Mother sues school district, claiming it didn’t provide services to daughter struggling with depression, anxiety

Los Altos High School
Los Altos High School

Daily Post Correspondent

The mother of a Los Altos High School student is suing the Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District for not providing special education services for her daughter, who was struggling with depression and anxiety.

The lawsuit was filed in November in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The woman filing the suit is referred to in court documents by …

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  1. “Struggling with depression and anxiety”? That describes most teenagers. Since when is it the school’s job to cure her kid?

  2. wow, what horrible comments.

    LAHS has essentially no special education. they have one class first period and then send their kids off to mainstream. there are counseling services available but unless you reach out to the VP, you would never even know. If you need more than a once a week check-in with a therapist in training, they have nothing to offer.

    additionally, depression and anxiety while attending a very, very competitive high school has nothing to do with home life.
    school is NOTHING like it was when we were growing up.

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