Cops prepare for Ann Coulter visit

Daily Post Staff Writer

Police in Mountain View are planning security for a sold-out speaker event on Tuesday (March 13) night featuring Ann Coulter, the provocative conservative pundit whose last planned appearance in the Bay Area was canceled for fear of violent protests.

Coulter will speak at the 450-seat IFES Society community center at 432 Stierlin Road at a 7 p.m. event hosted by the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, which changed its name from the Conservative Forum in January.

“Liberals: head for your safe spaces! Ann Coulter is coming to town, and she won’t be pulling any punches,” the event listing reads on the Liberty Forum’s website.

Joel Fine, the head of the 15-year-old Liberty Forum, said the group hosts monthly talks by speakers “who can talk about the things that are important to us,” including liberty, limited government, fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense.

“Ann’s a very strong, outspoken, articulate advocate for a lot of those values,” Fine told the Post.

In her talk entitled “In Trump We Trust,” Coulter will “be sharing her thoughts on the Trump presidency: the most monumental, paradigm-shifting, vilified administration in history,” according to the Liberty Forum’s website.

“She’ll discuss what’s been accomplished, what’s left on the table and what Americans can do to ensure the moment is not wasted,” the event page reads.

Police to close road

Police will be blocking off part of Stierlin Road in the Jackson Park neighborhood from late afternoon until shortly after the event is over.

Only residents living in the “immediate vicinity” of the event hall and attendees with tickets to the event will be allowed to drive into the road closure.

No tickets will be sold at the door because the event is sold out. In addition to a police presence, the Liberty Forum has hired private security, Fine said.

Berkeley speech canceled

Coulter canceled her speech at Berkeley in April after the conservative groups sponsoring her appearance pulled their support for the event.

Two months prior, violent campus protests had led the university to cancel a speaker event with another conservative provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Coulter has written 12 books, including “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!,” “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third-World Hellhole” and “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 — Especially a Republican.”


  1. We would love to attend but it appears it is sold out–bummer! I love Ann Coulter! I work in Mountain View for Google and feel very isolated with my conservative views. It would be nice to be with some like minded people for a change….

  2. Michelle, there’s more people than you might imagine who share your views, but the Bay Area isn’t a place for free speech. If you say you support Trump or the Tea Party, you run the risk of losing your business, losing your job and having your house or car vandalized. Liberals believe in free speech if they’re the only ones who get to speak. So I keep my mouth shut and vote against these people every chance I get. Makes me so sad to see how they’re destroying this country.

    • I moved out of the Bay Area. When I visit I don’t dare leave my MAGA hat in my car because I don’t want my windows smashed or car keyed. I was sick of the political correctness combined with sky-high prices for everything. It’s the most beautiful place in the world and it has been invaded by the most ugly, intolerant, hateful people you can imagine. Ann Coulter is a hero and I hope the event goes well and the SJW control-freaks don’t hurt anyone.

  3. Michelle and MB, The Liberty Forum has speakers every month to promote the principles of American Liberty. We have had so many well known speakers it is incredible. Check our website for up coming speakers. In June James O’Keefe pays a return visit for example.
    Some great past speakers that come to mind: The late Andrew Breitbart, Steve Forbes, Jim DeMint, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Allen West, Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, Bill Whittle and now I’m just bragging. Just last Jan we had a bonus meeting with Mike Gallagher and Michael Medved on the same stage. It’s a gas.
    Nick, try timing your visits with one of our meetings. Love to have you.

  4. I can’t believe that such a racist, hateful woman would draw an audience in the Bay Area … I hope she’s met with a “wall” of protesters. #antifa

  5. Guess what? There are silent MAGA voters all around—people that the liberals actually enjoy. As a 3rd generation American, pro-choice, anti-gun, anti-undocumented immigrants female who voted for Trump and watches Tucker Carlson, I think it’s a shame that the liberals are so blind to being the judgmental, hypocritical fools who are suckers for the Democrats who claim to work for the people but in reality, only want their votes—it’s all politics, folks. The Dems don’t care about our safety when they allow 600 felons to run away from ICE. Wake up! They wouldn’t allow felons to run free if they were American citizens. Wish I could see Ann’s talk (although she needs to work on perfecting her false eyelash application).

  6. Ann Coulter is a racist. Each person who shows up to her talk most likely holds racist views but is too afraid to say it openly. All of us want to Make America Great. Yes, all – white, black, hispanic, asian, LGBT, religious, atheist etc. That’s why we live in this wonderful and amazing country!!! Ms. Coulter please take your vitriol somewhere else, Bay Area is already Making America Great!

    • How can you tell when a liberal has lost an argument? When they start calling the other person a racist or a Nazi. That’s when you know they’re out of arguments and they have to throw a nasty label in there. It’s fun to see SV hit the racist button so fast. I remember when it used to be a big deal when somebody screamed “racist.” But, sadly, today it means nothing. For eight years of the Obama administration, if you disagreed with any policy he was pushing, the Democrats said you were a racist. It shut some Republicans up. But for those of us watching, we realized that the meaning of the word “racist” had been changed. Today it means nothing. I certainly don’t endorse racist ideas or beliefs, but the word “racist” is a joke, and Liberals like SV made it that way. A little advice, SV: Argue with facts and logic, not name-calling.

  7. Marie – Unfortunately for people like you “racist” doesn’t mean anything because it’s the new normal for conservatives like you. Sadly, it’s become the defining characteristic of being a conservative and has long displaced fiscal conservatism (Trump has increased the deficit and is moving away from free trade, Bush wasted $3 trillion on wars – you had no issues with it, did you? Do you know why?). Today’s conservatives are not the ones driven by ‘Conscious of a Conservative’ which I was until recently. Look in the mirror before replying.

  8. Funny how SV doesn’t understand what Marie is saying at all. Marie is right, “racist” doesn’t carry much of a punch anymore because it’s been used to attack people who aren’t racists. If a liberal calls me a racist, my response is: “Is that the best you can come up with?” In 2007, “racist” had some impact, but today it’s become a meaningless word because people like SV use it incorrectly.

    • It doesn’t have an impact today because it’s become the norm and elicits the ‘Meh’ reaction Marie and you are having. For example, 100 years back in the South using the N-word to refer to African Americans was the norm and elicited the same reaction.

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