Counties to extend stay-at-home order through May, limited easing of restrictions

The California National Guard built a mobile hospital in the San Mateo County Event Center to handle a predicted surge in coronavirus patients. As it turned out, however, the additional beds weren't necessary because the predictions were incorrect. San Mateo County photo.

Public health officials in six Bay Area counties said today that they plan to announce later this week that the coronavirus stay-at-home order set to expire this coming Sunday will be extended through May with limited easing of certain restrictions.

A joint statement by the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara along with the city of Berkeley said the shelter order initially issued last month has slowed the spread of the virus and prevented hospitals from being overwhelmed.

“Hospitalizations have leveled, but more work is needed to safely reopen our communities,” the statement said. “Prematurely lifting restrictions could easily lead to a large surge in cases.”

The health officers also said they would release a set of indicators that will be used to track progress in COVID-19 preparedness and response.

More information about the shelter order extension, and what restrictions may be eased, will be shared later in the week, the joint statement said. — Bay City News


  1. I’m totally confused. I recall these health officials saying that we needed to shelter in place to “flatten the curve” to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. We met that goal. They admit it. So why are they now imposing new requirements that must be met before we reopen? How long can they do this?

  2. Because Gavin has an 80 person task force to “remake” the economy. They will lose power if they “allow” us to work, go to school etc.

    A judge sentences people to house arrest for certain crimes. Because loss of freedom is a punishment.Or was – I have no problem with masks – like clean effective ones- or distance rules that make sense– but we’ve lost everything. What would Patrick Henry do?

    Gavin didn’t ask/seek for testing swabs until just last week–he’s in no hurry. But saying testing is important. Actions tell the truth.

    Like him wanting people to leave their homes to volunteer for the organization his wife is running. Leave your house to make a paycheck, save your company, no– to burnish her CV “when can you start?” Doesn’t make sense to me.

    What if everyone got tested ~snap~ right now. What does it matter? You could get the virus at the test place — be positive in a week. They want to track every person you’ve been near. Right to privacy? Gone.

    Remember Ellis Island. Unless we redo that approach, not happening with sanctuary cities and welcoming arms to border crossers how can the virus ever be wiped out? One person can infect what 1-2,000 people?

    I get in trouble for leaving my house(while I have it). They don’t get in trouble for walking into this country untested for anything they may have.

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