Turn Design Vision Into Reality With Marci

Flegel's Design

When you want to remake a piece of furniture, a room or even your whole house, Marci Krause and the other talented interior designers at Flegel’s Design in Menlo Park are ready to help you find a vision for your home and turn it into reality.

Their curated showroom full of beautiful furniture and accessories is just the beginning of what they offer. Marci says the key to helping clients is finding out everything she can about their space and how they intend to use it. She takes inspiration from her clients’ home architecture as well as their personal style and lifestyle. “I’ll say, ‘Show me a piece of furniture or a fabric that you really love.”

Marci Krause Interior Designer at Flegel’s Design

Once she gathers all the information, she starts selecting a variety of fabrics, decor, lamps and other pieces, then edits down to “the best combination of materials and design to help the clients achieve their goals.” Then she’ll take the to client all the materials to help them envision the design: floor plans and fabric samples, as well as Photoshop mockups of custom pieces or cardboard models.

Every client is different, and some look to her for her knowledge and taste while others want her to turn their vision into reality.

One couple had just bought a shingle-style Craftsman home in Palo Alto and wanted to do the dining room in a style that fit their tastes while honoring the architecture of the home. With Marci’s help, the star of the room’s design was a gorgeous “live edge” slab tabletop, in which the top of the table is a whole wooden slab that retains its natural edge and the unique wood grain character of the tree it’s taken from. While the table is very contemporary, its character complements the Craftsman emphasis upon simplicity, natural materials and workmanship.

Flegel’s can help their clients order and customize the best furniture available, but they can also build pieces from scratch; master craftsman Zeferino Borjon has been with Flegel’s for 20 years, repairing, refinishing and building pieces. In one case, Marci said she had a client who had an old, worn sofa bed that needed replacing. No company offered what the client wanted, so Flegel’s completely rebuilt hers, with a beautiful new cherry wood base and new cushions and upholstery.

“I made a life-size cardboard model of what the new base would look like, down to the taper of the leg so she could envision it,” said Marci. Once Zefe had built it, “it even surpassed my expectations of how beautiful it could be,” she said.

To find out more about how Marci can help you, call her at (650) 326-9663, email mkrause@flegels.com or stop by Flegel’s Design’s downtown Menlo Park showroom Tuesday through Saturday.