Last call: Antonio’s Nut House, a beloved dive bar, will likely close forever on Saturday

Antonio's Nut House at 321 California Ave. in Palo Alto. Post file photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Antonio’s Nut House, a beloved California Avenue dive bar, might shut its doors forever on Saturday.

General Manager Kelley Gorman told the Post today that outdoor dining isn’t feasible right now with the heat wave and the construction of a 636-car city-owned parking garage behind their building.

If the coronavirus restrictions on indoor dining lift in the coming months, the establishment might reopen, she said.

But she said there is an 80% chance that this is the end. It would take “a miracle” in the coming months for things to turn around, she said.

“We are hopeful but crossing our fingers hasn’t worked so far,” she said.

The bar will have half-off drinks on Friday and Saturday to draw customers and say goodbye to loyal patrons.

There is a GoFundMe page for the bar ( that Gorman started in March. It has raised almost $9,000.

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  2. Antonio’s is a great dive, and will be greatly missed. Nearly everyone has colorful stories which have occurred there. It will probably be replaced by yet another souless bistro or boutique.

  3. Company bar for HP, Beckman, Varian. The Nuthouse is a precious place in time and space. It will be missed. I lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and used to cash my checks from Tab Products there in the 70s when the steam table was run by the European Deli. Memories of the Keystone Pal o Alto and the Co-Op market. Last sane place in Shallow Alto.

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