Bike crashes worry parents

Children bicycle down Santa Cruz Avenue at San Mateo Drive in Menlo Park. Post photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Parents in Menlo Park are calling for additional police to patrol the streets near schools after a handful of crashes and near-misses involving children.

But three of the five City Council members say they want to “re-imagine” the police department before restoring officers who were eliminated last year.

One of the three, Jen Wolosin, plans …

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  1. I am sure that a “reimagined” police department will be very effective in using social workers to control dangerous behavior like drunk driving by offering the offenders lots of programs.

  2. Sadly, this is what happens when stupid politicians want to virtue signal and then discover their actions have real life consequences. Thank God nobody has been killed, but if something doesn’t happen soon, don’t be surprised.

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