City Council to honor Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last September. AP photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss is planning to publicly honor local psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford for testifying against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but doubts Ford will show up to City Hall to accept the proclamation.

Kniss said she would probably present the honor at the City Council meeting on Oct. 29, but that she hadn’t contacted Ford about it because “nobody seems to know where (Ford) is.”

Last month, Ford testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that when she and Kavanaugh were in high school, he got drunk and tried to rape her at a party.

She also said that she and her family had moved out of their south Palo Alto home and had been staying in different secure locations because of the violent threats they had received since she came forward.

Kavanaugh denied the allegations, and after the FBI interviewed nine people, the Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh’s lifetime appointment on Oct. 6.

Contacting Ford

“I have no idea how to reach her whatsoever,” Kniss said. “If anybody hears anything about her or anything like that, actually, we’d like to know.”
Kniss said she could contact Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, but doubted Katz would want to pass along the message, considering the violent threats Ford has received since coming forward.

“Almost everything begins to really infringe, and I don’t even know if at this point she wants to be reminded of this whole thing,” Kniss said. “In that same situation, probably anyone might just say, ‘That’s enough.’”

Amid an outpouring of support for Ford by Palo Altans, Kniss came forward last month with her own experiences of being sexually assaulted in the 1960s.

In one instance, a childhood friend offered to drive Kniss home from a party in the mid-1960s. A few years later, a pilot assaulted her in a hotel room when she was a flight attendant.

Kniss wondered aloud if Ford had regrets about coming forward because of the violent threats she had received.

Kniss said Ford’s employer, Palo Alto University, could send someone to accept the proclamation on Ford’s behalf.

Concern over Ford’s future

“She can never be anonymous again. If she goes back to teaching, then probably people will sign up for her class because they’re curious,” Kniss said. “She must wake up every morning thinking, ‘What good did it do?’ He’s been sworn in, and he’s a (Supreme Court) justice for life.”

Kniss said she doubted the thoroughness of the brief FBI investigation, saying that President Trump has already fired one FBI director.

“We have a despot as our president, which is really something, and he doesn’t seem to care about much except for his own agenda,” Kniss said. “They probably opened the file, said ‘OK, we’ve opened the file. Good enough.’”


  1. Honoring Christine Blasey Frod is insulting FBI’s credibility !!!
    Kniss doesn’t represent majority of Palo-Altans !!!
    Shame on her !!!

  2. The scope of the FBI’s “investigation” was limited at the instructions of the groper-in-chief so it — and he — have no credibility.

    I don’t usually agree with Kniss but I sure do on this one.

    Shame on the US and the GOP for bot bringing Merrick Garland ti a vote and instead confirming this hyper-partisan abuser.

    • ” groper-in-chief ”

      Hey, move on already! President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about all his womanizing and raping of women. He has paid his price, and besides, he was a useful tool for our liberal causes, so too bad, ha ha, so a few women got mauled by Slick Willy. So what, move on!

      As for Dr Ford, she has a few more minutes left of her 15 minutes of fame, before she becomes a footnote as old as Cindy Sheehan. Let her bask in her Palo Alto rabid liberalism, we still have some virtue signalling to do.

  3. This is sad on so many levels and I hope a little common sense prevails.

    The part that bothers me about fords statements is that she did not care that he was a judge on the second highest court, and she said she would not have gone forward until she saw he was being promoted……then all of a sudden she must stop it???

    Is that how it works when she is almost raped and suffacated??? Dont bring it up until someone is getting a promotion???

    Something about this really stinks!

  4. Liz Kniss should focus on Mayoral responsibilities and not jump on every knee jerk liberal band wagon!!! People of common sense see through all this grandstanding claptrap.

  5. Does this mean the City of Palo Alto will be changing how it handles complaints by employees of sexual harassment? That somebody can make an allegation without any corroboration or witnesses, and it will be enough to fire an employee? Kniss should reconcile the City’s policies with what the Democrats tried to do to Kavanaugh. Would the same standards apply?

  6. She’s off flying first class with her 800k gofund me $
    Replace any and all council members that support this nonsense. Palo Alto is a city that has lost its way. . .

  7. If she shows up at the council meeting, will she use the little girl voice she did at the Senate Judiciary hearing or will she go back to her normal voice? Just before she had the Washington Post reveal her name, Palo Alto University removed all of her lecture videos from its website. My guess is that they didn’t want people to hear her real voice before the hearing because they’d figure out it was just a scam.

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