Nikki Haley headed to Atherton for fundraisers

Nikki Haley, campaigning in New Hampshire, will visit Atherton for a fundraiser. AP photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Atherton resident and venture capitalist Tim Draper will be hosting two fundraisers for Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley next month.

Draper and his wife, Melissa, sent out invitations to the Feb. 6 luncheon in San Francisco and a dinner in Atherton where Haley will be the guest of honor.

“I believe in democracy. The best person will win. America always seems to find a way to elect the right person at the right time. Clearly this is Nikki Haley. We seem to have plenty of interest for the fundraiser, and after New Hampshire, I expect the donors to be flooding in.” Draper wrote in an email to the Post.

Haley, a former UN Ambassador and former governor of South Carolina is vying with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Trump for the Republican nomination. Polls from Emerson College and CNN show Haley in second place for the New Hampshire primary after Trump.

The fundraisers will be on Feb. 6, the exact location for either fundraiser is not being publicly disclosed. Prices run from $6,600 to $16,600 per person.

Others named on the invitation include Mark and Julie Douglass, Jennifer and Cree Edwards, Frank Lavin, Jamie Montgomery, Mark Pearson, Chris Relich, Danna and Alex Slusky and John Underwood.

“Nikki Haley is exactly what America needs right now for President. She is intelligent, articulate, balanced, fiscally conservative and socially reasonable. She has both international and executive experience excelling in all areas of her private and public service,” Draper writes in his email invite.

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