Council moves ahead with apartment registry and other ideas to help renters

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto City Council has directed City Manager Ed Shikada to write a broad set of policies to protect renters, including a new rent registry, security deposit limits, expanded relocation assistance and more eviction protections.

Planners will draft new ordinances and bring them back for the council’s review. At the top of the list is the rent registry. Without information …

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1 Comment

  1. If the counsel is so eager to manage the city’s rental properties to offer discounts and protections to the underserved it should simply buy the properties. Regardless of the motive it’s important for those who want to micro manage the local economy to protect EVERYONE’s rights. Owners have rights too that should not be dismissed because some have a wish to favor one group over another. Owner’s invest in and maintain properties at significant effort and expense and the city decides it wants to hand out the gains without joining in the risks and costs. It’s unfair and likely result in reduced listings or increased rents for everyone else. Let the city buy and manage it’s own units and leave the rental business alone. Of course the City, like the State, finds it easier to just to pass new rules and let the private sector pick up the bill

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