Flegel’s Design: Style Your Home With Scarlett

Flegel's Design

At Flegel’s Design, Scarlett Urtecho and the other talented designers there help make your home the best expression of your style and your way of life – in other words, a home that’s perfect for you.

Flegel’s showroom features beautiful furniture and accessories in a multitude of styles, but that’s just the beginning of what they offer. Their true draw is their ability to have custom furniture and rugs crafted for their clients, who can pick out finishes, fabrics and design elements exactly to their specifications.

Scarlett Urtecho Interior Designer at Flegel’s Design

Scarlett said that when she has a new client, she learns everything she can about their home and how they use it.

“There’s an initial appointment to understand their style and tastes,” she said. “Then a house call to see the architecture of the house, take measurements, and create a floor plan.” The house call also helps her see how a home might need to work with the needs of its residents, especially if there are kids or pets.

If you’re designing rooms from scratch, she said, always start with the rugs.

“When you start with a completely empty room, you go from the floor up. Rugs, then furniture, then art, then accessories. The rugs anchor the whole room and determine the color palette. Your rug is artwork for the floor.”

While some people worry that interior designers only stick with their own particular style, Scarlett says every room and home are designed to be just right for the client who lives there.

In one ultramodern home in Atherton, she worked on, the owners had a definite style. Like their home, they wanted all their furniture sleek, minimal and refined, and Scarlett was able to source some spectacular pieces for them.

When it came to rugs, Scarlett insisted they see the choices for themselves so they could see the colors in every light.

“We had a guy go there with a truckload of rugs to show them so they could not only see them in the home but also see how they looked at different times of day,” she said.

In a Saratoga home she worked on, her client wanted a completely remodeled master bedroom that would be calm, airy and bright.

Scarlett was able to have a vendor customize a dresser to have ivory drawer fronts in a darker wooden frame to draw out the contrast.

“Customizing is a huge tool for us,” she explained. “And at Flegel’s we have access to more than 50 brands. We can do furniture and styles made in the U.S., or from Italy, Mexico, Spain. We have a huge range of styles to draw from.”

To find out more about how Scarlett can help you, call her at (650) 326-9664, email surtecho@flegels.com or stop by Flegel’s Design’s downtown Menlo Park showroom Tuesday through Saturday.