Who is the group that’s fighting the Black Lives Matter banner?

In the letter “E” of the street mural in front of Palo Alto City Hall, Oakland artist Cece Carpio painted the likeness of Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer from New Jersey who escaped from prison and is believed to be in Cuba. Post photo by Dave Price.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Few local law enforcement officials have ever heard of the Indianapolis-based National Police Association, the group that started a petition condemning Palo Alto’s Black Lives Matter street mural.

Palo Alto Police Chief Robert Jonsen told the Post he doesn’t know anything about the group other than what they advertise through social media.

Los Altos Police Chief Andy Galea said there are lots of local and national police organizations, but he is not familiar with the NPA.

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  1. I noticed that after you printed this story and an earlier one about this shady police group, the “other” newspaper in town essentially re-wrote your story and posted it online. Does the Post get any money from them when they steal your stories? They have these ads asking the public for money saying “Support Local Journalism.” They might as well say, “Support Local Plagiarism.”

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