Suspects accused of trying to reprogram car keys

A Toyota Prius. Photo from the Carfax website.

Redwood City police report they have arrested three young men who are accused of stealing a silver Toyota Prius using a reprogrammed car key.

The story begins Friday night at 11:28 when the car’s owner saw two men break into his Prius at around Spring Street and 10th Avenue.

Then owner reported it to police, who then spotted the Prius and pulled it over. Inside were Steven Dominguez Sanchez, 19, of Redwood City and Oakland residents Luis Cisneros, 19, and Kevin Leiva Hernandez, 22.

Police officers and detectives determined that the three men were attempting to steal the car, using an electronic device that is used by car thieves to reprogram car keys. The three were booked into the San Mateo County Jail for attempted auto theft, conspiracy and possession of burglary tools.

Police ask people to avoid car theft by keeping their cars locked and their keys secured. Police say that if you have a garage, park your car in it. Use a physical steering wheel lock, which will not allow criminals to turn the steering wheel, even if they can start the car.

If anyone has any information regarding this case, please contact the Redwood City Police Department at (650) 780-7100.


  1. With remote control of vehicles with autonomous driving capability, it is just a matter of time until we hear a country and western song lamenting “my pickup truck done left me….”.

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