Add 1 to 650 calls

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Callers now have to add a 1 at the beginning of making a call in the 650 area code.

You have to use 10 digits to make a local call instead of nine. This started Sunday, Oct. 24, but some companies may offer a grace period for a few weeks.

If someone in Redwood City Hall wants to call someone at San Carlos City Hall, they’ll have to dial 1-650 and the rest of the number.

If you have phone numbers saved on your phone, you will need to re-save them with the four extra digits.

The 650 is not the only area code to make this change, some 82 other area codes across the state, including Stockton’s 209, the East Bay’s 925 and the North Bay to Oregon border 707.

This is happening to make way for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number of 988. Some phone numbers in the area codes that have to make the switch have the first three digits 988, according to the FCC.