First murder of the year reported in East Palo Alto

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By the Daily Post staff

East Palo Alto police are investigating the shooting death of a young man who may have died during a drug deal gone wrong.

The shooting occurred at 8:35 p.m. on Sept. 7 in the area of E. Bayshore Road and Pulgas Avenue, Chief Al Pardini said yesterday (Sept. 18).

Killed was Victor Gomez Rios, 24, of Menlo Park, according to the San Mateo County Coroner’s office.

Gomez Rios died from his injuries on Sept. 9.

The shooting likely occurred during an “illegal transaction” in which an argument broke out, Pardini said. Detectives are still investigating the case. This was East Palo Alto’s first murder of the year.

There were three murders last year, including the double homicide of Eduardo “Lalo” Alvarado Sandoval, 22, of Stockton, and Mario Vidales Mendez, 23, of Redwood City, on Oct. 14 at a birthday party at the A1 Auto Services & Towing lot.

On Dec. 13, Danilo Perez, 19, was shot on the 1200 block of Beech St.

There have been no arrests in those three murders.


  1. This murder happened on the 7th, and the police don’t say anything about it until the 18th??? WTF? Why are they hiding this? Is there going to be an arrest? How about a suspect description? What’s the point of hiding this for 11 days?

  2. I feel like they did it to not scare the Facebook and amazon workers or maybe EPAPD dont care about their community and havent done anything to catch any of the killers on the loose they say they investigating? Probably investigating how good one of their donuts came out better than the other

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