Man arrested in Stevens Creek Trail assault

Mountain View police have arrested a man in connection with an attack of a woman on the Stevens Creek Trail on Monday (Feb. 25).

French national Michael Wendy Adonis, 29, was arrested on Friday (March 1) after officers responded to reports of a battery in progress at a home on the 100 block of Santa Clara Avenue, police said.

When officers arrived, they met with a man and a woman, who were roommates, who had gotten into a fight. As officers were investigating, they noticed that Adonis matched the description of the suspect from the attack on the Stevens Creek Trail from earlier that week.

Officers inspected Adonis’ hands and noticed that he had bite marks that were consistent with what the victim described as she attempted to escape his attack, police said.

Officers then quickly obtained a search warrant for the residence, and during the search, found they a gray Golden State Warriors sweatshirt that matched what witnesses described the attacker wearing the night of the incident. Police also learned that Adonis had only been staying at the residence — which is near the trail — for only a few weeks.

Adonis was arrested on suspicion of several charges — attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, criminal threats, assault with intent to commit mayhem or rape, unlawfully damaging a wireless communication device.

“This was outstanding work on every level,” said Mountain View police Lt. Mike Canfield. “The quick recognition by the patrol teams and the investigative work by detectives have removed a violent man from the streets and we will do all we can to ensure there is justice for the victim in this case.”

Mountain View detectives continue to investigate this case, and will be pursuing looking into whether there may be additional victims.


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