City fiber network cost estimated to exceed $100 million

Aug. 8, 2022

Daily Post Staff Writer

Building a network of high-speed fiber internet throughout Palo Alto would cost over $100 million, and the project wouldn’t break even for a decade, a consultant told the Utilities Advisory Commission.

Still, the potential benefits of the city competing with AT&T and Comcast by providing super fast and reliable internet at a lower price has many residents excited. Already, 706 people have deposited $50 to show they want the city to bring fiber internet to their home.

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  1. Where is this money going to come from? The city has to raise taxes to increase its spending by 9 million dollars. Does the city have money squirreled away for this?

  2. What? That seems exorbitant, doesn’t Palo Alto double check their consultants??
    Let’s see…$100M divided by 414 miles of roads in Palo Alto is $241,546 per mile!!

    Most cities pay $27,000 per mile so PALO ALTANS PAYING NINE TIMES MORE than other cities pay.

    That service is very simply installed and essentially zip tied to the outside existing bundle every two feet between neighborhoods. You the customer pay for everything from the phone pole to your home Optic Network Terminal and any drops to individual floors.

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