Two young men arrested on suspicion of second degree murder in the drag racing deaths

Kyle Harrison, 23, of Redwood City, was one of two young men arrested for second-degree murder. The other defendant's photo wasn't available because he is a minor.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Two young men have been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder for allegedly drag racing in Redwood City and hitting a car that killed a mother and father, leaving their twin 7-year-old daughters orphans.

Arrested were a 17-year-old boy and Kyle Harrison, 23, both of Redwoodo City.

Grace Spiridon, 42, and Gregory Ammen, 44, both of San Carlos, died in the crash on Nov. 4 on El Camino Real and Finger Avenue.

Harrison and the 17-year-old were racing down El Camino Real when they hit the car containing parents and their daughters, police said. The 17-year-old’s car struck the Ammen family’s, spinning the two cars onto the sidewalk, with one catching on fire, police said.

Spiridon and Ammen were killed, and the twins were taken to a hospital.

Police said the arrests follow an “extensive investigation.”

Harrison is in jail on no bail status. He is expected to appear in court tomorrow (Nov. 22). The status of the 17-year-old was not immediately, known but he was booked into juvenile hall on Friday.

Previously, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has told the Post that the driver is two months away from his 18th birthday. Wagstaffe said it is possible his office will recommend that the courts try the teenager as an adult, which would make his name public.


  1. Tragedy but low chance of a 2nd Degree Murder conviction with presented facts. Murder 2 requires intent or reckless conduct with extreme indifference. You might see it charged in a death with high speed and drinking or speed and drugs in some cases.

    • Interesting, and sad that driving 90+ on an urban street like this would not count as extreme indifference. Personally I don’t see how drugs or alcohol could make the decision making here any worse at all.

    • I intent and reckless conduct. For 2nd degree murder. How many people would agree with me that both those boys were in evolved with reckless conduct? These boys need to be punished for their a actions!

  2. 16 year old is stupid and crashes and the other guy is a fault also. Who gave a fast car to a kid arrest them. Its like giving a machine gun to a monkey

    • He’s 17 and you want his parents arrested just for giving him the car? as it is being he’s one year under the legal age for being what’s considered an adult his parents are already liable.

  3. [Obscenity deleted] Your age shouldn’t protect you from public scrutiny. Publish the name of the 17 year old “boy”. He lost his rights when he killed two innocent people and made two children orphans.

  4. This was absolutely tragic for the family and friends of Grace and Greg, they were the absolute kindest individuals, I’m not sure what justice would look like for these guys. Everyone is grieving the loss.

    • With charges already laid to both drivers who were recklessly racing, how could this possibly be the fault of the victim? Can’t believe the level of victim shaming here – “well, the victim is dead because they should have predicted the recklessness of these assailants racing on a residential street.” Goodness! 2 kids were orphaned and you’re blaming one of their parents for making a driving error that lead to the fatal crash. wow 🙁

  5. The family of the victims should be allowed to decide whether it was extreme indifference or not. How could a judge know any better? In fact victims should have a lot more weight than our present laws or lawyers allow. After all most of these legal minds are elite grads from elite schools… why give them the decision above the victim. By the the two twins will grow up without parents, only vague memories.

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