Babylon Bee rips into Stanford’s ‘harmful language’ guide

By the Daily Post staff

Stanford’s list of harmful words and phrases, which made headlines earlier this week, is being seized upon by comedians who are turning the world-renowned university into a laughing stock.

One place the list has shown up is the Babylon Bee, a humor website with headlines yesterday such as, “Elon to Stay as Twitter CEO After Counting Mail-In Votes,” “Innovative New Process Converts Plants into Meat by Feeding them to Cows” and “Nation’s Wealthy, Privileged Gather to Lecture Nation on Evils of Wealth, Privilege.”

The Bee did its own version of a Stanford guide, suggesting that the non-offensive way of greeting others is by replacing “What’s up?” with “Greetings, fellow earthling.”

Instead of “God Bless America,” the Bee recommends “Science bless the stolen lands of the indigenous peoples in North America.”

And instead of using the word “inflation,” the Bee’s guide says we should call it the “body-positive economy.” The context, it says, is that: “Implying that ‘inflated’ things are bad is insensitive to people who are inflated around the midsection. It’s also insensitive to Biden’s economy.”

The Bee’s slogan is “Fake News You Can Trust.”

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