Police reforms proposed but department is pushing back; how much force is appropriate?

Daily Post Correspondent

The Palo Alto City Council on Aug. 24 will discuss proposed policies on police use of force, but police say some recommendations would go too far in limiting their ability to handle unpredictable situations.

For example, …
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  1. I support the police. The BLM – Antifa has gotten out of hand in other cities. I do not want to see that here in Palo Alto. Keep the police funded!

  2. Politicians should be reminded of the “law of unintended conseqences”. If the police are prohibited from using force to make an arrest, the logical thing for a criminal to do is to fight the cops or run. Why would a person submit to a DUI arrest, for example, and the onerous costs and penalties, if all they have to due is refuse arrest and leave?

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