Santa Clara County to loosen Covid restrictions

Santa Clara  County moved into the state’s Orange Tier of Covid-19 restrictions today, allowing restaurants to increase the number of people they serve indoors and permitting bars to reopen outdoors.

Santa Clara County entered the Orange Tier of restrictions set up by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Purple is the tier for counties with the highest levels of new cases and positive test rates. The next highest level was the Red Tier. Orange is the next step down.

San Mateo County entered the Orange Tier last week.

Along with Santa Clara County, Marin and San Francisco counties also entered the Orange Tier today.

The tier change from red to orange will allow each county to increase indoor capacity from 25% to 50% for churches, movie theaters and restaurants while gyms and fitness centers will be allowed to raise capacity from 10% to 25%.

Orange is the most restrictive tier in which bars can operate under any circumstance. A move to the Yellow Tier allows a county to resume indoor operations at bars at 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer, according to the California Department of Public Health.

In addition, movie theaters, cardrooms, offices and wineries will be allowed to resume indoor operations after being limited to opening outdoors or being closed altogether in the red and purple tiers.

On April 1, counties in the orange tier can allow 33% capacity crowds at outdoor professional sporting events such as Giants games, and 25% capacity or 500 people, whichever is fewer, at amusement parks.

Guests at outdoor arenas must be state residents while amusement park guests must live in the same county as the venue. — Staff and wire reports


    • Good point. It sickens me when regular folks thank the authoritarians for returning (temporarily at least) the personal freedoms and liberties taken from us in the first place.

  1. They should have never locked down to begin with, but once they did they should have opened up back in April 2020 once it became abundantly clear that hospitals were never at risk of collapsing with overflow and excess capacity via hospital ships, event centers and tents were not utilized.

  2. Thank goodness, imagine if we would have followed Dr. Cody nationally. The nations that acted based on the facts and not politics faired far better the US!

    • I don’t lay most of the blame on Cody and Co. They’re just petty tyrants seizing on the opportunity to control and ruin us while gaining fame and fortune for “saving lives”, with the elites and media cheering them on. I blame the people and small “non-essential” businesses for going along sheepishly with the questionably legal mandates and orders, instead of standing up and defying the orders. We forget that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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