San Carlos is a budding bio-tech hub amid housing concerns

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Daily Post Staff Writer

San Carlos City Council has approved a plan that will help transform the city’s east side into a biotech hub over concerns by residents about where the thousands of anticipated employees will live.

Currently, some 1.7 million square feet of development, primarily biotech, is proposed for the area east of Old County Road, between Holly Street and Brittan Avenue.

The plan …

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  1. In light of major business developments that San Carlos City Hall would likely prefer to obfuscate, most educated residents of San Carlos who share a similar understanding of political economics would accept that San Carlos is now a heavily corporate dominated municipality which owes its political allegiance not to the local tax payer as much as to the big business biotech revenue generators. The more probing questions for the Daily Post to ask concerning the domination of corporate interests over that of local residents: How much in total tax breaks and incentives does the city of San Carlos give away to big business bio-tech firms that aren’t given to local tax payers? And how much of it finds its way into the pockets of state and local bureaucrats? Alert: Answers from the city manager’s office and its minions, instead of the Post, will be skeptically discounted as politically motivated.

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