Call it anti-social distancing: Backyard get-togethers forbidden

Daily Post Correspondent

Santa Clara County residents who want to invite that couple they haven’t seen in a while to come over for a backyard barbecue might want to postpone their plans.

Such a gathering — even though it is small and held outdoors — is prohibited under the state’s COVID-19 health order.

And even though Santa Clara County restaurants may offer outdoor dining to customers, meeting friends at a local eatery also is not allowed. That restriction comes from a county directive, issued July 14, that requires restaurants to “post signage and verbally inform all customers that everyone sharing a table must be from the same household.”

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  1. Never eat with friends in your backyard. Only eat with them at one of the many popular restaurants now serving meals on asphalt parking lots.

    • This goes out to you Boho ,businesses and the economy of the state and poor people and people who are not U.S. citizens who can’t claim any form of benefits are struggling with money and jobs and the majority of them work at restaurants and hotels, you mean to tell everyone here that it’s more important to “party” and get drunk or drugged with friends then the state’s economy and the poor people who are SUFFERING with MONEY and JOBS .seriously be considerate and if you don’t care ,don’t bother to give out a selfish opinon

  2. Never eat with friends in your landscaped backyard. Only eat with them at one of the many popular restaurants now serving meals on asphalt parking lots.

  3. Kalifornia has become a joke. I left 5-years ago and as a 5th generation Californian, I’m embarrassed to see what the place has become. You can’t even engage in a “discussion” without being branded some form of “ist”. My great-grandfather graduated from Stanford in 1894 and I was the last one there.

    My prediction, Kalifornia will implode within 5-years because the business/tax base will be gone.

    Common sense is lost in the state of confusion.

  4. My neighbors on both sides have been holding social gatherings. As long as there is no enforcement it’s going to continue.

  5. If DR Cody is as intelligent as she is said to be, why didn’t she tell us that back yard gatherings were a no-no in March? Back when the county had no opinion if we wore masks.

    We’re crazy if we keep listening to these experts.

  6. This article is very misleading and WRONG!!! Directly from the Santa Clara county webpage updated on July 20th 2020

    The maximum number of people allowed at an outdoor gathering of any type is 60 people (even if the space is big enough to allow proper social distancing for more than 60 people). This includes everyone present, such as hosts, workers, and guests. The space must be large enough so that everyone at a gathering can maintain at least 6-foot social distance from anyone (other than people from their own household).
    Example 1: A family hosts a birthday party in the backyard of their house. The backyard is only big enough to allow 15 people to easily maintain 6-foot social distancing between households at all times. No more than 15 people may be present at the party

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