Jury still deliberating murder charge against Tiffany Li

Daily Post Staff Writer

After nine days of deliberating, the jurors in the Tiffany Li murder case have still not landed on a verdict for the Hillsborough real estate scion and her boyfriend.

Li and Kaveh Bayat are on trial for murdering the father of Li’s children.

A third defendant, Olivier Adella, is still in jail, waiting for Bayat and Li’s trial to wrap up before his criminal proceedings can happen.

Adella had taken a plea agreement from the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office to testify against Li and Bayat.

However, just before the trial began, Li’s attorney found out that Adella had allegedly threatened a witness.

This alleged contact with a witness led the District Attorney’s Office to revoke Adella’s plea deal, and put him back in jail.

On Dec. 12, Adella will appear in court for a hearing in which Judge Robert Foiles will rule whether the revocation of the DA’s plea deal will be upheld.

If the plea deal is dismissed, Adella will have to go through criminal court proceedings and potentially end up on trial.

If Foiles upholds the plea deal, Adella will be able to walk out of jail because he has already served the time required under that arrangement. Bayat and Li’s attorneys allege that Adella was in fact the one who killed Li’s ex-boyfriend Keith Green, whose body was found in May 2016 with a bullet to the head in Sonoma County. Adella remains in jail and is not eligible for bail.

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  1. Conviction. This lady is full of evil, and deserves to stay behind the bar for life. I have no sympathy towards those bastards who think they are above the laws. Let’s make sure she gets what she deserves. If the jury let her walk free, it’s a joke to the US laws and democracy. In her murder case, we have the motivation, people witness, cell phone location. Once we connect all the dots, then it’s very clear she committed such horrible crime. Don’t tell me the body guard killed the victim. He didn’t have any motivation to make the kill. The defense is arguing the body guard made the kill. If he didn’t have the motivation, then it’s very logical to understand Li and her new boy friend made the kill.

  2. Crying for those little girls and Keith’s mom!
    Tiffany found not guilty! What a joke [Portion removed — don’t accuse others of crimes if they haven’t been charged.]…. I just hope she gets what she deserves in the civil trial…..

  3. Lets just hope the prosecution doesn’t blow the next trial of kaveh and Adella. They never should have made a deal with Adella. All three are guilty. Money talked and a messed up prosecution let Tiffany walk. I feel so sorry for Keith’s mom and family! I am so heartbroken for them! May karma win in the wnd

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