Opinion: Give Mayor London Breed a break for going maskless


Daily Post Editor

People should stop criticizing San Francisco Mayor London Breed for going maskless at a Tenderloin jazz club.

“The fact that this is even a story is sad,” she said.

Oh, how right she is!

Her snarky critics point out that she violated her own mandates requiring indoor masks.

But there are several things her critics don’t understand.

First, she’s part of the master class now. We have a two-tier society — in Tier One we have people like you and me who have to follow the rules. In Tier Two, there are special people who are above the rules. They get to make the rules, but they don’t need to follow them.

She’s new to the master class. She’s just learning how it all works. But she has good role models.

Remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on a surveillance camera getting her hair done at a San Francisco salon despite city rules keeping salons closed during the pandemic? Pelosi was treated unfairly by the media, which failed to understand that she needs to have her hair in perfect condition when leading the House of Representatives.

Then there was the unfortunate attention Sen. Dianne Feinstein got for walking through Dulles International Airport without a mask after arguing on the floor of the Senate that there should be a national mask mandate for all airlines and airports.

And we have Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was unfairly criticized for enjoying an expensive meal and wine party at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant in Yountville last November. Clearly, his critics didn’t understand that a governor needs to stay in touch with lobbyists and donors, and if it can be done in a festive environment with $1,000 bottles of wine, that’s all the better.

As for Mayor Breed, people don’t understand the unrelenting stress and tension she faces in that job. She’s had a remarkable career trajectory, from Willie Brown’s babysitter to the Board of Supervisors and then mayor. If Newsom becomes president in 2024, she will be first in line for consideration as governor.

But while climbing the ladder of politics, her critics forget that she needs to be able to release stress once in a while.
As she put it, she was “feeling the spirit” and decided to dance maskless.

Now the “fun police,” as she put it, are demanding that she apologize. But she’s the true victim here!

Reporters should be ashamed to even ask her about this. Hopefully Twitter is banning criticism of her!

You may cringe at the idea that there are two classes in America, but the sooner you embrace this fact, the sooner we’ll all live happily together.

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  1. This was meant as sarcasm! Even the most extreme Progressive will not admit they favor a two-tier caste system. This was Dave’s way of poking fun at them.

  2. The two tiers are 1. laws that Democrats choose to uphold and 2. Laws that just don’t work for them (like arresting illegals, prosecuting theft and property damage, shooting up in the streets, laying half-naked in the gutter, homeless traumatizing young children as they pass, prosecuting illegals who shoot innocent tourists, BLM and Antifa violence, anything done in the anti-racism crusade, trans teaching five year olds, prosecuting bike thieves and drug addicts who smash and grab) – any laws that don’t fit the current Marxist playbook. Not upholding the laws of the State and the Federal government as they promised to do in the oaths they took has to be hard work these day$ with so much out there to leave undone that a little night time revelry is sorely needed.

    • Well, Newsom got strong support from the Palo Alto area. LOL. Funny driving by the McMansions in Palo Alto with BLM posters in the front yard. Please send the illegals there first, you are welcome.

  3. “Now the ‘fun police,’ as she put it, are demanding that she apologize.” Talk about chutzpah, she is the fun police!

    Dave, thanks for making light of this story. You’re one of the few honest journalists around here pointing out the hypocrisy by our Covid elites.

  4. London Breed is stupid. She’s been sheltered by the ruling class is SF to do their bidding, but the first time she has to make decisions on her own, this happens!

  5. Because the pandemic isn’t real. The numbers are fake. What is real is the bioweapons that you all let them inject you with. What is real is how horrible Palo Alto looks. What is real is our highways that look like dumping grounds. 101 from San Jose to San Francisco looks like a third-world country. Keep voting for these people who are bought by PG&E, and pharma. This is a human experiment and you have been vaccinated.

  6. The fact that Breed is lashing out at the “fun police” may indicate she’s actually learned a few things from the pandemic. Hopefully she’s learned that the restrictions she and Sara Cody imposed were too extreme and heavy-handed. I suspect these officials will want to have a lockdown in the future. Hopefully they’ll think about how they were embarrassed by not following their own rules, and they’ll reconsider those rules to make them more reasonable. And I hope Breed doesn’t make decisions based on whether she feels the spirit.

  7. Apparently London Breed embraces the philosophy espoused in George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “we are all created equally, but some are more equal than others.”

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