Target, Apple board up stores

Police cars were parked outside the Target store in East Palo Alto's Ravenswood 101 Shopping Center this afternoon (May 31). Post photo.

By the Daily Post staff

Target this afternoon (May 31) temporarily closed 175 stores across the country — including those in East Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo and Mountain View — four days after looters struck a Minneapolis store during protests over the police death of George Floyd.

Workers boarded up the front of the downtown Palo Alto Apple Store this afternoon (May 31). Post photo.

In East Palo Alto, the front of the Target store was boarded up along with the Nordstrom Rack next door.

At 4 p.m. today, Target employees were ushering customers out of the store, and those approaching the front door were told the store was closing. Two East Palo Alto police cars were parked by the front.

Target didn’t say in a press release when its stores would reopen, and employees in East Palo Alto didn’t know either.

In downtown Palo Alto, workers were boarding up the front of the Apple Store at 340 University Ave. The front of the Apple Store is entirely glass, which makes it vulnerable to vandals.

Looting was reported Saturday night in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. San Francisco and Oakland are under curfews tonight.

There has been no looting in the Palo Alto area since riots broke out across the country. A peaceful protest drew about 30 people this afternoon to Lytton Plaza, at University Avenue and Emerson Street.


    • You forget that East Palo Alto is right down the street. Once the United States murder capital. Don’t think that you are safe in your bubble. Someone will come and rudely pop that little bubble. This is coming from a resident of E.Menlo Park for 25 years.

    • What electronics do you need, Juan? I’ll gladly start a GoFundMe or if I have some spare devices donate to you. Please don’t loot or get violent. It will diminish the hard work and sacrifice so many are making for this movement. #blacklivesmatter #onenation #bethechange

  1. People wanted progress, here it comes. The thugs are taking over and lawlessness is the new normal. After years of rethoric about social inequality and abuse by the rich, see how the masses is going to help itself to what they feel entitled to.

  2. Who taught all of the children that are burning and looting to hate themselves and their country?
    That’s right, blue city teachers k-12, and lost parents.
    Reap what you sow, enjoy, and keep them in power. More to come!
    Keep voting blue

  3. Watching LA and other states cities be wrecked and destroyed. Police just watching. Hard working minority business people losing years of hard work for the animals of society. F your own people? Conceal and carry states don’t have this problem. Most people don’t want to be shot.

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