      How could the FBI not wonder the same thing?

  73. I just found out that Christine Blasey Ford is not a licensed psychologist and her Stanford bio has been changed to eliminate the “research psychologist” description.
    Add that to the fact that her story has more holes than swiss cheese and you have a woman who is a fraud.

    George Vreeland Hill

    George Vreeland Hill

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