House candidates like gas tax holiday

Daily Post Staff Writer

Both David Canepa and Kevin Mullin, who are running to replace Congresswoman Jackie Speier in the House, support President Biden’s call to suspend the federal gas tax.

But the difference between the two is that Mullin, as a leader in the state Assembly, resisted calls from Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this year to suspend the state gas tax, instead favoring …

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  1. Mullin is the author of prop 19 the death tax in California. He eliminated parent child transfers and grandparent grandchild transfers! Ugh 🙁

  2. Kevin Mullin is should be most FAMOUS for being the AUTHOR of Prop 19’s Death Tax in 2020! However, why Mr Mullin does NOT mention and does not highlight that important fact in his Campaign bio to replace Jackie Speier? Answer: “Proposition 19, also referred to as Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 11 [ ACA 11 ], is an amendment of the Constitution of California in 2020 (when many people were busy adjusting to life with a worldwide Pandemic). ACA-11 that Mr Kevin Mullin authored in 2020 took away longtime Californians’ rights, increase racial INEQUITIES and destroy more affordable housing in California — statewide. Read more at websites below:

    “Proposition 19: Creates a Complicated Property Tax Scheme and Reinforces Racial Inequities in California” by Sara Kimberlin & Kayla Kitson of California Budget & Policy Center (September 2020). More at:

    More at FAQ from the HJTA’s website:

  3. California has multiple year surplus. As the state with highest taxes on almost everything we don’t need more taxes without accountability. Mullin authored 2020 Proposition 19 in the Assembly removing Generational Wealth through unaffordable property tax. What a surprise that he is for gas taxes when Working Middle Class Families need a break. Who is he for? Special interest or self interest?

  4. The CA Realestate Association had their own interests in mind when propsing to Kevin Mullin that he be the author of Prop 19. Literature proves that it was the CA Realetste Association that poured millions into TV ads and fooled the public to get Prop 19 past. So I cannot help but wonder if they are also making contributions to Mullin’s campaign for Congress??? Is Mullin looking after his own rise in politics or what is best for the people? Higher taxes are not the answer.

  5. Kevin Mullin has no time to visit picketing members of the electrical engineers union on strike for better conditions at Kaiser earlier this year, or visit one SMC Board of Supervisor meeting when Seton Hospital was on the chopping block. David Canepa showed up to both and held countless meetings when doctors and nurses and local school board members rallied in support of keeping this important medical facility open.

  6. If Seton is so important, let it swim or sink on its own without taxpayer subsidies. I’ll bet every service there can be done on an outpatient basis or sent to another full-service hospital nearby. Let it collapse. The public will find other hospitals. The county already pays dearly to run Chope in San Mateo. We don’t need two albatrosses around the neck of taxpayers.

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