School superintendent resigns after union no-confidence vote

Mary Streshly

Daily Post Staff Writer

Sequoia Union High School District Superintendent Mary Streshly, who had come under harsh criticism from the teachers union, has resigned, the school board announced today.

The board has been considering whether to renew her contract for about the last six weeks, according to the descriptions of closed-door meetings the board has posted.

She made $245,514 in 2018, according to the government salary website Transparent California. With benefits, her annual compensation came to $310,051.

Streshly’s resignation comes a month after the teacher’s union sent a letter to the school board saying they have “no confidence” in Streshly’s leadership.

Specifically, teachers felt that Streshly’s fall reopening plans lacked specifics about how teachers would be protected from  COVID-19. More than 300 district teachers signed the no-confidence letter.

Streshly is leaving to “fulfill critical care responsibilities with her family,” according to a statement put out by district spokeswoman Ana Maria Pulido.

Streshly became superintendent in 2017 after the retirement of longtime superintendent Jim Liandes.

Upon Streshly’s departure, Associate Superintendent Crystal Leach will serve as interim superintendent, pending a selection of the new district leader.

This comes during a contested board race for one seat on the school board — for the area that covers Emerald Hills to Portola Valley. Running are incumbent Georgia Jack, former Las Lomitas trustee Rich Ginn and principal Shamar Edwards.

Also on the ballot are the board members for the seat that represents San Carlos — only incumbent Carrie DuBois is running — and for the seat that represents North Fair Oaks to East Palo Alto. In that race, Menlo Park resident Jacqui Cebrian has dropped out and endorsed her opponent, East Palo Alto resident Shawneece Stevenson.


  1. $310K?!? That is insane! That is a huge multiple of people doing the actual teaching. Why does he district keep,asking for more money if this is where it goes?

  2. The teachers don’t want to go back to work, so they pressure the superintendent and school board with their “no confidence” vote.

    Lots of essential workers went back to their jobs after covid started. Ever visit a grocery store? Or an auto repair shop? Or a drug store? Or notice that garbage men are still picking up your trash?

    But no, these teachers (average salary $95,911) are more privileged than Safeway employees, even if it means retarding our kids education and social growth.

    The superintendent refuses to cave to these slackers and she’s sent packing. What a crappy school board!

    There’s only one contested race for school board this year (why do you think they switched to districts — to protect themselves from getting booted off the board!). If you want to send a message to the school board that it’s not OK to have the district run by the unions, don’t vote for incumbent Georgia Jack. Vote for either of her opponents: former principal Shamar Edwards and parent Richard Ginn.

    Here’s the names of the school board members. If they had any cajones, they would be standing up to the teachers union:

    Allen Weiner
    Alan Sarver
    Carrie Du bois
    Chris Thomsen
    Georgia Jack

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