Man arrested for allegedly breaking into an occupied motorhome parked on street

By the Daily Post staff

Police said they have arrested a man for allegedly breaking into one of the motorhomes parked on a Redwood City street.

It was the third time Vashon Conway, 40, was arrested in a week, police said.

On Saturday (July 11) at about 4 p.m., police got a report about a man who was found inside a motorhome parked on Hansen Way just east of Veterans Boulevard.

A woman who said she had been living in the motorhome for about a month said she heard someone attempting to open the side door screen, and she found the man standing in the dining area behind the driver’s seat, police said.

Police found Conway, who matched the description the woman gave, in the area of 1450 Veterans Blvd.

At the time he was free on bail for a similar incident on July 8, when he allegedly removed windw screen and entered an apartment, police said. They also said he was arrested July 5 for allegedly annoying a child under 15 at Sequoia High School in Redwood City.

Conway was booked into the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City and remains behind bars.

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  1. Is it really burglary if the mobile home has overstayed the time limit and has taken over one or more parking spaces?

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