Redwood City may ban cars from certain neighborhood streets

Daily Post Staff Writer

Redwood City officials are weighing the possibility of closing some neighborhood streets to cars to make it easier for pedestrians to maintain social distancing.

Palo Alto City Council decided on Monday to look into the same idea, following Oakland’s lead, which barred cars on 74 miles of neighborhood streets last week.

At Redwood City’s council meeting on Monday (April 13), Councilwoman Giselle Hale said that she has been getting questions from residents who are having trouble social distancing on narrow sidewalks.

Hale said that some people pushing strollers will walk in the street in order to maintain six-feet of distance with other pedestrians.

Redwood City Manager Melissa Steveson-Diaz said that her employees began looking into the prospect last week.


  1. I think the city should post some guidelines for those using sidewalks. My opinion would include much of the following: In many areas, sidewalks are only five feet wide, so people can not pass, on the sidewalk, and keep to social distancing. It would be best if pedestrians would, as much as possible, keep to the left-hand (their left-hand) side of the street. Then if someone has to step into the street, he or she will be facing oncoming traffic (cars and bicycles). Adults should practice common courtesy–giving way for children, handicapped, delivery persons, etc. Able, unencumbered adults should be the ones who step onto the pavement when needed. Parents should endeavor to keep their children–on bicycles–off the sidewalks, as required by law, but pedestrians need to give way to children on bikes on the sidewalks. Automobiles should not be parked so as to block the sidewalk. People should not congregate on sidewalks, especially at corners. Sidewalks are not to be used for selling produce. Those gardening in their front gardens should remain, as best they can, six feet from the sidewalk, and, when gardening within six feet, need to keep aware of those approaching on the sidewalk. Chalk drawings on sidewalks are nice, but while the children are drawing, no one else can use the sidewalk. Parents should monitor this. Be courteous, an extra 15 seconds spent waiting on others is a neighborly thing to do.

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