Couple robbed, carjacked in Los Altos; two teens arrested

By the Daily Post staff

Los Altos police say they’ve arrested two teenage boys on suspicion of robbing and carjacking a couple in their 60s while they were parking in the garage of a downtown condominium complex.

On Monday (Nov. 4) at 10:48 p.m., police responded to the condo complex in the 100 block of Second Street. The victims, ages 64 and 66, parked their car and were then confronted by the teens, ages 15 and 16, according to police.

The teens demanded the victims’ personal property and the keys to their vehicle. During the robbery, the teens assaulted the 66-year-old man, causing physical injuries.

The teens took the victims’ property and drove off in their vehicle.

About two hours later, Los Altos police found the couple’s vehicle in the 3700 block of Benton Street in Santa Clara. Los Altos police notified the Santa Clara police and police cars were sent to that location.

The two teens were found with the car and the property of the victims, police said. They were arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall on suspicion of carjacking and robbery, both felonies.

While the teens have been arrested, Los Altos police are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Sgt. Brian Jeffrey or Detective Aimee Major at (650) 947-2770. People who want to remain anonymous can call the Police Department’s tip line at (650) 947-2774.


  1. “Los Altos police found the couple’s vehicle … in Santa Clara”

    They must have used Lo-Jack or some other electronic location device.

  2. Not much to work with. The article may have been just a police press release. Strong-arm robbery is a crime separate from armed robbery. Weapons are not always needed to rob. If the victims had had loaded guns to shoot, maybe the robbery could have been forestalled. Precious space in Juvenile Hall might have been preserved for other young thugs. But giving up the car seems to have worked out ok. Maybe the teens are new gang members and this was a test of loyalty. Perhaps they are young Russian spies – disguised as teens. Were they HIGH on something? Their attorneys might want to see if the stolen car would sort-of drive itself when the driver passes out or otherwise stops driving. Apparently, it is now a well-established defense in Los Altos that THE CAR DID IT!

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