Suspects in attempted mass retail burglary released from jail on bond

Daily Post Staff Writer

Two women who were arrested from a mob that tried to burglarize The RealReal in downtown Palo Alto were released from jail the night after the attempted burglary, police said.

Keyonni Marie Jones, 20, of Richmond, and Imani Kevyonna Barnes, 21, of Vallejo made their $20,000 bail on Nov. 22, Lt. Con Maloney said yesterday.

Inmates pay about 10% of their bail — $2,000 in this case — to a bailbond company, and they agree to show up in court. The suspects’ arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 24.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office is still reviewing the case and hasn’t filed any charges, a spokeswoman said yesterday.

Jones and Barnes were pulled over and arrested in Menlo Park on Nov. 21. That night around 11:15 p.m., a group of between 30 and 40 people tried to shatter the glass door to The RealReal, a designer store at 379 University Ave.

The mob couldn’t break through the glass before police arrived, and about 20 cars sped off in all directions, many without headlights or license plates, police said.

Jones and Barnes were stopped in a car without a license plate. With them, they had a hammer and $15,000 in merchandise stolen from The RealReal in Larkspur, which was ransacked two hours earlier, police said.

The suspects were arrested for attempted commercial burglary and conspiracy, both felonies, police said.

Bail was set following the Santa Clara County’s criminal bail schedule, which the court writes each year.

The attempted burglary was part of a wave of organized retail thefts in cities across the Bay Area.

Just three days earlier, two people broke into De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry at 250 University Ave. and stole more than $50,000 worth of silver and gold jewelry from the display cases, police said.

The burglars sped off in a mini van, and police couldn’t glean a suspect description from the surveillance video.


  1. 90 days in jail, full restitution for all costs and losses plus $500 to shop owner, court costs, cost of police time, 100 hours of community service to compensate the community for their evil acts, and suspended licenses for two years on the car without plates charge, and 2 years probation. Throw the book at them.

  2. I’m really sorry. As a 5th generation Californian who left in 2016 because the handwriting was on the wall that the State was on its way to destruction, you cannot maintain a civilized society without the enforcement of law. Wake up people!
    When your home is breached by an individual or group that will take everything you hold dear, including your ability to be “safe” in your home, suddenly you will become enlightened.
    My in-laws home was burglarized in 1992 and from that day forward they would never venture outside their home in Pacifica because the few things of value they had were taken from them. Both of them either survived or served our Country in World War II. The effect of this burglary never left them until they died in their late 80’s.
    The Government’s primary purpose is to keep the people safe. California and most other “liberal” Democratic states have given up on this principal.
    We are headed toward a Civil War if people in States like California don’t wake up and demand enforcement of basic rights.
    Now living in a State that has open carry and concealed carry laws, we have one of the lowest crime rates in the County. The jack*sses in adjacent States don’t bother to come her to commit crime because there is about a 90+% chance that the “victim” will take care of the problem on their own. Everyone here is civil, you can have a conversation with almost anyone without running the risk of being called “Racist” “Homophobic”, “Xenophobic” or whatever else you can dream up. Not everyone here is tethered to their social media platforms. We are are people, having discussions, engaging in debate, or even spirited debate on issues doesn’t make everyone the enemy. Sign off your phones and social media accounts. It is amazing when you look people in the eye and learn what THEY are all about, not what you are TOLD to think by social media platforms and the so-called media.

  3. Another example of the famous “catch & release” justice system of painfully progressive California. We get the government we vote for.

  4. I’d like to see the media actually do their job and demand answers from the democrat politicians who have stopped prosecuting these crimes and who have created an environment where these criminals can continue to flourish.

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