Sobrato office, housing development up for approval

An illustration of the Sobrato Organization's proposal for 1401 Broadway in Redwood City.

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Redwood City Council on Monday (May 20) is set to approve a project that would result in 1,680 jobs and put 3,777 cars on the road each day.

The Sobrato Organization wants the green light to build 520 apartments and 420,000 square feet of office space at the corner of Broadway and Woodside Road. The CVS currently at that corner would be moved to the other side of Woodside Road.

Using the standard of one job for every 250 square feet of office space, the development could lead to 1,680 employees.

The project will also have 10,000 square feet of child care space, which would accommodate 100 to 125 children, and an outdoor area for the children to play.

95 low-income homes

As part of the project there would be 95 low-income apartments (a family of two would have to earn $93,950 or less to be eligible), 12 very low-income apartments (a family of two would have to earn $58,650 or less) and 12 extremely low-income apartments ($35,200 or less for a family of two).

The development would also include 26,000 square feet of retail space.

Fears over traffic

At previous hearings, residents said they were worried about the number of cars the development would add to the nearby Woodside Road-Highway 101 interchange, which is already crowded.

The city’s website says the new interchange is in the “design phase.” The website says the interchange should be fully designed and funded by June 2020, with construction starting in late 2020 or early 2021. Construction is expected to take three to three and a half years.

The cost of rebuilding the interchange is expected to be $142 million.

Sobrato is donating 13,500 square feet of land to be used for rebuilding the interchange once construction begins, but a start date has not been scheduled yet.

Sobrato also has land dedicated to be the staging area when the project begins, Sobrato’s Real Estate Development Vice President Peter Tsai said at the city’s Planning Commission meeting last month.


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