Sequoia Union superintendent leaves amid a controversy

Darnise Williams

By the Daily Post staff

Darnise Williams resigned Tuesday as superintendent of the Sequoia Union High School District, though it wasn’t clear whether she jumped or was pushed by the school board to quit her $274,191-a-year job. She did sign an agreement before leaving.

At Friday’s school board meeting, two former school board members and other members of the public urged the board not to fire Williams. 

However, the board has not given a reason publicly as to why they might fire Williams.

Her resignation was announced at the beginning of Tuesday’s school board meeting. She had been superintendent since April 2021 after leaving a job in the Los Angeles Unified School District where she trained school principals and administrators about race and diversity. 

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  1. One wonders if Williams was doing such a great job, as her handful of supporters claim, why didn’t they give any examples during the oral communications part of the meeting. Actions speak louder than words. So what did she do?

  2. Unsurprising that a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist couldn’t hack it as a real life superintendent. Is any of her leaving related to the students bringing guns on campus issue? As I type this I remember East Palo Alto Councilman Antonio Lopez got involved with recruiting her instead of sticking to city business and learning how to be effective, because we are still waiting to see hom demonstrate he knows what he’s doing.

  3. @m, if she’s a great superintendent, you should be able to answer the question — it doesn’t matter if she’s white or black, apply the same standard. She shouldnt get extra points because of her race.

  4. m, you do realize you are suggesting this person’s job performance cannot be questioned due to the color of her skin? Plenty of people in top jobs get fired or are forced to resign. Williams is not unique in this regard. Plenty of white men have been canned.

  5. Whatever was going on, they weren’t happy with her. From not the right fit to she had no idea what she was doing or anything in between. Most superintendents don’t last long, but one year… something was up.

  6. Could it have anything to do with the way they handled (or didn’t handle) the guns showing up at MA. That wasn’t good. Could not get an answer or a phone call. It happened twice in, what, a month? No plan. Just passing the buck. They said check with Atherton PD. Atherton PD said check with MA. MA handled it so poorly. Does that fall on the Superintendent? I’m asking.

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