Accused serial killer suffers brain embolism

John Arthur Getreu

Daily Post Staff Writer

Suspected Stanford serial killer John Getreu, 76, suffered a brain embolism two weeks ago, causing for his trial to be put off until at least January, a prosecutor said today (Oct. 5).

Getreu has been in the hospital for the past two weeks, undergoing at least one operation, according to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Getreu had a brain embolism, and cannot communicate with his attorney, but is expected to survive, Wagstaffe said.

Getreu is in rehabilitation, and the attorneys involved in the case agreed to have a check-in next week regarding Getreu’s health and tentatively set his jury trial for January.

Getreu ended up in the hospital a week before his trial for the strangulation murder of Janet Ann Taylor, 21, who was killed March 25, 1974, as she was leaving the Stanford campus. Her body was dumped on Sand Hill Road near Woodside in San Mateo County.

Taylor was the daughter of former Stanford athletic director Chuck Taylor. Her death was one of five murders on or near the Stanford campus between 1972 and 1976.
Getreu is later scheduled to go to trial in Santa Clara County for the Feb. 13, 1973 murder of Leslie Marie Perlov, a Stanford grad student and a law clerk, was found strangled in the hills west of campus.

Attorneys are set to meet on Nov. 4 to discuss Getreu’s case in Santa Clara County.

He was arrested in November 2018 by Santa Clara County deputies at his Hayward home after evidence from the Perlov case was re-tested for DNA, similar to how the Golden State Killer was found.

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  1. Hmmm, hopefully he winds up in a ill run state facility and spends his final years groveling in his own waste all the while staring at the ceiling and feeling sorry for himself without the benefit of anybody knowing, or caring…

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