Feds considering housing kids detained at the border at Moffett; Eshoo says she’ll ‘welcome’ them

Moffett Field. NASA photo.

By the Daily Post staff

Federal officials yesterday on Thursday Moffett Field in Mountain View to see if it would be a suitable place to hold unaccompanied children apprehended at the Mexican border, according to the White House.

“We still want to ensure that we have facilities that are safe, licensed and prepared to house children,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said yesterday at a press briefing.
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, made headlines during the Trump administration when she visited child detention centers in Texas and decried the conditions there.
She said Friday that the “inhumane treatment of migrant families” she saw under the Trump administration “can never happen again under our flag.”
“Every child should have a safe space and be with their loved ones, and the migrant children deserve no less,” Eshoo said.

“Should the Biden Administration choose Moffett Field as a temporary and secure shelter for children, I will welcome them and work to ensure they are safe and treated with dignity,” Eshoo said in an email to the Post on Friday.

Health and Human Services says Moffett Field is under consideration because other facilities need to be relieved of a steadily growing number of occupants. HHS said it notified state and local officials on Wednesday, but Mountain View Mayor Ellen Kamei said she was not notified.

She said she heard Moffett was under consideration from NASA, which runs the former Navy base. She declined to offer any opinions about the proposal.

The number of children and families crossing the U.S. border has increased by more than 100% between January and February, according to data released Wednesday by Customs and Border Protection. Over the first week of March, HHS received more than 450 migrant teens and children per day on average, roughly three times as many as the agency was able to release to family members and sponsors, government figures show. Most of the detainees are between the ages of 13 and 17.

As the numbers grow, the administration is looking for places to put them. HHS reopened an emergency facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and another facility in South Florida is under consderation. Right now, the children are being held in steel-and-concrete cells built for adults that were described by Democrats as “cages” when they were used during the Trump administration.

HHS isn’t saying when a decision on whether to use Moffett will be made.

It wasn’t clear where the children would be housed on the sprawling former Navy base known for its large hangars. Moffett Field has long had barracks to house sailors when the facility was a Navy base.

Former Mountain View mayor Lenny Siegel told the Post yesterday he is concerned the site might expose the migrant children to noxious fumes from an underground plume of chemicals known to be carcinogenic beneath Moffett Field. Siegel said the feds probably aren’t considering the children’s comfort as a top priority.

“As a detention facility, unless they call it something other than that, it’s not like you’ll need a lot of convenience stores for the kids. I doubt that they’ll be let out,” Siegel said. “So the isolation is not a problem.”


  1. ‘Sure’ says Eschoo. Whatever we can do for people entering the country illegally then by all means, let’s do it. Kids! Sanctuary cities means we’re wide open. We do have laws but so what, let’s bring Central America up here to get some cheap labor, challenge those already here with competition for their jobs and housing – they won’t mind. It’s free – the Federal government will pay for it not the county or the state. Once they come they won’t leave so we will need more schools, healthcare and support services but we can easily do something with a bond issue or a tax on the wealthy for that but that won’t be for years and years. Everyone is welcome to walk right in. So, sure. Anna doesn’t mind.

    • For 60 years Republican Gov.’s in California, Arizona, Texas, etc. allowed migrant (farm workers) families to cross the boarder for the low wage non union labor. I’m boggled at the ‘politico’ aspect of what is a Human Condition. If we as a nation spent as much time pushing people out vs. working with various governments to put infrastructure in place so people would want to stay, don’t you think they would? The reality is that even the efforts of NAFTA could not add enough infrastructure or jobs to allow for people south of us to live. I wish all the people commenting so animated and violently at a proposal for short term housing of migrant children actually instead would take the time to go see first hand the conditions where those children lived, then ‘judge’ a suggestion for use of what is mostly empty space (Moffett Field has acres of flat unused spaced on it’s non secure side and the mostly unused air-field, and it’s in her district).

  2. This sort of this is always described as “temporary”, like how Democrats describe new taxes or mask laws. These kids will start attending our schools and will be designated as “dreamers”. Soon we’ll be paying for their welfare and healthcare.

    • you do realize that “these kids” already do attend our schools?? and already are considered dreamers, did you not know a huge amount of undocumented students or students with undocumented parents make up the majority population of students in the bay area?? you are literally so

  3. With the Democratic platform during the last election, this wave of illegals shouldn’t be a surprise. It is going to get a lot worse.

  4. Make sure that they all move into Anna’s house after they are processed. How many millions a month will this cost taxpayers?

  5. Why would you bring kids from the Mexican border into Northern California, why not just send them back to their family ? And of course these kids have more morals than a lot of these people commenting .

    • She is simply pointing out for her area and district that the non-secure side of the campus is flat and spacious so if necessary it could be built up for emergency situations. That said, the answer to your question, what makes you think there are resources to find these children’s families and don’t you think they would be doing so if they had the ability? (rhetorical) Your reaction seems that of “not in my back yard”, which is very sad but very common (which makes the problem even worse).

  6. And WE keep re-electing the likes of this career politician who not only feeds from the public tax payer trough but is willing to give more of your money away to illegal aliens (future Dimm voters). If it says incumbent vote for the other person. It is beyond ridiculous we keep these people in office year after year.

  7. So mow Anna wanta to move illegals into facilities currently occupied by Federal employees possibly infecting them with the Covid virus and those employees will spread it to the rest of the communities. Please keep them at the border until they have been cleared of any health issues/

    • NASA and the various contractors at Moffett Field were sent home 12-March-2020 and the entire campus is “minimal staff” just to make sure the buildings and infrastructure are generally maintained. Santa Clara County has been shelter-in-place and the campus has been mostly a ghost-town. So children would not be putting Federal employees or civil servants or anyone else at risk. That said, none of the NASA buildings on the secure side could ever be used, and the non secure side only has two lodge locations, neither of which can hold any large number of people. The empty areas where various buildings once stood when Moffett Field was at full function would have to be used to erect tents or bring in trailers, and even then the space would not be sufficient.

  8. Big corporations should stop stealing land from indigenous farmers in Central America, so that they don’t have anywhere else to go.

  9. The non-secure side of the campus which once had housing and retail is mostly empty. The secure side can not ever be used. The only way the non-secure side of the campus could be uses is if the County, The State, or The Fed erected temporary housing like one might in an emergency shelter situation in the open areas where buildings once stood. That said, there is not enough infrastructure to support feeding and temporary shower/rest-facilities either. While a ‘nice’ idea, Eshoo would be better off asking GOOGLE to bring children into the dozens of currently empty buildings throughout Sunnyvale and Mountain View to ‘house’ children as their is power, bathrooms, and even shows in the work-out facilities, and the buildings have several full service cafeteria areas where safe food prep could occur. So, Moffett Field, no. The four buildings Google bought from Silicon Graphics and all the additional buildings that have been purchased or built for Google that are empty except for security and servers in secure ares, yeah. Ask Google’s CEO.

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