Jurors deliberating fate of Tiffany Li, real estate scion charged with murder of her children’s father

Tiffany Li, right, and her attorney, Geoff Carr, arrive at the San Mateo County Government Center in Redwood City on Sept. 12. AP file photo.
Tiffany Li, right, and her attorney, Geoff Carr, arrive at the San Mateo County Government Center in Redwood City on Sept. 12. AP file photo.

By the Daily Post staff

The jurors in the Tiffany Li trial are set to begin their sixth day of deliberations in the case involving the Hillsborough real estate scion who is on trial for orchestrating the murder of her children’s father.

It’s not unusual for juries to deliberate for days at a time for a complicated case like this, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said yesterday (Nov. 4). But what is unusual is how little the jury has asked questions or had the court read back testimony, Wagstaffe said.

So far, the jury has had one day of hearing testimony read back to them, and have asked twice for a laptop with an Excel spreadsheet, where some of the records for the case can be seen. Judge Robert Foiles turned down the request, saying the records are too voluminous.

The Li case has been taking up Department 21’s courtroom for the past 40 days. Li’s boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat, is also her co-defendant in the case. It is up to the jury to determine if the two are responsible for the death of Li’s ex-boyfriend, Keith Green, whose body was found in May 2016 with a bullet to the head in Sonoma County.

The attorneys for Li and Bayat say it was another man, Olivier Adella, who killed Green during an attempted kidnapping. But prosecutor Bryan Abanto said Li and Bayat killed Green because she feared losing custody of their two daughters. Adella is in jail and will go to court once the jury trial wraps up.

Two weeks before the trial, it came to light that Adella allegedly sent threatening messages to a defense witness. As a result, prosecutors dropped him as a witness.

Adella pleaded no contest last year to a charge that alleges he disposed of Green’s body in Sonoma County. Because of Adella reneging on the plea deal, he is in jail on no bail and will be back in court once the jury trial is completed.


  1. Just because her family has money doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. SHE is so GUILTY!!!! just hope the jury sees how evil this woman is. and what she took away from her children.

  2. This whole situation is just [word deleted —- clean language please] up plain and simple. With the jury deliberating this long and asking to review testimony, I think that means they definitely have “reasonable doubt” which unfortunately will end up a hung jury.

  3. I’m beyond shock that the Jury is still deliberating. It’s an open and shut matter and just because she is an Asian Millionaire, she should not get away with Murder. It would be beyond a shame and a true representation of Injustice if these two walk away.

  4. My heart goes out to those two little daddy’s girls. The oldest child’s face would light up when she would talk about her daddy!
    All 3 defendants are so guilty and it’s so sad what they have done to those little girls.

    • It’s weird that people think it’s the mom and her new boyfriend, for whom there is no physical evidence, and NOT the bodyguard hitman, whose vehicle had the body inside, who snitched and then sent threats to witnesses.

      • Tiffany told people she would pay a million dollars to be rid of Keith. Kaveh wanted her money and life style and wanted Keith out of the way. But Kaveh is small and needed some muscle so they got Adella to help out. Adella has just moved from a dumpy apartment to a fancy one owned by Tiffany’s family. Keith was an ex- football player and tall so Adella was needed to help restrain him so Kaveh could kill him. Tiffany lured Keith to his death.
        They found Keith’s shoes on a shelf at Tiffany’s mansion and cell phone data doesn’t lie just these 3 do!

  5. Curious to see outcome, with money being involved. You never know, but if its true that the guy shes involved with,was his friend then that should speak to her character. His also

  6. Why would Adella want to kidnap Keith as the defense has suggested. He had no money and was sleeping on his moms friends couch. Tiffany wouldn’t have paid for him! It would have made more sense for him to kidnap Tiffany or one of her kids as that is where the money is. This theory makes no sense!

  7. I am not sure how money talks in this case. Just want to bring anyone’s attention about Qiangdong Liu who was alleged in a rape case; and was able to walk away. These Chinese money mongols have ways to stay above the laws anywhere, including the US. This is sad, but it’s true.

  8. Wondering about what type of mom of two small children is doing out at midnight to collect a rent check???!
    Like if that were true why would you not be home with your babies? Why would you go to someone’s house at midnight?
    Couldn’t it wait for the next day! Tiffany’s high paid lawyers are good at casting doubt but common sense tells you that this theory makes no sense

  9. Blackstone’s ratio (also known as the Blackstone ratio or Blackstone’s formulation) is the idea that: It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer. (Innocent until proven guilty)

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