City went big with ‘hero pay’

Mountain View City Hall
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Daily Post Staff Writer

Mountain View city leaders quietly agreed this summer to give all of its employees a $5,500 bonus for their work during the pandemic, but the city isn’t calling it “hero pay” like Santa Clara County has done.

The lump-sum payments are more than double what other local governments have given their employees and were agreed upon in negotiations that the city had with its four unions on pay for the next two years. …
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  1. They shouldn’t pay bonuses to city workers who were able to do their jobs from home during the pandemic, which is most of the people shown in the building at the top of this story.

  2. The money should be going to the citizens (TAX PAYERS) of Mountain View, in the form of actual physical improvements to the city. MV politicians are greasing the hands of unions, knowing they won’t be held accountable by the voters (short memories aided and abetted by hardly any media coverage). Covid relief money was NOT granted as a giveaway for municipal employees. This is grand larceny.

  3. Thank you, Daily Post, for writing about this. The rest of the media (Voice, Mercury and Town Crier) won’t touch this subject.

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