Overdose victim dies after he’s dumped at hospital

The new Stanford Hospital, which opened this fall. Stanford Health photo.
Stanford Hospital

Daily Post Staff Writer

A man who had suffered a drug overdose was dropped off by his friends in a parking lot at Stanford Hospital, police said. 

Damian Juarez, 19, was declared dead less than an hour later, despite attempts to save his life by doctors and nurses. 

Security guards in the pediatric emergency room called 911 at 5:56 a.m. Saturday (May 27) to report that two men in their 20s dropped off an unconscious person in the parking lot at 900 Quarry Road. 

The men didn’t say anything other than that their friend had overdosed, and they drove off in a white car, police said. 

Juarez was declared dead at 6:38 a.m., according to the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office. 

Juarez didn’t have any identification on him, and the coroner hasn’t said what city he is from. Police also don’t know where Juarez took drugs, nor what drugs he took.

There were no signs of trauma on his body, and all of the evidence so far points to illegal drug use and not a homicide, Capt. James Reifschneider said. 


  1. This is horrible. Someone should definitely find a way to identify him better and help this poor guy that was just dropped off by some irresponsible people.

    • This is unconscionable. This man didn’t have to die. Harm reduction programs are everywhere in Silicon Valley and they freely dispense Narcan, or Naloxone, which is administered nasally and counteracts the effects of opiate overdoses. While we’re not told what the man took that he overdosed on so Narcan may not have worked, but that’s why We have a Good Samaritan Law that protects people from prosecution when they have someone overdosing In their presence and they ask for help from 911. Again I may not know what the circumstances are of this man in the story nor why the people who dropped him off didn’t stay to ensure his well-being , but I do know that his death was more than likely preventable.

  2. With so-called friends like that, he didn’t need any enemies! I hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives! So sad!!

  3. Saturday night a large group of his friends chose to memorialize him on the sidewalk across from the Mountain View KFC. They played loud music, left dozens of beer bottles and tagged all over the sidewalk, trees, walls, and even someone’s work van! Interesting way to grieve. The police came, but did NOTHING.

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