Proposal might bring back high school sports

By the Daily Post staff

Schools in Santa Clara County are going to try to have high school sports this spring — including possibly a five-game football season — after Covid concerns cancelled sports in the fall.

The Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) is proposing to have a three-season schedule this spring. Here’s the chart showing how the schedule would look.

This means that teams in the SCVAL will not participate in any CCS or State playoffs this year as a trade-off for potentially offering an opportunity for more students to participate in a variety of sports.

Season 1 would run from Feb. 15 (or when the stay-at-home order ends) to March 26. During that season, high schoolers could participate in cross country, girls golf, girls tennis and swimming and diving.

In Season 2, from March 15 to April 23, if the county has entered the orange tier of re-opening, football could begin along with soccer, badminton and girl’s volleyball. If the county is in the red tier, only field hockey and gymnastics could take place.

Football practice would formally begin on March 1. Teams are already doing conditioning that’s not supposed to look like a practice. Football games would start the week of March 15. The CIF says games must end April 17. Between March 15 and April 17 there are five Fridays, which indicates at this point the season could be as long as five games.

Season 3, running from April 19 to May 28, would include baseball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball and other sports, all depending on what tier the county is in at that point.


  1. When we get close to the first game, Dr. Cody will elevate the lockdown order to stop any sports. This is the only power these health officials have had in their entire lives, and they don’t want to give it up.

  2. Biggest threat to girl’s sports is the order from the Biden administration requiring schools to allow boys who declare that they “identify” as girls to compete in girl’s sports. There will be very few scholarships left for real girls.

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