Homeless man has a tantrum when told to wear mask in bookstore

By the Daily Post staff

A homeless man walked into Books Inc. in Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village without a mask, and when an employee told him to put one on, he knocked over a display of calendars and a sign and angrily shook his fist at her before leaving, police said.

He didn’t cause any damage, but the employee said he caused her emotional harm, Lt. Con Maloney said. Police labeled the case an assault on Monday (Dec. 27) and sent their report to the district attorney to review.

“She was in fear for her safety by the way he shook his fist,” Maloney said. “Personally, I don’t know that that’s going to qualify (as assault), but that’s how it got reported.”

Since the man wasn’t arrested, police are not disclosing his name. He is 63 with no permanent address, Maloney said.


  1. Instead of harassing customers to cover their faces, employees should thank any customer who walks in without a mask. This nonsense only ends when people refuse to go along like lemmings. It’s been almost two years, and maskless Sweden, Florida and Texas are doing fine without bodies piling up. Enough already.

      • Yes, and mask mandated states like New York and Illinois are also experiencing the highest number of cases too with California not far behind…but all are seeing very few deaths too.

        What do you think is going to prevent a low risk, highly transmissible virus that is transmitted via aerosols from spreading? The masks do not work. The vax does not work. People like you are enabling the government to control us and buying into the lies.

      • Timmy,

        You’re dead wrong.

        According to the NY Times’ latest map and case count (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html), New York State has the highest PER CAPITA case rate of 340 per 100,000. New York is a solid blue state that I’m sure meets your standards when it comes to lockdowns and restrictions.

        In fact, the top 7 states on this list are solid blue states.

        Sad that you spread lies and anger your fellow citizens.

        Sorry to burst your confirmation-bias bubble, but you should be informed by facts, not CNN-type myths.

    • Palo Alto is full of Karen’s (cafes, grocery store, library)
      they get really upset & easily offended by bare faces with no (“unclean lepers”). i tend not to go to those places

  2. The sheeple will continue to be fearful sheep. The dominant narrative will continue to dominate. The status will quo, until the people #RESIST!

    So #RESIST already, you fearful Palo Alto fools. Time to man-up and woman-up, and reject the foolishness.

  3. The reason behind the fixation with masks is mainly psychological–a comfort measure one can be in control of, and actually take part in doing in order to feel safe. It does not do much of anything in a medical sense: studies show even good (less than M95 quality) masks stop a mere 12% of virus sized particles. Yet those still scared by anything that carries the COVID brand name–no matter how less virulent the current variant is–are terrified by seeing an unmasked individual. There are so very many downsides to masks, and very few actual upsides, except in the minds of “believers”, who do not follow the science, rather only the edicts of their government, and those having something to sell them, such as scary news.

  4. Howard, I’m a “believer” … actually, not really … When people say “follow the science,” I realize it’s all politics and no science. I wear the mask to show solidarity with the Democratic Party, which controls government around here. My business depends on contracts from the government, so I support anything these people say. Of course, I wear the mask. I don’t want to be on a list of people who should blacklisted. It’s simple economics for me. We have one-party rule, so I’m not going to step out of line!

  5. These comments are without any empathy, and this article is poorly informed. Maloney was not the officer on seen and did not take the employee’s statement. Here are the important facts:
    1) We were under a mask mandate, so it is completely within the employee’s right to ask a customer to put on a mask.
    2) This homeless man did not just shake his fist at the employee, but spit at and threw books at the employee, several of which made contact.

    No employee should have to go through that, and I hope that the DA is able to press charges. My heart goes out to everyone who cannot work from home and must deal with these situations.

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